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Puri, Odisha, India

The Winter at Puri

Puri is a place nearer to sea side with lots of visitors and devotees pouring into it through out the year. The summer here is not hot but the humidity is super high with lots of perspiration and lots of intolerance to corky summer. The rainy season has plenty of rains and sometimes the nearby villages flooded with water, then the flood relief, and other aids to them. The summer is very long though the higher temperature is not so in terms it’s Para but the feeling of heat is great and higher due to humidity inclement to the top.

Fall Winter:

In the summer the wind seems to stop and the clouds hovering up and above the sky refuses to relent and increasing the heat as the hot wind cannot escape form the soil making it more and more difficult to bear. The winter starts from first week of December and it is the sever winter if you compare with the standards of Odisha. The soaring cold, the cool wind, and the penetrating wind with medium humidity are severely affecting health as this gives rise to dental problem and limbs problems. I cannot describe how this cold is ruing the body; it is more and more difficult to sustain this.

The cool wind from the Bay of Bengal is snoozing onto the mind and making the whole process dim and very ache towards side brain and this is very difficult. The cold graph is self increasing and it will be higher at the end of the month with severe winter and very intolerable cool. What is the reason behind this and why the winter at Puri is always a danger to the health of the people here? Unable to devise this aspect seems and think a lot but cannot understand so far and that is why I wrote this write up.

Some say it is the cold winter winds coupled with the saline climate from the sea is making the thing worse and some say it is the greenery of this ancient town is doing this phenomena but still not sure and no scientific backing of these facts. The heavy winter is taking its toll and it is better to cover yours ear while at the early morning or at the evening, you should cover the entire ear so that it will not harm yours body. The cold and the cool winds is making the matter worse with as it is entering through yours ear and making you attain to the cold.

Fell the cold and feel the heat at Puri with lots of extreme climatic conditions and it is advisable for tourists to come with prepared with woolen clothes especially for protection on ears and head so that they will not be affected by it. Puri has the climatic conditions of both the extremes with lots of intolerable hot with high humidity but low on hat temperature and on the other hand in the winter it is soaring cold and shivering to the body and mind, think about it.

Problems in Domestic House-Keeping Services in Puri,Odisha

Domestic help is important for every house hold those who can afford to pay for it. They clean the house, wash the clothes, and do the daily cleansing and previous pending works. Most of the house holds depends upon them for their daily work. In Puri in most of the houses domestic help used to do various home works like that of cleansing of utilities, For the last two years their wages now been on the rise and it is on the higher side in each year sometimes they increase the wages in the month of October and sometimes they increase the wages in the month of January in the new year.

Weird problems:

Now days the number of domestic helps in the decline due to some positive government policies. There lots of money to earn from various positive government policies and for this now the trend is changing. They are now getting more than two hundred days of earning opportunities apart from other earning from various government welfare measures. This adds to the problem for various house holds. Due to the scarcity of domestic helps , there salary is on the rise and they are also now more ad more demanding and also their work standards is on the decline.

ମୋତରି ରେଲ୍ଵେୟ୍ ସ୍ତେସନ୍ Motari Railway Station
ମୋତରି ରେଲ୍ଵେୟ୍ ସ୍ତେସନ୍ Motari Railway Station

They are now working at more than sixteen houses and this is obvious as how could they manage the house holds by going to various far and wide places of Puri town and the standard of work I on the decline. Every homes priority is for cleaning and for all the essential works is done by the domestic help but with increase in time the duration of the work is on the decline and the standard of the work is one the decline. Sometimes there behaviors are also rude and if you say some rude words or some mild rude words they will complain about everything. Now it seems that this being the most worrying factor.

How to get rid of it?

As the more you increase the wages of the domestic help they tend to reduce the work loads and try to finish the work in a hurry. The house holds works seems to be a difficult task and how it is to be solved and how easily it can be done and finished.

What should be the problem no one can solve it?

As the government can not solve it as it is doing the welfare works and that too it is also extending to richer people through Adhar cards and other welfare measures. Now the next problem I to find the persons who plucks the coconut from trees.

Now the new generation of coconut pucker s has been evading from their earlier possessions. Now their new generations not doing these coconut plucking professions and for this there is strenuous lack of these coconut pluckers. Now their fathers has been doing this profession and for this serious lack of coconut pluckers and all the house holds having the coconut trees is feeling the brunt of it.

