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Add more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

This article is all about adding more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, so as you can have more space to your android device, it is all about real cloud computing in its action. So far till to date, there are many discussions about cloud computing as most of it is categorized in the sense of a compartmentalized the memory on different computers or servers at some other places.

There has been some news few years back when some good cloud computing companies have problem and all the data that has been there, all has been lost in due process and this raised the common and the most fearful questions to as the vitality of cloud computing and the way all the memory erased it leads to grave loss of significant data loss and this gave the impression of how the cloud computing concept is beginning to fade in due course and for this it is essential to realize that the way all these computing and the series of computation comes, all these needs to be wired as offline computer will not going to help to increase the concept of cloud computing and for this it is essential to learn about the real traits of cloud computing which can be utilized when you are offline.

Searching for a real cloud computing:

The permanent solution to this problem is of matter of great research, as with this, the permanent solution still to date cannot be taken into consideration, and for this, it is of matter of great importance to find the real solution to the offline cloud computing, as the vitality of cloud computing is of using the computer with the real cloud source when you are offline and for the first time I have seen this in Android device and for this it is of great importance to put it on this article. I have seen and feel of this great bit of cloud computing in the offline status and even the same files will be there and it will be seen in yours android device but these will not take any such space on your device and this one such magic solution which android has been able to solve this and for this now you can have plenty of images at yours phone without any such hitch and all these will be in cloud and even if you are offline still these will be shown into yours image section, and for this the excellent part is that all of yours images will be there at your fingertips and still you can find it and watch it and all these are possible due to excellent cloud management with android of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

Offline cloud computing:

It is the utilization of smart status in which one can find the real use of cloud computing at its best, with Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, there is the offer of 50 GB of cloud storage, and the only condition is that you will have to install its client version on your personal computer, I have done this to garner, 50 GB of storage and with due course of time after almost three months I have seen addition of one more GB storage and now I have 51 GB of online storage and the storage of drop box is of significant importance is that of a it has synchronization capacity and with it one can synchronization all these uploaded items to various mediums and all these will be shown to all devices, and in this manner, the uploaded pictures which you have with yours computer will be seen on computer client automatically during internet connectivity and it will be seen when you are offline also due to some modern threading system in which android will catch the thread and it will then show it to yours account. This is one such amalgamation of a completely wonderful thought of unison where all the pictures that has been uploaded from different sections will be shown to yours android device, and in this way all yours images are now in a same united stature as if it is at a cloud computing server though if anything surge happens and the images of cloud lost but still the threads are there in all yours android device and that will be shown to all the devices with equal ease, and without any such compromise and any such deviation.

Loss of image quality:

One thing though I have found with some sort of peculiarity is that, the image quality of uploaded images to drop box has been of lesser quality as the images that has been rendered from camera of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is of high and optimum quality, and the images deviates from drop box cloud has been far lesser quality so it seems that there is one such mechanisms where the value of file is being reduced though and with it all yours tags such as the weather and name tag lost if it is uploaded to drop box but one thing which might is worth consideration is that the real path that all yours images are now in safer place and even if it is lost from yours computer, ad also from android, but with the purchasing of a newer android, and with the amalgamation of same android and Samsung account you will get back all yours previous information with equal ease and that is the most precious part of a cloud computing in which you do not have to do it all by yourselves but you can slowly, manage all of yours information through the concept of cloud and you do not have to worry about anything as such.


It is the process where the exploring of almost all possibilities is at its best and the way the system works is of uniting all of yours data together at one point and that too in one such cloud situation where you can assimilate all the information in one togetherness and this generates to the bigger possibilities of a completely cloud computing of video when you have a completely stronger internet connectivity and in which many more GB of video will be there at the cloud and in this manner with the addition of yours storage you can now have more and more storage space where you only have to control the space where you are required to and in this manner the space of SD card does not matter at all as all the information will be at the cloud and for this entire gamut of information will be inside cloud storages and in this all the assimilation of a perfect cloud computing in offline mode is fully justified.

