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This post was most recently updated on May 31st, 2019

My first experience with South Indian breakfast at the city of Puri dates back to the days of my high-school days when I stepped into one such restaurant making its debut at Grand Road on the first floor close to the Annapurna Theatre, the oldest of its kind of Orissa, perhaps.This novel experience for the people of Puri was an experience felt five decades back which was highly popular for its low cost food-stuff with taste of a totally different nature. So, Idly, Dosa and Uttapam made their successful debut at Puri and continuing still.

My first experience of Chinese noodles, Chowmin, Chicken Pakoda and Chilly Chicken at Puri dates back to my early college days, a decade following the above when the first restaurant at Puri was inaugurated at sea beach near Puri Hotel. It came on to live at Puri even after four decades of its introduction and the food habit continues to delight young and old alike and to people coming from different parts of the world from every nook and corner of the city.

The last, but not the least, my first experience of magic show at Puri was that of the world famous P.C.Sircar’s, way back in the 60s when I watched it along with delirious viewers for the first experience of all of us at the city and Mr. Sircar became a world nick-name in the magic domain a couple of year after that.

Going by my share of first experience with my Puri people, I feel myself extremely lucky to complete a hat-trick of firsts at Puri.

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Oriya to English Names of Fruits Pulses

This post was most recently updated on April 7th, 2019

Odia (Oriya) is a classical Indo-Aryan language. it spoke by 4.2% of people of Eastern India. It is mostly spoken in the Odisha State of India. Almost 75& people of the eastern state of Odisha speaks this language.

Odia to English names of Pulses Cereals Spices Grains:

  • Odia is the second official language of Jharkhand state of India.
  • In the Chhattisgarh state of India, more than 1 million people speak Odia language.
  • Odia language has its own indigenous history.
Cereals & PulsesRedgram dhalHarad Dali
Cereals & PulsesSplit Bengal Gram/ Chana Dal/ Bengalgram – wholeButa Dali
Cereals & Pulsesblack gram dal skinlessBiri Dali
Cereals & PulsesSplit Red LentilMasoor Dali
Cereals & PulsesMoong Dal/ Greengram – WholeMuga Dali/ ମୁଗ ଡାଲି
Cereals & PulsesPoppy SeedsPosta
Cereals & PulsesCoriander seedsDhania
Cereals & PulsesMustard seedsSorisa
Cereals & PulsesCumin seedsJeera
Cereals & PulsesGround NutsChinaa Baadam
Cereals & PulsesTurmeric PowderHaladi Gunda/ ହଳଦୀ
Cereals & PulsesSagoSagudana
Cereals & PulsesPearl MilletBajara
Cereals & PulsesCornMaka/ ମକା
Cereals & PulsesSaltLunna/ ଲୁଣ
Spices & Dry FruitsAsafoetidaHengu
Spices & Dry FruitsBay LeafTejapatra
Spices & Dry FruitsBlack PeperGolmaricha
Spices & Dry FruitsCardamomAleicha
Spices & Dry FruitsCinamomDalchini
Spices & Dry FruitsClovesLabanga/ ଲବଂଗ
Spices & Dry FruitsFennelPan Mahuri/Pan Madhuri
Spices & Dry FruitsGinger, fresh:Ada/ ଅଦା
Spices & Dry FruitsRed ChiliesShukhila Lanka
Spices & Dry FruitsTamarindTentuli/ ତେନ୍ତୁଳି
Spices & Dry FruitsCashewnutsKajubadam
Spices & Dry FruitsRaisinsKismis
Spices & Dry FruitsPistachioPista/ ପିସ୍ତାଫଳ
FloursGram flourBesana
FloursWheat flour, wholeAtta
FloursCorn FlourMakaa Chunaa / Makaa Gunda
FloursRice FlourChaulla Chuna
GrainsRice rawChaulla/ ଚାଉଳ
FloursSemolinaSuji/ ସୂଜୀ”
FoodVermicelliSimia/Simei/ ସିମେଇ
Food  JaggeryGuda
Food  CoconutNadia/ ନଡ଼ିଆ
Cereals & Pulses Finger MilletMandia
Grains  Rice, parboiledUsuna chaula
FoodRice flakesChuda
FoodRice, puffedMudhi
GrainsWheatGahama / ଗହମ
GrainsWheat flour, refinedMaida
Cereals & PulsesBengal gram – roastedBhajabuta
Cereals & PulsesHorsegramKolatha
Cereals & PulsesLentilMasura/ ମସୁର
Cereals & PulsesPeasMatara
Spices & Dry FruitsFenugreek seedsMethi
Spices & Dry FruitsNutmegJaiphal/ ଜାଇଫଳ

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