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Barriers to Enterprise Culture

Organizations might like blame government for inhibiting entrepreneurial instinct. Most cultural may exist inside this, course, usually result an unfortunate pattern: success leads to size; size leads to complexity; together, size and complexity can bury the entrepreneurial spirit.

Salient features of Crystal Cube Model: ?

It adopts short term and long term prospective. ? It prepares the smooth working vis entrepreneurial change. Each adds touse of facet has effect, which in change. ? This shall enable organizations build required and strategic flexibility Salient of Equilibrium model emphasizes Dynamic SWOT for decisions based continuous feed back from The Dynamic Cube and external. The action for arriving from the model is incorporated the new opportunities of the model Knowledge skills, Focused Policies, Latest Technology Performance Plans, and New Products & Markets.


The vision provides meaning, and the vision first involving the opinion leaders, ideas, positions and later replicated in the company. Hardly of and reactions on vision organization. Ok clear a bend point and find themselves unable to move forward. The lack of linking up of vision, and goal the roadmap, well reluctance old habits is the source of the problem. People are moved groomed to habits, skills, and mindsets through continuous education. This is a powerful model to build new organizational mindsets and shift in


Ours a hugely organization to bring change without a good strategic of that best way to plan not at all, that is like your house without creating a blueprint first. Jack welsh the CEO of General Electric says People are the first and strategy is a unique. Without leaders and strategies, we would get nice presentations and so-so results.


Leaders should set a clear strategy and common purpose. All strategies take place only with leaders with foresight. Leaders are needed to motivate their people to make thousands daily choices drive environment. In successful managers delegate more power to workers and assume more leadership tasks. They also lead workers to lead themselves. Employee self-leadership has become the key to success in the modern economy. One core competence required among top leaders is transformational leadership. It is the vitality that the modern CEO inducts into the company that brings market standing, shareholder value and profitability YC Deveshwar. Ex-chairman, ITC Hundreds of both functional and cross-functional coaching guides are designed to be developed simultaneously and for synergy levels. This never-ending process reacts to rapid marketplace.


organizational forms and to innovate both in the is to Nonetheless, of learning not invention of new forms, but their adoption and their diffusion in the other relevant parts of the organization and other organizations a given biggest mindsets today especially in organizations- the working together. Working together basic building block for channelizing collective energy and empowering each other. Working together happens when people are comfortable about interacting, sharing, moving together organizational goal achievement. A organizations moving in this direction, is that everyone, regardless of the department, gender, geographical locations, has valuable assist in moreover, a underlying assumption may have situations teams AND ETHICS: Vision being may not touch people unless it has an emotional appeal. Such emotional appeal can be built in only when the vision promotes certain higher values, which mean the difference in human stir passion work, and feel of challenge.


relationship enhancing public image, it attract retain the best director and employees and increasing loyalty shareholder returns. A second crucial dimension is the manner which people are treated the if the promotes dignity, respect for the individual, deals the people fairly and with people commitment loyalty to


Huge companies build the ownership of company in is a complex task since size creates sense of alienation functional structures should responsibility, authority and accountability being made to the units. The restructuring of ABB into 5000 profit centers gave the company outstanding results-achieved by freeing units from central control the biggest hindering factor for speed of response to the customer. The profit center concept had a forceful impact on increasing the sense of ownership, an essential to drive opportunity-seeking behavior.


The role of corporate office and control orientation is another to curbed, so that the focus less on controlling and more on self-monitoring. Percy Barnevik used the ABACUS (the internal company wide network) to provide reliable performance data, which constituted the most potent feedback and self-corrective mechanism for the frontier commanders heading the profit centers. Evidently, if they have to behave like commanders scanning for opportunities, hunting for solutions and acting fast, they must be treated as such, so that they don’t feel tied down, something which invariably happens in centralized corporations.