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Exclusive Tricks for a faster samsung galaxy grand of android

For the last few months, I have been utilizing my time with Android and in these moments I have learnt plenty of ideas and tricks. I have been writing and examining codes on Android applications, but now I have come to its graphic user interface so as to learn some tricks which are best for the layman.


I always use tricks in accordance with Google, this means when I try to customize Android, I do not “root” for the phone, all I want to share those tricks which are better known to Google and original equipment manufacturers. In this series of writing, I shall be writing about Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos powered by Android Jelly Bean. It is a super success in mid smartphone phablet segment.

Before writing these exclusive tweaks which no one will find elsewhere on the Internet, here are some of the best features which make this phone the best seller among all segment of smartphones.

It has the deluxe large display, with immersion viewing, better font viewing angle as well as the persistent viewing experience. It is a best-seller in this segment but surprisingly Samsung’s love affair with its own software is making the entire work with the operating system more buggier and heavier. It is a little heavier and portable.

On the first selling, Samsung is selling a beautiful flip cover with Galaxy Grand and it makes it costly and it gives one such brilliant aspect of the smartphone. It is upgrading to the latest version of Android Jelly Bean, and probably this update is the last update. No one knows, when one more update will come to Samsung Galaxy Grand.

Google Now on Android Jelly Bean:

It has Google Now, which is ubiquitous in all google search and it connects you with different Google services and many such sports and technical updates come to light and it reaches to notifications panel. It gives some specific keywords search results and gives you different relevant links at Google now. It is helpful and one article can be included on it.

It has multi-window, which I do not find anything special and the rotate window works slowly and this should work in a straightforward manner without any hitches and glitches.

It has dual sim, but the phone becomes lazy with two sims at work. It has better encryption feature, but after encryption, you cannot sim as a network option. It is really bad and android should look over it and try to correct this flaw.

It has a TFT display with dual-core CPU. But it has no special GPU, and this extremely smooth functioning of phones does not available. In future Samsung should consider it in placing chips in order to carry out this segment more prone to excellent workout.

It has a wide variety of sensors and it weighs 162 grams. It gives 50GB of Dropbox storage as well as 64 GB of the external memory slot. Its battery capacity is OK, but it is not a recommendation for long-term multitasking. Generally, during multitasking one needs to connect with electricity so as not to implement out of battery power.


All these are specifications of this phone. It has one GB of RAM, but some space is reserved for system files. For this, it is essential to do away with unnecessary services and applications so as to make this phone faster for daily use. Samsung uses a 1GHz Hummingbird processor which is fast and works brilliantly with wireless Internet connectivity.

It detects Wi-Fi connectivity from a distance and it is robust in detecting all these signals. Here are some tricks which you will not be found anywhere to make Samsung galaxy grand speedier and more accessible.

Exclusive tips and tricks for a faster Samsung Galaxy Grand of Android:

In my opinion, the Android operating system should have software from Google only and software from original equipment manufacturers such as Samsung is not going to turn it better. Android has enough provisions for third-party software developers to include their software as if it is seen there as default installation.

Here are some tricks which can make this phone more responsive and better equipped to adapt to different circumstances. + Go to settings then more and then apply manager from the system manager. The swipe the screen to reach to All segment of the application manager.

  • Here, one will find detail description of all Samsung service and Android services and Samsung applications and android applications. + some gadgets like Yahoo News can be disabled as it takes some RAM and also it undauntedly connects to the Internet.

First, click on gadgets and then click on clear data and then disable or uninstall the application and then unlock notifications followed by force stop to make it completely disable from the mobile operating system. + In this way this application or gadget will stop comprehensive network access, view network connections and view Wi-Fi connections. Vibration control and it will stop modifying critical system setting.
Here is the list of software and processes needs to be disabled completely:

Yahoo News, Yahoo Finances, SNS, Samsung Sync adapters, Samsung SNote, Samsung Push, Samsung Print, Samsung Contact, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Apps, S Suggest, S planner Widget, S note, Polaris office viewer, S memo

HP printer service plugin, Photo editor, Hangouts, Group Play, Game Hub + Google Play Movies, Google Play Books, Google Play Music

Dropbox, Chat on, DropboxOOBE Google Play music is a nice multimedia content player but there is a default media player and this one can disable it altogether in order to have a complete seemingly experience of non-stop fluid mobile computing.

