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How to remove Unwanted DLLs

This article is about how to remove unwanted DLLs. This article is about Windows XP days where DLLs are smaller files with some specific information inbuilt into it and stays inside computer to work in specific way. This is intended at first by the developers of Windows XP to work in a faster manner so as to find the faster ways of loading of website and other folders and files.

It is like modern cookies of websites which stores little bit of information on the user’s computer and web browser to load websites in faster manner as the intended files loads websites faster and it becomes faster in loading times. Similarly, the DLL functions, in accordance with certain small softwares that in intended to run and execute faster with high end of that time graphical user interface of computers.

With due course of time during those days some ad serving through websites in web browser used to install software without user’s intervention, and install the software and that makes installation of DLLs and unwanted DLLs perhaps for some specific purposes even for some malicious purposes makes the website or even malwares crippling into computer faster during those times.

The unwanted DLLS hide inside operating system files and launch with the unwanted softwares and makes it faster and then slowly takes huge control of entire computer and that makes computer infected with malware. Windows XP operating system does not have that stronger capacity to find such unwanted DLLS hiding inside computer and that makes this problem more difficult during those times.

Slowly, major antivirus vendors comes into limelight and they provide some sort of solutions to these as they introduce on access scanning such as scanning of each and every files and checking their checksum in order to differentiate between bad DLLs and good DLLs.

They employ heuristic protection but as that comes from third party software vendors for this take huge time of review as during those times the speed of internet is on very slower side as that is about dial up connections and that makes running of these processes in the cloud slower and this makes Windows XP computer absolutely slower to use.

During that time one good antimalware software known as Threat Fire which has good detection rate and it was free as and when user allows for cloud connect and in this way it removes most of unwanted DLLS and speeds up computer for faster working inside operating system environment.

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Which Browser Consumes Less Data Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or FireFox

In the age of fast internet and digital data, when the cost of mobile and computer goes downwards, the choice of choosing a better and faster internet web browser becomes important. Internet Explorer or Edge is default in all windows operating system and is available as download option is android mobile operating system.

When we consider how web browser performs we have to look deeper into computer operating system and mobile operating system. Apart from Safari web browser all the other web browser are available for most of these operating system and that is why I omit this from choice of web browser in this article.

When we see a computer operating system Internet Explorer and Safari are default web browsers. Apart from it we do find people download Opera for mobile and web browsers and Firefox Mozila web browser.

Google Chrome appears to be safest web browser. It depends upon OS and RAM amount to how faster it loads. It loads fast and it is secure as from time to time it updates and adds more and more secure feature. It synchronises with mobile app easily and it comes fast. No need to remember passwords as it loads automatically and for newly created account it offers to provide safer passwords and save it to secure chrome account.

In the case of Opera web browser which is one of my favourite for web browser. It continues to provide awesome level of new features which most of other web browsers follows. In the current scenario it provide free of cost and unlimited, virtual private networking and it empowers users to browse website that is not allowed on their soil.

Now, this VPN feature also there in mobile web browser and this make awesome level of management of browsing website free of cost. It also the first major web browser to provide native ad-blocking feature and slowly other web browsers are compelled to implement this system. Opera is unique and it is more good replacement for chrome.

Opera also provides better downloading option and it provides additional level of security as people can browse website with VPN switched on. In the case of Firefox it is evolving from time to time, but what I dislike most its loading time and the slow speed of rendering of website as compared to other prime website.

In the due course of time, we find the gradual evolve of Internet Explorer and that turned into Edge web browser and for the first time introducing hardware rendering a completely new and innovating feature which most of other web browser such as, chrome, opera and firefox. It is a revolutionary steps and it provides one of major advancements in the war of web browsers.

Internet Explorer of yesteryear in the time of Windows XP and internet explorer of now which is most popularly known as Edge is vastly different. With due course of time it continues to eat lesser data in battery web browsing. Chrome must use better battery saving features though the amount of features it has mostly of server computing, and it consumes perhaps higher amount of data.

We see the new concept of hardware acceleration, free VPN, sandboxing are more and more innovative features we do find collective importance in favor of consumers. In Internet Explorer, there are very few extension whereas with chrome and opera there are more extensions and with Firefox we do find more and more extensions on the rise.

it is the choice of users to see and find in real time while connecting to internet, and it is user;s prerogative to inspect the performance of web browsers. With due course of time, we do see and find that Microsoft is improving its Edge browsers to a better and wonderful browsing experience. Google Chrome is updating its web browser for better and secure experience.

Opera is updating its web browser with new and innovating features and some of its features are wonderful and mass benefits. Opera’s VPN, Internet Explorer or Edge hardware acceleration, Google Chrome’s sandboxing tabbing experience and all of these in the sum provide awesome, web-browsing experience and a beautiful web browsing experience, and all of these major web browsing experiences provide awesome internet browsing experience in the age of modern world.

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