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The apathy of electricity ground worker service at Puri

Is it an absolute mediocrity, that arising out of complete misconstrued job satisfaction, even after, it is being privatized to serve better purposes for consumer, even after heightened electricity prices, more than consume, it was expected for them to work for good and service to be excellent but that was not the case here, as usual they were a careless bunch of units and many a times there was complete lack of insensitivity to the problems and the difficulty in which consumer were facing into . Electricity was always been the essential constituents of human needs , ever since it had been developed but what it was making the life worse was the sheer not so careful attitude by the electricity handlers , who were ground workers and their lack of insanity and understanding of consumer expectations were not so brilliant, this was not good as after privatization of these sector it was expected to be more vibrant and attune and essential to consumer needs and anticipations but that was not the case at Puri town.The first and the foremost they had done , which is

not so in tune with law perhaps as much as , it was so , whatever knowledge I able to gather was that they have bestowed our wire with two neighbor’s wire and that was making the matter worse due to possible carbon related issues , there was some convention that the other wire should not touch one more wire but what they had done by colliding three wires they had made ours wire weaker , which was earlier stronger, we opposed at first , but these seemed to them as dead ears and they had not acted correctly and they continue to do it and the problems with it , it could have been some long drawn consequences , like that the roof can electrocuted and that can possibly corresponds to roofs and that can some of the most serious consequences and these should be avoided at first and these  we had been saying to them both they were not listening. The problem with electricity ground workers who dealt with consumers was that , the same workers were still intact for over six long years and that was why their zeal for work were fast reducing and they were also demanding money after doing each work. It was supposed for them to did it free of cost but they had made it  a convention to demand money after each interval and why these were happenings as after each electricity repair calls they were demanding money and that was really  not so good for electricity departments and these should be checked and stopped by appropriate authorities other wise these would enhance the corrupt practices and consumer were able to give it  other wise what they would do they would constantly harass them after certain intervals.

Like health care, electricity had become the real essentials and that was why it was very evident from the fact that whatever ran with modern equipments and other essentials does went with electricity and the way they depended upon itself did make some of the finest points that could have been taken into account and that was why the real need for it to give good services. Neighbors also said if you would complain to higher authorities then it would not work even as, it had been seen and observed that even many times they would not listen to their authorities and also the compounding problems were aggravated through some of associations that always propped up for them and in that way they would not regard people concern as they would only tend to see the concern of the workers. Is this not a strange, we were the consumers who are paying for the bills and also expect the same good maintenance from them incase some thing happened to electricity connectivity , but that was not the case as always it had been seen and experienced. Sometimes, after certain intervals it would seem the connection always had the tendency of on or off or fluctuation of electricity and that was why there was some apprehension of connection and then called to electricity call office of booking of a complain. What apathy was that they would always come after certain intervals but what they did nothing the same, happened one after another, no response and then if you called again after one day, they would say they would not do more than that and we should call the private persons to see it our as we could not do more than that. Is it the answer should we expect from the private organizations , who wished to be true to be towards the good will of consumers but that was not the case here , they were just attending the call as if it was their sole discretion and nothing more than that ,  then in these circumstances what the consumer should do ? They had advised us  to call private persons to repair it , as it was not according to the law of the land but still the electricity workers recommended these , what was the most surprising aspect was that why after certain intervals say after two to three months , these electricity connectivity fluctuates , was there any thing other matters related to it .

These may be some sort speculations but still there are lots more to ponder even after it and why all these had been happening, as this article is not to defame the state electricity board, as a organization could not be dishonored due to some bad to worse ground workers, who had been posted at one post for all along their life still they are not so sensitive to these issues. This article was all about showing what was happening to the ground conditions , it was not a criticism to  organization as organization wise it was working fine but the behavior of ground workers and their job satisfaction was affecting consumers who were the stake holders of the organization am I not right ?


Without ticket village passengers risk their life by not using foot over bridge while crossing railway lines

While travelling in passenger trains which runs from Puri Terminus to Bhubaneswar junction, there are many passengers who go towards mid railway stations. Those can be called as in local Odia language as ‘bata pasenger’ or in English mid route passenger. These mid-route passengers are daily commuting passengers who go to capital city of Bhubaneswar for daily wage works and then returns. They are very low-paid workers and that is why they want to go without ticket in order to save their earning money.