If you are not using Google+, then it is best to disable it completely as it takes huge 137MB and for this it wise to disable it altogether. Here are rare optional recommendations to disable some applications.

Samsung keyboard takes 85.22MB. Samsung gives Samsung India keyboard which is lighter and as per the requisite requirements of Indian customers. Samsung India keyboard takes 1.24MB spaces.

Disable Samsung Link in order makes mobile faster and swifter.

Disable Samsung text-to-speech application. + Disable Gallery, if Photo of Google is working properly. The problem with Photos the alternative application is that it works with a cloud and it takes a few seconds more to come to life but generally gallery works properly and brilliantly.

Then, enable developer mode, from there enable “Force GPU rendering” and tick it. It enables 2D hardware accelerations in applications.

Restart smartphone and you can find an accelerated phone with fast and fluid functioning. All these tweaks are done without rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

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Battery worries inside Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

I have written my prior experience with Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, in which I wrote articles based on my complete experience and it is not sure that all of my experiences will be shared for all the users. It might be unique for me in some cases and for this I request all users to test it on their device before making or implementing some of my recommendations.

I have seen the reports at various online sites of major worries about how the smart phones are not shrewd enough to preserve and conserve batteries for a longer time. It is the major source of worry for most of middle segment level smart phones, as it is evident that in smart phones, the mid segment which is between 15,000 to 25,000 bucks has becomes significant in the eyes of the user, and for this it is for sure that it is a major point of marketing strategy where companies should build and innovate new and improved battery technologies so that battery life would be longer and in which the user will be more than satisfied with the use and he or she should not shift to other, mobile companies.

Of late in internet I have seen advertisements of a company in which it is saying about a true smart phone in which you can effortlessly work, browse internet or watch movies and other aspects of multimedia component for hours without worrying a little bit about battery drain. In this phone there is a dual core CPU and it works when you switched off the power saving option and after that phone will work with a wonderful speed but you will also realize the speed in which the battery is draining out of it. In other words, it is of useless when you will be using the device for a shorter period and if you are on journey then you can enjoy but if you are off for sightseeing then you will be extra cautions while watching movies on the journey as the main focus of yours entire journey is to take the screen shots or video shots of nice picturesque and attached sceneries. For this, the user always wants to have a decent battery life so that he can enjoy all the features of the smart phone.

I have seen the Nokia black and white mobile in the early years where it is heavier and it cannot break even if throw at the stone, its skins is so smooth that it will hold into your hand and still searching for similar phone, where there is excellent battery life and you do not have to worry about battery percentages which is constantly dipping at the top right corner of indicator of your smart phone. So, the simple fundamental in getting a perfect smart phone is to create one such innovation where the battery would run for hours, and for this a proper research is the necessity as well as GPUs and other utilities that are running inside the phone should be such as energy efficient and for this proper utilization of these should be done in such manner so that it is going to be the most efficient product.

So, it is now crystal clear that in this segment there is one opening and the company which comes fast with a proper solutions would be the gainer and it can topple the market leader as most of the user are worried about the speed in which batteries run out of power and this issue needs to be addressed at the earliest otherwise the market leaders can reach backwards and it can lose significant market revenues. It is such a nick in the market segment that it is almost impossible for any other manufacturer be it market leader or close second, it is a golden chance for additional manufacturer to come back into the lime light.

This has started as we have seen Lenovo is advertised on the aspect and the principal point of a true smart phone where it is advertising on smarter batteries where the batteries will stay alive for a longer time. It is a fantastic time and seemingly untold stories of which can be if it is true and correct to the satisfaction of users then it can be number one in no time. In the past, Bajaj scooter came from number one to the list due to its faulty product distribution. In the 80s, people have to wait for over one year to get their scooter and then slowly other manufacturer reaches into market and give scooter on payment and with due course of time, other companies smartly entered into this segment and then with the introduction of motor bikes slightly lower than Enfield capacity which has been costlier as well as lean and weak persons cannot control the vehicle in well and good manner.

