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How to secure your computer?

When we think of security of computing devices, on the same way it is also being felt about how secure your systems are? It is not the sheer adage of “better safe than sorry”, more meanings are associated with all these. During these times, it is essential to have a strong sense of awakening within security parameters which can draw specific balance between good security systems as against deep penetrated security-mechanism.

Lots of people are hiding themselves somewhere in the world with the one ambition to steal your “user names” and “passwords”. This is all about secure your computing environment, just like we build strong houses to secure and protect our near and dear ones. On the other hand, it gives away ample opportunity for humans to go for a ride to the virtual world, it was not a smooth sailing and it is not “roses all the way”.

Simultaneously, it introduces the sub-world of Internet worms, which are moving here and there and trying to search the most haunted places namely computer users. It is not the same as everyday as all these Internet worms aims at computers that are going to destroy the basic functionality of computers. With the advent of computers in masses of data flows in sound as well as outbound from your computer and security of data is paramount as the cost of theft of data is humongous. Data theft can bring about personal as well as professional reputation of yours in the sand level and for this it is always good to save your data from the prying eyes of hackers in order to save your day.

Corporation is more worried about their loss of data as it can lead to huge loss of their skilled works. They are adopting different new and innovative methods for data security. Some are opting for enterprise level cloud computing in order to save data at some other places in the world. There are concerns about privacy leaks regarding data management and in order to save data from being going to the other person it is better to think of compelling and possibly build a stiffer set of security measures all around.

Nearly 90 percentages of personal computers are running hugely popular Microsoft OS and nearly 90 percentages of mobile operating are using android as their operating system. Hackers are attacking these two famous OS in order to gain popularity as well as getting gigantic streams of data that have been flowing from all over these. New vulnerabilities have been constantly being lurking around Microsoft as well Android OS and both are releasing updates in order to patch these vulnerabilities. It is a constant process even most of the OS which is the latest also has to bear the brunt of constant updates and these can annoy users. But it is also desirable to keep updates on in order to keep your computer from external aggression. It is always better to keep your computer updated all the time. Both companies are trying harder to keep your computer safe and secure.

It is always advantageous to turn off guest accounts in your computer user accounts. The guest account can be intrusive and it is better to stay away from it and also Internet worms can establish administrator account from the setting of the guest account. Though with the advent of the latest incarnation of Microsoft operating system, advent of “user account control” and “standard account” gives way to a perfect security as well as integrated account system control for user. In “standard account” use is able to use it just like a sandbagging environment where user is able to use the computer discretely without worrying of internet worms and this creates the simple process where the user is not worried about complete sense of security as system runs in a sort of virtual environment.

“shoulder surfing” is a phenomenon where the third person wanders here and there to see whether someone watching from the side to watch and memories yours passwords. There are some processes which can harm your computer for being attending to contact with outside servers, and it is best to disable those services so that your computer will not be vulnerable to any such external attack from computers. Of late security vulnerabilities have been found with operating systems other than Microsoft Windows. Even Linux which otherwise regarded as trustworthy is full of vulnerabilities. Macintosh computer also sees the surge of virus attacks of late and this has wider implications.

This goes on to prove that no OS is devoid of such internet attacks. What is now the road ahead for all these imminent virus attacks. Whichever, computer people are utilizing virus attack always prompts the way for the difficult path to surpass as it can block the speed of the computer to a greater level and also with it one can find life tough. The primary difficulty with these is the recovery of data. Data safety is major issues concerning the organization and they do not want to spend a huge sum of money to third party recovery companies which can recover the files but there is no guarantee of them to store those data and sell it to competitors. All these adds to the worries which Microsoft has released “File history” in its latest incarnation of Windows where it is giving opportunity for users to save all forms of data to external drive automatically and in this way with regular backups all yours data now been stored on your external hard drive with safety and care.

There is much software in the market which deals with complete encryption of data with a single click. In its latest version of Windows, it has introduced “Bit locker” encryption which can encrypt data with superior mechanisms. With the advent of excellent pass word managers and most of them are free and some are running in the cloud in order to secure all yours passwords and they will make yours life easier with automated passing of user names as well as passwords to different browsers and this makes the entire state of password management to a greater level. Most modern web browsers are compatible with secure websites. Most of modern web browsers are implementing this in the long way and many popular websites are introducing their websites in secure version in order to create a sense of security among existing customers. This is a great way to secure the transmission of data without any such disturbances as with it entire data transmission goes with perfect encryption mechanisms.

Data security is a primary concern for all including corporate and public. Data are money and there are many lascivious persons who want to have your data to sell to them to require companies in order to earn money. On the other hand, this creates intrusion in privacy and in the long run it can ruin the prospects of your business as well as financial transactions. For corporate data is their business and they do not want it to be with their rivals and for this more and more complicated secure mechanisms are here to stay and in order to have a greater transparency among corporate as well as individuals the need of the hours is to go for security and build a strong sense of “safe computing practices”.

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How to fix Opera VPN not connecting

This post was most recently updated on April 22nd, 2019

Opera web browser is based on enhancement of performance. It has various features to do this. One of this feature is the presence of Opera Turbo, it uses server-side compression so that it provides faster and better browsing speeds. It works nicely with slow internet connectivity.
Opera displays security badges in its address bar and that convey users, to understand the security status of the website.