Most of these daily passengers come from Delang, Kannash or from Sakhi Gopal. These three routes comes in between Puri Terminus to Bhubaneswar Junction. In these three mentioned train stations there is no barricade on the left side of platform. These are village platforms and only on the right side of the platform ticket checking is done. So, people in order to avoid caught by ticket checker, go down on the left side of Puri terminus bound train.

There are three other railway lines in the left side of the platform. During the time Shuttle train reaches in these village stations, either Falkhnama or Nilachall super fast crosses these platforms with super fast speed. Most of times during such moments people crosses railway lines. They do not take foot over bridge because that is on the right side of platform. If they go towards it those without ticket passenger can be caught by ticket collector. This means they will have to give heavy penalties.

Most of these passengers go some more distance after reaching village stations. Their villages are mostly five to ten kilometres after reaching platform. Some have villages at the right side of platform and some are at the left side of platform. Those have villages at the left side off the platforms in order to reach their villages on time, by pass foot over bridge and then go directly crossing railway lines. Most of times the super fast trains which crosses these village stations at the same time of Shuttle Memu fast passenger train, and people caught in the crossfire of running of superfast trains during that peak of time.

These are two prime reasons why people die in these village train stations. These stations are for passenger train stoppages. Superfast trains do not have halting in these platforms. These super fast trains crosses these platforms at their peak speed. These commuters must adhere to rules and regulations of railways. First they must adhere to rules of purchasing tickets and thus become the legal passenger.

Then move to foot over bridge and with comfort cross the railway line and then carefully reach to their respective homes. One must adhere to security as one must listen to respective hearts to understand that if another half an hour late is not going to delay reaching home. If any untoward happen they forever one cannot reach home and forever the delay reaching will continue.

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Oh, what a difference!

When I collected a few pebbles from the Puri Beach, I found the vast and cascading waves reminding me of my childhood days when I used to visit the same place with the same experience, but without so much crowd. The sea-bed has not changed, nor the charm it offered earlier, but what have changed are the situation and surroundings and, of course, my way of looking at it. Five decades ago, my father guided me to the whistling waves; now the role has reversed. The same sea and the same roar, but a different experience.

Oh, what a difference!

Now, I come here for fresh air away from the smoky city, resigning for a few minutes to the soothing, summer-repelling atmosphere. This is quite different from my childhood experience when I used to come here for the waves advancing and receding and crabs disappearing on the sand, digging holes for their refuge to escape the wrath of the truant children. Now, I watch people swimming in the deep sea and fishermen catching fish in the country-boats; but the time has gone when I was sand-balling my friends and running away in fear of being sand-balled.

Now, I only watch and visualize in a thoroughly pensive posture. Even though present is not the repeat of the past and childhood cannot return, I shall always visit my favorite Puri beach for the solace it gives me in my days of disturbed peace and diffused tranquility.

Plastic Ban in Puri, Odisha

There are many forms of rights of people, and all the time we cannot look to government to do everything. Government of India can work as catalyst for improving life of citizens but we need to look beyond and work out the most possible change that has to be come from within, as take the look and examine of how Clean India movement is going on. People need to be alerted, and need to work out forms of cleanliness all by themselves and then see the government to work out and make the augmented realities that comes upon to the people of India.

It is about education and education does not mean religious education but the real time readings in order to stand with their legs and become similar to others and live through the statement of person and create the trust within societies. It is all about creating and management of trusts and it should come within people that all are Indians and to ensure that the low end petty politics should happen once-again.

Policies needs to be mobilized by people on the ground in order to make it happen and one should see that no place the policies like Clean India and others should be materialised. Let us talk about banning of polythenes in the market. We do see that many shopkeepers at the vegetable market do have polythenes and they used to distribute to the buyer with vegetables and that is spreading such use of polythenes despite banning from central government.

In one shop when I bought tomatoes for 16 rupees a kilo another person was buying and he asked for polythenes and the shopkeeper gave him and that person asked him that why he is using polythene despite receiving polythene from him. Then both have civilized discussion on this issue and then both have conclusion that why the polythene factory is not been facing heavier fines and why they are allowed to produce this and why they are distributing this and the persons who are distributing are fined and penalized but the factory owner is still to date not been fined so far.

It is a good observation as and when such ban happens then it is a good idea to ban such factories who are producing such high level of plastic bags despite severe ban on them. Odisha state is one of the pioneers in this banning process but despite that it needs to ban the source of plastic bag industries and if it comes from outside state then the entire route needs to be comprehensively banned.

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