Similar story of Royal Enfield which cannot expand beyond super horse bike and the Rajdoot which seems to be low on proper maintains and in this manner other companies like that of Honda enters into motor bike market and take charge the host of ideas and also control segment of bike to its properly coordinated manner. It is all about cut throat competition and for this it is essential for Samsung companies to look beyond as it seems that they are market leaders and for this they should go for a complete over all in their strategies in order to find some real stuffs in their research and analysis wing in order to find the real value which can be presented to customers as they always think of it as some values and the companies which give high values will be the ultimate winner and for this it is always essential to see what is mood of the customers and in which manner they are looking the world around it in order to find the real meaning of life.

There is also some positive example from the experience of Maruti which surprisingly is not proficient in building up diesel run cars. In some point of time, the price difference between petrol and diesel is high so people like to have diesel runs cars and this is a whole set of surprising part as Tata created diesel cars and people began to buy that car and then the profits of Maruti dips but it continue to make its own research and analysis wing to innovate and create diesel cars, and within a year it win back its lost customers and back to the market with a bang without any such difficulties. Why maruti has done this it is only due to its intrinsic great inner research and development wing and for this it is always advisable to build your own trust and win the situation whatever be the difficulty in achieving it.

samsung galaxy grand duos efficient memory optimization

Samsung Galaxy grand Duos was released five to six years back. It has Android JellyBean operating system. During that time, Android Jelly bean is like the release of Windows XP. Its seamless user interface provides awesome management of customisation. The back side of this operating system is that it is resource hug and response time of opening up various ap takes some time.

All these informations are not cheat shit but it is the practical way to understand how to distribute resources of operating system throughout different fair parameters.

Samsung Galaxy Grad Duos:

Inside Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos it has Android Jelly bean, initially it is installed with android 4.1 and subsequently a big update makes it to android jelly bean and it has one GB of RAM. during that time a smart phone having one GB of RAM is a good smartphone. Sadly, android jelly bean with this amount of RAM not operating nicely.

Normally Android Jellybean operating system takes almost 196 MB of RAM and this means that the rest 804 MB of RAM is for rest of working environment. It has inbuilt harddrive storage of 8 GB and out of it Android Jellybean operating system takes3.94 GB and the rest space is for applications, images and other multimedia contents.

In its latest updates, it allows users to install app on SD card and this makes management of application in relation to its space management good and nice. Follow is the screen shot of how inbuilt storage distribution.

So the concern about lesser storage place is not there. One can install apps on SD card and then download offline contents into it and for this most part of these applications management makes the most of storage place outside scope of inbuilt card.

During that time Samsung Galaxy grand Duos offers the large amount of storage place for Drop Box and that adds additional storage options. First try to uninstall or disable apps which are unnecessary. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos comes up with large number of unwanted apps and you can disable it to make it more space and more RAM as well.

It also speeds up the phone as the lesser number of background processes runs with it. You can disable large number of apps such as Facebook, Flipboard, Samsung Link and so on. It not only saves vital space but speeds up your phone. Use automatic screen brightness and disable hardware specific apps such as Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi unless as and when you require enabling it and then disable it.

Enable power saving mode and it has two sub components such as CPU power saving and scree power saving and use both to perform your phone in cool manner. With CPU power saving mode phone does not run in its highest speed thus save CPU for vital work purposes.

With screen power saving mode it uses lesser screen composition as most of battery goes on from phone due to screen functions. Then makes screen time out in the setting of display to se to 15 seconds so that whenever the phone is not in use it automatically stops screen and save s battery to work efficiently.


While all of these are good but I am big supporter of running the phone in its full capacity. This means running the phone with maximum central processing unit. This phone has two CPUs which means dual core and this means all of these works can be done in twice speed and it is important to uninstall or disable apps that are not in use and this make more room for RAM function and thus speeds up loading and running of phone in full capapcity.

I think battery saver option is good when you are on tour and wants to preserve phone battery but in normal circumstances it is better to stop battery saver as well as the screen birghtness as and when screen brightness is set to its maximum it provides awesome amount of display with larger and clear functions. In the end of this discussion it is the decision of users and it should varry from person to person.

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