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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Quick Start Guide

Last updated on February 4th, 2020 at 01:17 pm

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a beautiful and convenient operating system. Sometimes it’s working with older devices such as Samsung laptops does provide some of the most inconvenient ways to manage an operating system in such older hardware. This article is solely based upon the concern of how to manage such hardware, with a modern and multifaceted operating system.

After working with windows 8 Samsung laptop for over three years there is the notification that we can update it to Windows 8.1. I update it and during those time Jio internet comes for the first time and it provides huge internet speed and faster internet with lower prices. I update it to Windows 8.1 After the update Samsung Windows 8 laptop shows some signs of not working properly for sure.

I used to write and update blogs and my website but suddenly I do find that most of the normal workings of Windows 8.1 are not providing the real happenings as I find out with a due course of time, the booting times, as well as the update, is not working at all. Slowly, with due course of time, I do find that everything becomes slower and Windows Update is not working at all.

Slowly, with due course of time, it took the huge sum of time of launching web browsers and this makes the running of web browsers takes a huge sum of time and this means the codes of the operating system is not running at it is intended to do so. This means either hardware or operating system is soon to go out of order and I have to make it run it again and smoother it so that ultimately everything must come out nice and good.

Slowly, after some days I do find turning off the computer does take huge time. It even takes one hour or more and this means slowly apart from operating system software the hardware is also going out of hand. Perhaps I should not have updated to Windows 8.1. But the question again is why Microsoft offers to update it to Windows 8.1 instead of staying with Windows 8.1

Should Microsoft not keeping their work intact in order not to update it to the next version of Windows. Why customers tend to suffer for this. But what has happened and slowly after some days, I do find that even the computer is not working properly and booting is not working and only restart after booting is going on. This means that slowly after the operating system failure we are moving towards hardware failures and this happens.

Then, to rectify hardware I do find that, it costs about almost 6000 to rectify it and then, the mechanic asked me for a replacement of all of these and they install Windows 10 despite asking me for this that it will not be adequate to run this operating system properly. With hardware for compatibility with Windows 8 and now the computer mechanic installed it for the Windows 10 and after it is taking up, it restarts after ten minutes and the problem is there.

So even after repair, the booting is there and the entering into the operating system takes even less time and operating system loads within a few seconds. The problem is that it stays for ten minutes and then it automatically restarts showing some messages and I copy that message in a notebook for offline after seeing the advent of that message. I copied it and from its front end, I find that it is related to graphic drivers. I searched for it and then install Samsung driver software and it is official and then download the graphic driver. I understand due to different requirements of the graphics driver for windows 8, 8.1 and 10 and that is why the display is time and making it restart it again and again. So, I find the real problem and then update the graphics driver and restart the computer and now after restart the problem surface again and again.

Graphic driver needs to be updated and the problem is that Samsung is no longer updating AMD Driver graphics but it is available through Samsung Update and this means that I have to download it and then when refreshing it asks for the name of device id and have to find out reader manual and then find out the device id and then put it into the search box and then I find the list of drivers and then download the graphics driver and then install it and then restart it and now after it the complete installation of graphic driver completed.

Now, I find that it is working and the computer is not restarting again and again as earlier it has been now the problem is solved. I could only hope that these driver problems should be solved by Microsoft while offering to update windows 8 from windows 8.1 or even Samsung could have solved this through its driver update or it can be from AMD to update it automatically.

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