If it thinks some websites are dangerous to browse then it wants users about it with the security status of the website. With Opera, you can change the language of the web browser, clear browsing history completely, clear browsing data and so on. You can run Opera in private window, as it removes history, image caches, passwords and everything. In this way, your browsing remains private.

Create your own theme:

Opera provides umpteenth customization for you. You can change the look of your web browser, start page and other elements of the website by changing the theme of Opera. You can right-click on any image and then use the image as the theme and thus in this way, you created a theme for Opera.

Be safe and private:

Opera has its own extensions galleries and there are many relevant extensions you can found and use it. The computer is for personal use and Opera does provide the conveniences to use it in multiple ways. It has built-in ad blocking add-on which blocks ads and makes the page load faster.

Due to its own add on the speed of working on this add-on becomes faster. The ad blocking badge will be shown in the combined address bar and if it is green in color this means ad blocking is on and click on it for more option and specific customization.

Address bar of Opera works with displaying of various badges such as badges for Opera Turbo, camera access, extension. Fraud and malware, locations access, local file microphone access, secure connection, unprotected, VPN is on and so on.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Your browser has one internet protocol address and when it connects to servers for the website, then it can find your location and then your identity is known by the remote server. With the virtual private network, the location of your computer or internet protocol address changes. Your locations changes to the location of the virtual private network.

When you enable VPN in the address bar of Opera, the VPN badge becomes blue. Opera provides free virtual private network and this empowers users to browse internet and surf those sites that are banned on the website. Even if you are in India, your location will be shown to the distant server, for another location and in this way the sites that are banned in your country will be shown as your location will be shown in another location.

By clicking on the VPN badge you can switch on or off it. Here, the amount of data transferred information and this will reset with each and every Opera web browser update.
Your web browser will show the location of the virtual private network. The default is optimal location and one can change to location related to the virtual private network.

If you do not choose which country then it will automatically choose optimal location for you. Generally, optimal location is one of the better choices as this provides the faster networking for your web browser location.

Opera Turbo Mode loads website in the fraction of the original size and that makes page loads instantly. In addition to this if you are on the go or on the travel then this would consumer lesser data in roaming situations and that makes page loading as well as eating lesser batteries.
If you are on the laptop and even with slower or faster connectivity it is a wiser idea to enable Opera Turbo to speeds up browsing and also at the same time consumer lesser data and this means it is best for battery saving features for laptops too.

In this turbo mode in a laptop, the speed of browsing of the website becomes faster too. If you are using WiFi and if there are too many connections then the speed of internet would be slower and in this circumstance, it is a good idea to turn on turbo mode in Opera for the laptop so that the speed in which you browse would be normal and the page loading times would decrease significantly.

In Android devices, data savings is available with Opera Mini, where you can choose between two savings mode. One is high and the other one is in extreme mode and in the later mode while rendering of web pages it uses up to 90 percentages of lesser data that originally intended data. It is available for Android, Feature phones, Windows Phones and basic phones.
In Opera for Android, which is a full-fledged web browser, where you can speeds up slow connection and speeds up websites that are heavy with data saver mode.

The automatic question arises what about privacy and security concerns while using the virtual private network with Opera;
The connection to and fro from Opera is encrypted in the virtual private network and this means that it is more secure than that of your own internet host server. In order to be more secure the difficult part is cookies and with it, the websites can still recognize your location and for this, it is significant to use private browsing while switching on the virtual private network.

With private browsing and switching on of adblocking and running websites through the virtual private network, you can now easily block all tracking cookies as these are automatically deleted when the browsing session ends. Opera VPN is a free service and there is no restriction on the amount of data to be transferred.

Fix Opera VPN not Connecting or Working:

From time to time after prolonged use of Opera and its VPN services and when in another new day after connecting the computer to the internet you open Opera web browser and suddenly you find the Opera VPN is not connecting and the VPN icon becomes purple instead of blue.
 In these circumstances what shall you do to enable Opera VPN or make the icon of Opera VPN to blue instead of grey?

  • Open Opera Web Browser
  • Go to MENU
  • Scroll Down to ABOUT OPERA click on it.
  • Look at the submenu VERSION INFORMATION
  • It will automatically check for update and connect to the server if your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Your browser will update for sure as this is predominant reason for not connecting to VPN server.
  • Then Opera will ask you to restart the web browser.
  • Save your works and click on restart button.
  • Now, go to PRIVATE BROWSING from Opera menu and then enable VPN badge from the address bar and then this will automatically close Opera Turbo as both Opera Turbo and Opera VPN will not work simultaneously. Now, enable Opera VPN and you will see that the VPN badge will show blue color and this means now it is working. You can choose from optimal location to continent location in accordance with your choices.
  • Most of the times what I have noticed about Opera is that from time to time, when there is an update is pending and opera browser setting is not configured to work with automatic updates, then it is high time for you enable this or as and when VPN will not work this means that it is time to update your web browser.

After updating mostly, the problem with not connecting with VPN will not be there. Happy web surfing.

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