There is a for are process that is, not only who can vision, also by who only prepare a road map but also mobilize people towards the organizational goals; and most importantly, who not only have the desire but also the will to make a significant contribution to the creation wealth where leadership in community to to there is need to leaders utilize to build organizations. PROVIDE


The range of possibilities organization intense will their motivations richer their experiences must widen range topics goals, of we and their degree of the and combinations of resources and materials, and the possible interactions with things, peers, and adults.” Diversity and creativity are used in and common generation.



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Journals & Articles

• Growth journal of MIT Vol-32
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• Ten Commandments for organizational renaissance
– Dr.P.Singh, Dr. Asha Bhandarker

Collaboration Management

In the past the collaborative aspect of the business was always there and it consists of desktops, wired computers, home based servers, wired networking, huge battery backups and many more. It more over deals with a different aspect of visible entities where the connectivity in between wired computing was at its best. Collaboration a matter getting together sharing relevant order to easier decision making processes deals different approach to computing in which various standards sharing come to forefront.

In the world where there is change of amounts to of computing, virtual server, cloud-based server which gathers sharing of and to times. It up a sense of unity among distribution network due to always on server connectivity. Collaboration has now become easier as it is now based on the device and network specific as it leads to the creation of an environment where always on access of documents through anywhere computing and on the server to it and faster than ever before.

Now anyone from any device can access any documents from anywhere due to the advent of device and network enabled cloud computing. Now there are two ways of communication. The old world and the new world, where system administrators will have to create a perfect balance between old and new of information It a sense of relief it is not easy to migrate from a legacy system and this convenience should be done adequately in order to bypass the hurdles posing from wired computing.

Wired computing comes out from a legacy system. Collaboration in the form document management, workflow, in supersonic technology where there is always need to categorize benefits and this single information technology infrastructure policies are not enough.

Collaboration Management

It deals with different levels of information technology standards which amount to different aspects of decision making which demands always on server opening that reflects upon different aspects of communication which amounts to different spheres of information technology a highly competitive world many things have not such as submission of data, response from front end server and then collection of data and investigating data integrity and then revision of submission in terms of brute force detection and then approval from back end server to log into dash board.

All these aspects of management of the data center have never ever even times of collaboration. In the collaboration and investigation of data remain same but it takes lesser time due to high speed server always on all globe. Industries such finance, retail, manufacturing all across the globe works on the same level of designing and managing different aspect of networking in order to create a better productivity states all around companies.

Bridging the gap between technology leads to faster computing which amounts better coordination among different segment of the industry in order to bring back better data management within subunits. for time the information technology, employees are demanding higher technological efficiency as it is leading them towards more vibrant use of technology anywhere in anytime.

Due to the advent of better mobile operating system, their desire to in the and with advance collaborative approach has created the sense of understanding and different units the due to the of camera-enabled smart phones and wireless connectivity within specified spheres of tablets coupled with newer and smarter cloud management system have given rise to better expectations in terms of uploads, downloads, and sharing from within of organization.

All these aspects of environment begin with sharing of files which are the old school of collaboration automatic cloud updates of files across devices. It mends way cloud looks at organization in creating a different dynamic attitude in building up the entire environmental aspect strata organization. These aspects of organization not brings different dynamics organization spheres but employees can now send receive a large of files due to the advent of wireless network and mobile networks which maximizes power of the Internet to create a more responsible piece of information sharing the past only has been through email attachments but now all these aspects have changed considerably that amounts to severe dynamic aspect understanding how an organization behaves and works.

Now, work is limited the perimeter of an organization. It moves to different places such as roads or anywhere due to the advent of mobile computing and cloud information shared between to person and this way, it amounts to greater sharing among different individuals in making a better managed information networks. It amounts to aspect of environment which amounts to faster of organizational behavior which leads to different amounts of attitude in order to find a sustainable way to manage an organization through different riders within perimeters of organizations are two the old world and the new world, where system administrators will have to create a perfect balance between old and new world of information technology communication.

