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Chicken Curry Puri Odia Style

Hello, I am Madhab Mekap ex State Bank of India Chief Manager Now I am going to prepare some chicken stuff. This will be exactly chicken curry but a type of chicken know-how and this is of my type. Now, I have with me about two glasses of water this will be boiled I am going to boil this water only to clean the chicken.

Washing and cleaning of raw chicken to remove extraneous materials from it:

Because the chicken has been mishandled and it needs cleaning because of furs of the chicken and other nasty things which need cleaning. So I will be going to boil the water and the water boiling will take about three to four minutes and the chicken will be washed with boiled water then after being cleaned it will be marinated. So bear with me for four to five minutes until the water boils.

Chicken has been caught into one-inch size pieces and about seventeen or eighteen pieces total these are the water items and extraneous items that need to be removed. Water is half boiled now. This one water can wash chicken once and then I will cleanse with fresh water. I have to put all the chicken inside, these are the chicken pieces and these are firm chickens, what is the weight of the chicken five hundred grams caught into one-inch sized pieces.

About 18 to 20 pieces. Now, I am washing the chicken and ensure that no extraneous element remains in it and have to ensure that it is cleaned in all respects. After cleaning it once in warm water I will clean it in freshwater now. I am draining the water now. The warm water is drained totally. It is running water cold water, The chicken must be cleaned perfectly and totally with rubbing hands so that nice and nice looking a good dish can be prepared. It is also hygiene and healthy and I want to make to display it and this is for three persons.

It is not binding that half kg of chicken for three persons. It will be according to what your family members take. Their intake capacity goes with it. But for our family, this half kg of chicken is enough. now it is cleaned perfectly. You see it is having white look initially it was reddish and now it is completely white.

Now I am going to marinate the chicken.

The marination will take about two minutes. It is necessary to marinate the chicken because 15 to 20 minutes marination at least 15 to 20 minutes will soak the salt the oil and the spices I put inside and it will be very much ready for cooking. And a nice dish can be prepared after marination only. This is mustard oil.

I will put mustard oil of three teaspoons and there is salt according to taste and requirement. The turmeric powder one teaspoon of turmeric powder I have to mix with it and meat Masala one tablespoon full of meat masala, one big onion. I have taken one small size of garlic for the purpose this has been pasted like this. I will put the paste inside chicken for marination.

Then the small sie of ginger about half-inch size will also be finely chopped and put inside. This is how I do it. The ginger is being smashed now it is ready for marination. I will put this amount of ginger for marination. Two drops of lemon juice will also be cutting it with be very small pieces drop three to four drops inside. Four small tomatoes of this size all red tomatoes to be taken.

I have taken all small and red tomatoes. Cut it very fine not like very attractive to look at. This will make the curry reddish and very nice to look at. This is chopped not so finely but it is chopped now. Fine chopping is not required because it will gradually suit the chicken while being cooked. This much of tomato is required for my curry. Ok. Now it looks like this. The marination looks like this.

Now I have with me two small pieces of green ilaichi this will also be required, it will be added whole to the marination. This is dalchini powder, half teaspoon of dalchini powder also be required. So I put it inside now all the ingredients for my marination are ready here. It will be just be marinated by mixing like this. Marinate in your own hands. If you marinate on a spoon or something like that it will not be perfectly marinated.

But marination of this type is required for my curry. You just press it and squeeze it. The entire marination is squeezing of all the ingredients put together will be required for my curry. This will give a very unique taste for my dish.

How to cook Chicken curry Puri Odia style:

I will put this marinated chicken for 15 minutes before cooking. Now, I am switching on the gas stove. a kadhai is put on the gas stove. After heating up in high flame I will put all the ingredients together.

This will not take much time. Maximum ten minutes required for the cooking even less. Because my cooking process is very simple. All the marinated items will be cooked together and no item will be added in between except some water if needed. Put no oil inside kadhai because I have put enough oil inside marination. My cooking will be with no more oil.

This much of oil is more than enough for the cooking purposes. Now putting all the items in the heated kadhai. All the items, all the items means, onion is there, tomatoes is there, chicken pieces are already there, for which the marination has been prepared, then there is chota or small ilaichi, there is dalchini powder, there is meat masala powder. Only chilli powder is not put because we don’t take chili powder at home.

But if cook elsewhere for other people who take chilli powder they can very well put chili powder according to their taste and quantity. Now, this is been heated and I will put a cover on it and allow it to cook for 2 minutes in high flame. Now I am putting off the cover I have to toss it up for about two minutes then add some water after it perfectly dried. Even if it will take five minutes two to five minutes after water inside is evaporated after the tomatoes are dissolved.

Onions are half-cooked. I will proceed again. Now I am tossing this up and down. I am not putting the cover because putting the cover will dissolved the chicken and chicken pieces sping into ten to twelve pieces. With chicken while cooked without putting the cover on it. Only two minutes of covering of chicken was necessary initially and now no cover will be required.

Do it will high flame unless you cook it with high flame water will not be evaporated. The oil used to go inside also. All the drenched white spices will go inside the chicken and the chicken will have a very good taste. The chicken itself is bereft of any taste.

It is the spices the oil and the effort we put to make the chicken tasty. Relentlessly this process will go on. It does not matter if it tastes more than five minutes. But all the water has to be evaporated and then half cooking will be done so that all the spices will go inside it and the meat we have a dry look.

Now, it is half done and will be without the red chilli and it is looking reddish. It does not have to look reddish by adding colours and even green chilli I do not put because that is also a sort of colour. I will only rely on the spices required for the curry which body can afford. There is no difficulties in adding red chili.

Because I am not used to it. All water is gone and even evaporated. Only oil remains. Another thing is this is cooked in the oil itself and I am putting the cover now for half to one minute. The meat is already soft and it will be tender if I put it for half a minute more. Now the cover is out. Tossing up meat will go again. I cooked it for one minute more because I have an allergy for the garlic smell. The garlic smell will go if it is cooked further and further. The smell of the raw chicken will ensure it.

This is regular chicken curry and now the onus is on us. will have to eat like this or to cook for some more time. Toss it up and then can put and add some water to make it a curry.

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