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What are examples of financial services?

Financial services are a vast area covering almost any activity pertaining to the making and preserving of money. These services can very broadly, be divided into two types – fund / asset based services and fee / advisory services. Further sub-categories are retail and corporate. There is necessarily some degree of overlap between these categories, […]

Non Banking Financial Institutions

Non – banking financial institutions or companies perform banking operations. These institutions do not have banking licenses. That is why these institutions cannot receive deposits as they do not have banking licenses. They can offer other financial services. Non-banking financial companies perform shadow banking. These institutions must register themselves under companies Act 1956 in India. […]

Basel II Risk Management

Basel Accords are suggestions and rules and regulations with which banking industries should perform. Banking rules and regulations begin with Basel I, Basel II and now Basel III. During the year 2015 when this article wrote by me during that time Basel II was used by many banks and now slowly they are moving to […]

Chit Fund Cheating Cases

Chit Funds are such financial organisation which collects money from people and lured them to provide them with higher terms and returns. In this way mostly illiterate people deposit money in order to have higher amount of return. What it utimately did is that these companies are not registered with Government of India but the […]

HSBC money laundering report: Key findings

From among these culprits there was one person whose name was Julio. According to investigating officers, Julio was principal to other culprits who was making the illegal money legal or in a process was involved in the process of money laundering. It was said by special investigative executive James. The ICI agency is investigating this […]

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