It creates a sense of relief it not easy to migrate a legacy system this convenience should be done adequately in order to bypass the hurdles posing from wired computing. Wired comes out legacy collaboration comes out in the of sharing, management, document collaboration workflow,the information environment, there always to individual benefits and this information technology policies are not deals with different levels of information technology standards which amount to different aspects of decision making which demands server opening reflects upon different aspects of amounts different spheres of information In a highly competitive collaborative things have changed literally such as submission of data, response from front end server and then collection of data and investigating data integrity and then revision of submission in terms of brute force detection and then approval from back end server to log into dash board.

This creates a new set of rules and challenges for system administrators which amount to different planning and execution at different spheres of organizational planning. A fully collaborative environment comprises of a proper timely management of commenting, workflow, indexing and response back from different servers within specified spheres organizational thinking. It leads and management of different environmental attitudes all across the organization. File transfer protocol (FTP) is a great example of how a large chunk of files can be transferred between computers to computers easily.

But it works easily within internal network spheres of organization but there are many external nodes within organization such as different clients, subsidiaries all these need an enterprise file transfer protocol networks and there are many renowned companies which are making provisions and giving secure networking environment to have a perfect space for enterprise network system environment. If such humongous networking facility is not collided with the system then even after collaboration the sending and receiving of different documents from different parts of the world takes time due to the natural delay of happening from sending and receiving messages time.

For this, is essential for enterprise resource (ERP) and managing job in and creating perfect collaboration among different units of the organization. Transfer of physical assets from one unit to the other amounts to greater reduction of time due to the advent of file transfer protocol and shared space within cloud computing. Various cloud computing companies are already giving away space for a perfect synchronization of different physical assets in terms of electronic office environment all around. Project collaboration is single most aspect where there is a perfect coordination among different units of organization where mass scale of ideas needs to be complied and united in single source which amounts different dynamic aspect of decision making in terms of driving out truth from of behaviors.

Such collaborative aspect of project planning will have need for greater voice communication, document sharing, email sharing and faster updates. It amounts to a stronger case for managing different ideas which are being created from within different organizational spheres all across the organization. It is all about leads to greater control and faster all across the organization. It is entirely dealing with management of documents which deals with complete coordination and funding of different paths of downloads and productivity in order to schedule and keep entirely updated work flow management system.

Bhilai Steel Plant Is Rightly Considered As The Jewel In The Crown Of SAIL

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After the liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) process in the early 1990s, the organizations have come to understand the fact that the people are the centre of the whole system. For creating a performing organization and to sustain the performance, HRD orientation needs, to be top down and should also involve the line managers to ensure sustainable peak performance.

It is evident that most of the problems in an organization are human related, as human beings are dynamic and complex. Hence, human resource development is a challenging job. Moreover, unless organizations learn to tune human resources, success will be elusive. HRD has very close relationship with number of human activities as well as functional activities of the organization.

The Indian economy has changed a tot in the last few years, with most of the giant organization going for mergers and acquisitions. (MCIE data-Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) However, the success rate is very slow because of the cultural mismatch and failure to manage human resources properly.

We cannot differentiate successful organizations on the basis of technology that they are using; it is basically people and their way of managing the organizations that is a differentiating factor between successful organizations. Thus, HRD has to play a strategic role in realizing the business goals of organizations rather than being perceived only as a support service.

According to J.R.D. Tata (1943) “It is clear if your labor relation programme is to be really effective, it should embrace every subject and every activity bearing upon a worker’s employment, or affecting his family. It should carry out not merely the negative task of removing discontent, but the positive one of creating containment.”

So, HRD has a very close relationship with the perceptions, behavior and attitude of people. It throws a lightning impact on group dynamisms, work cultures of employees.

