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Why make Mobile App?

In this article I shall write about how to create and develop a successful app. A successful app means that app which proves good for monetisation. Which incurs heavy profits for developer. In the coming up series of article hopefully I shall write about the skills and techniques associated with for productio and development of a detailed app with its database management so that not only you gain assess to monetisation of your app but also you can build upon alternative career with it.

When you run and develop app in play store and finds it well equipped for monetisation then you can go for professional app development. It can make your career to reach towards ultra level heights so that you can rebuild it. There is no age limit and no educational barriers for this in order to understand and learn how apps works and how to create a good app from this.

How to Create a Successful App?

Mobile app can be that of android or for iOS and the process of development constitutes of idea, prototype, design, develop and launch of app in play store. These are the steps for development of app. When you have an idea of building some thing or that of building an app then firt thing comes to the mind is that whether you wants to make it up for wallpapers or for database or for gaming. It contains design and programming.

Mobile app development is not all about coding but the lements that is associated with it is the desing of the mobile apps as the concept or design is prime importance on design and it is the focus towards it and it is important to understand this in order to develop mobile app development. Draw how should app looks like and you can take inspiration from other apps or you can solely create the design of your app and think what should have been the prime focus and importance attached with it so that you do not have to be confused while entering into coding stages.

Then ask yourself how much code language do you know if you know it then it is good and if you have no knowledge still you can create mobile app as you do not have to worry about it at all.As per esitamtes and the amount of langauge use we have seen the presence of Python in data language setting is on the higher side as it is the ost easier form of code language and java is difficult but still it is popular and it is one of oldest language form to stay so we should also build some app with it.

What ever be you should be using java from time to time in the cases of mobile app development. Coding of mobile app development is one side but it is not all of the mobile app, as design and development and distribution are the vital part of mobile app development and coding is the back end process which you will do to connect all o these. Most of people think mobile app development is all about coding and coding but it is not that true.

App Development Options:

After development of apps the next is to publish apps those on play stores. There are two types of app one is that of native apps and their other is that of hybrid apps. Native apps can only run with specific platforms such as Apple-iOS or Android. Hybrid apps works in both. Native apps provide platforms for hybrid apps to work. In order to publish your app in Google Play Store or Apple iOS you have four options and four steps to go on.

First is the developer license, publishing procedure, guidelines for description and device availability. Here we will learn more towards Android developer options though in the process you can learn to develop hybrid app so that it can work on both playstore that of android and Apple-iOS. Developer license is 99$ a year and it is renewable in each year. You can upload as many apps as you could with this sum of money. It is important for you to understand that when you become an experience developer then you can release the app in Apple iOS system so that it will not hurt you financially.

For Google Play Store it is one time fee of 25$ and you do not have to pay fee again and you can upload as many apps as you can with this sum and it is one time membership fee for you and for this it is important for first time developer should concentrate on developing apps for android platform so that you will not be facing any sudden financial loss with it. Then comes the process of publishing process and this is known as uploading of app to play store or Apple store. Apple provides the review process for each and every apps and it is from three days to two to three weeks but in most cases within one week you will find the response of it.

The review process or the publishing process in Apple play store is very stringent and it can deny permission for publishing based on the siilarity of app, not so unique app and so on so it is important for develoepr to understand that when you develop an app the first point is to publish within android play store as there is no review process with it so you can publish app fter obtaining developer license. In the play store there is no review process as after uplaoding app your app is published within 24 hours and then it is open for monetisation as with due course of time you caan go for word of mouth or for advertisement to obtain the specific app populairty and with due course of timeit comes to the stage of moentisation.

Both Apple and Android play store have very rigid and strong guidelines for publishing of app into their store. Android has the detailed instructions in PDF formats. For android no backbone of dashboard of coding required as it is flexible but for iOS the backbone of coding required as it is not open source. Android goes on with material designing for its guidelines for designing and for iOS the designs aesthetics and function. Apple does not provide detailed designing guidelines so it means it provides wider specifications but do concentrate that its review process is very stringent and for this it is important to go with the specific designing principle Apple has.

In the case of design availability which is the device in which your app is going to run then Apple has two types of device Apple iPhone and iPad but in the case with android it has so far more than 24000 different devices and still counting and increasing. This means you have to code app considering the compatibility with so many devices but alternatively with Apple it is not so as you oly have to work with two devices for device availability of your android device. Making app for two devices and making app for almost 24000 devices in terms of screen sizes, resolutions is far more difficult and that show the presence of development of responsive designing for android which makes apps to work in faster and more convenient way.

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Symantec Threat Monitor Screensaver (2009)

It was during the heydays of Windows XP when due to present of plenty of vulnerabilities and the absence of clear cut original Windows distribution we find plenty of pirated versions of Windows during these days and that indirectly increases the use of Windows operating system as the number uno operating system.  Due to allow of pirated versions of windows and even allow of downloading of updates from other sources we do find that presence of plenty of viruses and all over internet world is full of too much of viruses.