In the 50, there was a strong belief that employees were recruited not to question ‘why’ but only ‘to do-and-die’. In the 60s’ terms like manpower, staff and personnel came to be used. In the late 70s, people realized that beyond a point, productivity depended on people. The Indian organizations are experiencing some transitions and changes. The workforce of the 50s and 60, have retired. The middle level is now at the top with the hangover of all possible middle class values. The new generation of MBA, are pouring into industrial organizations. Young executives in their mid-30s are heading HRD/HRM divisions in big companies due to the unprecedented advancement of Information Technology.

Most multinational companies have a long held view that a person who is proficient in certain techniques and skills can be an effective manager anywhere in the world. Of late, however, there has been a growing awareness that to be successful managers must adopt their expertise to the cultural and economic context in which they operate. References to national or regional variations such as the American or European style of management have become common. Along with the economic development, Asia is also evolving its own style of management. A blend of old and new, it has strong elements of Asian cultures and values.

Life as a whole:

The concepts of loyalty, duty, happiness, honor and justice within this framework find a unique expression in the behaviors of Asians. In the Asian view, economic life cannot be seggrated from life as a whole. People cannot be treated as a more units who produce profit. Profit is not defined as only money but sum total of human happiness. For a western employee, job is primarily a business of contract. To an Asian, it is a personnel relationship.

To the Asian mind, success becomes meaningful when imbued with a social purpose. A good manager is not simply competent but also compassionate, one who protects the livelihood of employees, e.g. one of the foremost achievements of Bangkok Bank, that the bank has never initiated a lay off program throughout its 43 years history. Long before the world took notice of the life long employment practices in Japan, the workers in most Asia societies were treated as members of extended family.

Head and Heart

From the Asia perspective, a manager who is compassionate also has high integrity. A senior manager is like the head of the family and is often approached by subordinates for help and advice on personal problems (Banchong somboonpakorn, manager of Thai Chemicals Corporation).

According to Jeremy Pickle (regional President of West big Corporation) Asia managers, especially Indian managers are two types: SHAMs (Standard Hybridized Asian Manager) CRAMs (Culturally responsive Asian Managers) . Now the trend is SHAMs are gradually giving way to CRAMs.
– Understanding the Asia Manager – Hari Bedim (Allen & Unwin)

BSP is a huge and complex industry involving huge quantities and skills of diverse nature and that too in large numbers. HRD at Bhilai examines how the workforce is enabled to develop and utilize its full potential, aligned with the company’s objectives. Acharya Vinobha Bhave (3rd January, 1964), said on Bhilai “To-day I am changing the name of Bhilai. I am rechristening it as “Bhalai”, meaning welfare. The welfare of India will be reflected here.

As BSP, has been considered as an integrated Steel Plant, it has carrying the biggest burden to build better work systems. (a. work and job design, b. Compensation & Recognition) employee education, training and development, employee well-being and satisfaction (a. work environment, b. employee support services, c. Employee satisfaction).

Year 2004-05 for BSP has been significantly eventful in terms of production, productivity, quality, accolades and rewards in the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the competing steel industry – domestic and abroad – as a whole. HRD practices of Bhilai have all along been a great catalytic agent in the process of transformations of Bhilaians towards the unified goal of achieving excellence. A significance proportion of the programmes have been dedicated to upgrade the computer competency of our employees, as most of the elements of decisions have to be computer savvy.

Bhilai is poised to manufacture 7MT of hot metal, 6.7 MT of crude steel and 6.2 MT saleable steel by 2012. Training activities related to multi-skilling, multi tasking have been accepted as an on going general feature of the plan, looking into the needs of critical skill to be developed in most of the shops.

The present compendium as a ready reckoner, therefore, will prove to be of immense value to all HRD practioners who have themselves right from the beginning towards the creation of an innovative, entrepreneurial culture in the large organization through competent, responsive and committed workforce.

We live in an age in which communication between people is essential to achieving our shared goals of development and peaceful consistence. New innovation in information and communication technologies has increased exponentially our capacity to connect with each other. It is up to us to use to harness the potential of these technologies in our work to extend the benefits of education, health care, trade and environmental protection to all . (FROM UN SECRETARY GENERAL MR. KOFI ANAN ON THE OCCASION OF WORLD TELECOM DAY 2005 MAY, 17).

Human communication has always been a combination of intellect and emotion – a characteristic that helps to define our shared humanity. Our information society has a way of reminding us of this reality, often in a dramatic fashion.

Looking ahead to Tunis, the true test of an equitable information society will be the extent to which today’s powerful knowledge-based communication tools are able to connect different people. (Mr. Yoshio UTSUMI – Secretary- General (International Telecommunication Union).

Bhilai Steel Plant is rightly considered as the jewel in the crown of SAIL. This position is not merely because of the efforts in the field of production, productivity and quality of the product but also due to good communication system in the plant. [S.K. Jain, GM I/c (Works)] [On the occasion of World Telecom Day, 17th May, 2005, a seminar in the assembly hall of BTI, 4.05PM.]

“I am happy to mention that in the recent past Bhilai Steel Plant has created huge infrastructure in the area of ICT. Many new initiatives like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Knowledge Management (KM) are being implemented to transform BSP into a futuristic organization. R.P.Singh, MD, BSP (Souvenir, world Telecom Day, Bhilai, 17th May, 2005).

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Everyone Wants to enjoy success

During my graduation dys in managemet career one of professor who used to taught us out of course curricullum used to provide some rarely used information and from day to day of life where the prominence of organisational behaviourand etiquettes inside organisation come up front to taught us how to face day to day challenges as and when it comes to life.

In this process he also said to us to see some movies which provides inspirational characters to real-time inspiration and advised us to watch those movies during weekends and learn from it and them decribe us what are the main motivations we learn from this. This article is dedicated to these superb thoughts where from the movies I have learnt many course ideas and able to learn all of those in complete and minute detail.

The first movie I saw was that of ‘Patch Adams’ and in the movie he is popularly known as patchy adams and the movies is full of comic senses and the question to the normal course of events , where the practice of doctor means more that what generally perceived as and as and when the friendship with patients makes the most memorable relations ships with their patients.

I must think the movie ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ must have been infleunced severly from the movie, ‘Patch Adams’. In the movie patch adams the main protagonist always takes the alternative route to impress and treat patients and make friendship with them and delighted them and even serious patieints finds easier to live their difficult and painful life in these processes.

However the system of normal medicine practices are against this. System see doctors as demi God and they must have some distance from their patients and they must not be familiar and congenial to them as they should be serious in treating them. This movie goes on to see how the laughter therapy and friendships with doctors, make the patieints , feel at ease and the process of recuperation or even pain decreases andthey grow faster.

Another movie my bleloved professor recommended during my management days is that of ‘The Rainmaker’ and the lead actor in that series is matt Demon. These were during his early movie career and this is about how lawyers should treat their clients. It is one of most reverred and well acted movie where the protagonist Matt Demon live with the life of their clients and so clolsely and stop the wrong work by a polular insurance company, where, the wrong doings were exposed but still involved with their life.

How the system of practising with law firms and lawyers where the team of lawyers are engaged with not learning from firms but in getting how many cases to bring to the firms and take the commission from these cases in that process. For this, they used to reach to hospitals and contact with patients who have accidents and then try to prersuade them to fight for their cases in bringing them some money.

All of these are on one side but one the other side how the protagonist in this movies used to fight against injustice and staying closer to their clients in order to make them feel secure and nice in these processes. How a lawyer should be and how his activities should be in coherence with clients staying their and how they should show their respect to client so that money should not be ever their difficulties in the way forward in fighting cases for them.

In the process we saw one lady client mercilessly beaten by her husband, and another client who is fighting leukomia but the health insurance company failed to give the money and in the process failed to do the high cost treatment and then he died and at his funeral the protagonist came us with the potrait of the person who died and gave to his father and that show case how a good lawyer must have been in this profession.

In these two movies where one deals with how a doctor should have been to their profession and to patients and in the other one how a lawyer should have been while dealing with their clients makes us to understand how both of these professions should have been in the run up to their practices and this change must come through and must come to rectify how these professions should be in order to have great rapport among themselve and the patients and clients.

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The Face

Distinguishable yet unnamable the cockpit of thoughts which ha been hovering like that of an airplane crossing all the boundaries and joining and racing to speed of sound has been very facial and the beautiful attendance is very cozy and expressive. The air and the wind shields have been going rounds making the window jolts to the every facets of spinning the cog wheel and the managing and participating of thought of the cellar motion and the momentum. Can it be or never be but the simulative of ideas and the thoughts of expression never be crossed or over lapped it is pretty identical and can be halted or can be paused but cannot be stopped at the sense of the thoughts and wheels.

The draw motion is closing to the wheels the motion is its self making it feel wider and the entire atmosphere is making singing to the tunes of each and every bit of the songs which can never be expected or drawn with. This is significant and the process of optimization is simply making the feeling so undetermined and unuttered. The expression is deeming backwards though the prospe3ct of the utter significance of prescriptive utterance can only be determined through some of the speeding thoughts and wonderfully crafted games like that of Dirt 3. The DX 11 hardware has been superb and it is going and making the games an excellent tool to manage and subscribe. The instant personalization has some truth full cautions and it is very easy. The variable motion is making the rough weather some what kind enough to jolt and making some cool winds feeling fine through the windows and the thoughts for food has been greatly enhanced by the advancement of some of the advanced and smelly fruits smells form the nearby restaurant.

The slow smell of the food generating the appetite and making the entire process of digestions and running to grab the food and the entire process is quite imaginative and the process and the out put of significant audio visuals making the television to swap the channels with ease and with utter mm meaningful substance. The inland roads sounds been hearing to the ears and it is been continues and this shows that the some busy traffic and it is evening and the fly back time from the dawn to dusk workouts. The flower capitulates to some of the utter significance and the mode of medium and the environmental variables making the entire environment some what crazy and disturbed. The face is still seeing the utter significance of nature and destroying of nature and that has to be saved and preserved. These thoughts generated and the wind shield closed to save the dusk and the filthy environment to destroy the miniature variable which has been keeping and seeing and left out from all these instances.

Why is Creativity Important in Thinking

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Creativity presents the series of perpetual assumptions where the entire processes involving behavioural ways to understand and think differently on the same set of a series of reasoning in completely different ways. It always asks yourself about the set up of differently understood critical questioning to yourselves in order to understand every point of action and behaviour in completely different ways. Through a series of critical questioning and generating of ideas more and more flow of conclusion towards the understanding of absolute reasoning comes about.

In the series of understanding and its corresponding cases where there had always been the presence of different ideas and understandings in each and every cases still identifying the challenging areas that involved with these entire processes should come handy to understand the flow of ideas generating with each and every process must coincide with a complete understanding of a series of processes attached with it. In these contexts of a series of events, there has always been the tendency of one principal context that works in correlated ways to supplement entire set up of events in completely prudent manners.

Even though you are absolutely certain about the principal context working incoherent and synchronisation manners still you have to explore the set up of differently calculated mechanisms to find out whether all these series of events have some sort of alternative possibilities. Before arriving at such conclusion it is important to follow the imaginative alternative contexts and explore various ideas involved within it and develop the reflective scepticism in order to learn more and more cohesive and alternate methods to reach and challenge existing conclusions.

It does not prove to be you are moving towards the negative zones, instead it goes on to show that with the positive and reflexive thinking parameters you constantly go for complete improvement of the related contexts to find out more pieces of information and intriguing aspects of complete understanding of set up of events that comes forwards at you at various stages of thinkings. While dealing with the complete set up of events that related with problem-solving mechanisms consider moving towards removing of standardised formats that should suit these trends in coping with the aspects of understanding diverse attributes forwarding to movement of standardised formats.

In this manner the most of standardised or common set of problems move towards the form of not moving into it and understanding it as it should be the short cut route for process or movement of ideas and the range of discussions and topics move from wide range of consolidated and divergent range of subjects so that multiple and various perspectives to the same problems could be easily understandable with it. What it makes you to fully understand and update the knowledge base is to find out the series of futuristic oriented understandings of the set of problems and their solutions in the present context.

While dealing with all these aspects to understand the entire process that involves the different contexts one need to sufficiently convenient to approximate about the trend of events that should generate absolute self-confidence in arriving at own judgement that should provide multifaceted ways to understand and find out more pieces of information about detecting and managing the aspects of divergent views. In a way, the series of processes involving with critical thinking includes recognition which underlies the processes attached with considerate assumptions where every conclusion comes to the rescue of understanding the series of contexts and most of these contexts should come from the basic assumptions by removing the series of standardised processes.

Then, comes the series of processes where you should be analysing each and every bit of processing and the arguments that support these processes in making these the single most standalone supportive elements to consider the potential to reach an absolute conclusion. In the set up of entire processes and considerate arguments you only have to seat and discuss within your scope of reasoning and discussing different pros and cons of every argument and in these processes scrutinising each and every aspect in clear and lucid manner so as to find out the single most perfect assumption of your choices.

In this process of brain mapping and thinking and arriving out absolute conclusions you are the sole lawyer, judge and decision maker and for this it is important to understand to recognise the set of problems out there and then consider the process and the argument inherent with it, Then reach some niche conclusion but still judging these ideas goes on for important processes in order to find out the best out of all ideas and contexts that provide inherent understanding and possible marking to point out what should be the best of a lot of all. Then considerate every conclusive context in the form of rationalistic thinking and its related context parameters to reach out to absolute and solid conclusions.

It involves complete comparing out of various stages of events that should enable and provide absolute justification for reaching out and understanding the positives as well as negative approval limits so as to find the most important and generalised ideas related with complete overwhelming of generation of ideas by rejecting bad contexts and accepting good contexts. In this manner, the processes of thinkings become absolutely critical that rejects standardised formats of different problem-solving methods and goes on to see the absolute necessity associated with the processes that involve complete and absolute perspective that involves relating and diversification of views to take multiple perspectives.

In these processes of reaching to an absolute conclusion of the series of contexts of events, one should always use the trial and error methods and find out the most unconventional ways to understand this set of problems to reach out to an absolute conclusion. Ask some questions to yourselves about what could happen this context that does not happen till now and what should be the series of events of attendances that should provide the most vivid and dynamic aspect of accomplishments that should be the prime focus to understand and estimate process that should enable the power of critical thinkings.

In these entire process of examining the contextual elements one aspect to be critically understood is the presence of behavioural implications so that ultimately the forms and the processes and the set of events should be equally understood and examine and to be set up with complete tractable parameters if it succeeds successfully with the entire process associated with the presence of such and such critical elements of human interactions. What it makes the entire set up of contexts and its related mechanisms to behave in such and such manner so as to find out the process optimisation as well as the most vivid and dynamic way to understand what should have been the best choice to think of it and should be the most desirable aspect to move beyond and understand entire set up of events in completely and clearly understandable ways.

In short, when you start thinking of creative ways you ought to think in different ways and go with some of the other mechanisms to find out the single most aspect to move towards the most efficient and most perfected ways to move absolute perfections. It might have been scary ideas to think out of the box and think on some other way but still one needs to understand the aspects of the entire process optimisation in terms of entirely to find out more and more perspective towards efficient maximisations of entire processes. There are many chances of failures but still, they move within such thinking parameters and that is why there had been many respects to creative thinkers worldwide simply for their mission to find out more about the different aspect of thinking by completely moving out from the standardised form of thinking processes.

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