During those times there were many antiviruses companies in existence and from among all of it Symantec the makers of Norton antivirus is very popular. It has it own set up of security vigilance and many times it uploaded antiviruses prior to the release of Microsoft. It showcase the power and the infrastructure of Norton or Symantec has. During the days of 2009, it has partnership with deep threat monitor company such as Deep Sight and it releases the screen saver of threat monitor in order to let people know what are the current trends in the world of internet about presence of viruses, malwares and so on.

During those days Symantec also opened the special web page to download screensaver for people and it was completely free and it was powered by deep sigh intelligent technology. It had also one disclaimer that the data which you see is deliberately delayed by eight to twelve hours so that the hackers should know that their viruses had been detected and security updates released by Symantec.

It was released for people to understand how much was the current threat level and let them dissect it and find out from where these viruses are reaching to them. There have been some mixed reaction to this even during those times and some of corporates on their system disable it completely through Microsoft and some individual users like it very much. Due to speed of internet connection the data updated within a specified gap and inside screensaver the time of data updates are clearly written.

There has been talk of showing the spams and phishing counts generated from the countries world wide so that people will know where the most common spammers are resides and where phishing sites were created and the list of phishing sites make them realise how important a safe browsing conditions while connecting to internet could possibly have been.

People during that times are using Windows Vista and where the use of gadgets or desktop gadgets are pretty much popular and people love to have this screens save gadgets so that even while using desktop or laptop they would see the real-time statistics so that they would always be alerted of it. In this age of fast-paced computing the real-time data that is delayed by eight to twelve hours does not have any significance but during the times of dial-up internet connectivity we could see these data have pretty much importance so much so that one cold find exact details of how much dee virus problems we are facing currently.

Theses data have pretty much significance during those days for organisations and corporates as it provides deeper integration and management of data analysis and provide the virus threats which could be imprended to organisation. During those time safe of data had always been a privilege and organisations try hard to make these data safer and more convenient to use so that they an keep sae informations of customers and make them feel secure to interact and work within their organisational standards.

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iPhone X review

Apple device belongs to a prestigious symbol for most of Apple users. So, buying the next model slowly becomes a prestige issue for them. It is a kind of status symbol that separates the rest for them. For some it becomes a fashion statement, and whatever the kind of outfit they wore still equipped with iPhone X becomes a kind of status emblem for some.

It means the brand of iPhone X has become more significant and proportionally augmented that the change of phone overhauls. iPhone X is the costliest phone ever from this range and despite sky-rocketing price it manages to produce the much-needed enthusiasm among most of Apple fans. iPhone X showcased some of the most sought after, and dramatic changes to its range and now it has most of the modern features which the previous phones do not have.

It is a truth that most of these features are already with android phones so seeing these now with iPhone X just provide the same sort of enthusiasm among the fans because of their believing in its brand itself. On the other side, despite, android has all of these features for years, still iPhone X and its previous series able to bind its fans for these years are the claim of the power of the brand itself.

Apple was looking for an alternative location of the fingerprint sensor, and it makes the innovation with an OLED screen and by ditching the home button completely. In ways it can follow what the Samsung has done such as, embedded Touch ID display but in turn it provides, and creates innovation in this arena of technology.

Though that technology never ever becomes a perfect for Apple so it finally gives up fingerprint sensor technology and move towards facial recognition technology. Apple never ever wanted to include fingerprint sensor under the glass. It wants to make it right and straight a finger print sensor but perhaps that technology does not materialise as the Apple thinks of it.

Facial recognition technology is not a new phenomenon. It can be seen with Samsung Galaxy Duos in its locked pattern but Apple makes this technology even broader space to use it. iPhone X has a brilliant display and it is of 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display. Notch is sensor bar which is related with front line camera to be used for Face ID, FaceTime Camera and for other purposes. Though while running apps this sensor is still visible and some time it looks not so beautiful. There are way out to make is kind of invisible such as some of wallpaper but still for some users this may seem to provide some sort of awkwardness.

Due to high degree of visibility there are many apps that are not fully optimized to use with iPhone X. Some apps are even from Apple and Google so it seems these are some sort of futuristic place and slowly, even bug application vendors should take time in recapping and regrouping their apps. It remembers me of the similar happenings when Apple introduces. IPhone Plus was augmented graphical user interface makes some apps to run in not so compatible version.

Now, in this age of cut throat digital competitions, where these features are with Samsung Galaxy S8 where it provides option to disable such features where we cannot find the similar properties with iPhone X. In Samsung Galaxy S8, YouTube videos can be seen without edges and at the same time it can be seen without the edges and this proves that with superior control on the display front it has time and again proves that Samsung is better in building high-quality screens. Display of S8 is sharp and brilliant and it has way over clarity in screen performance than iPhone X.

One very important feature I found with iPhone X is the presence of True Tone, it is basically the complete mixture of good and advanced software optimization and in addition to movement of sox channel ambient light sensor inside iPhone X that provides real and soothing display to eyes and thus eyes do not strain and it makes the looking at the phone mostly smoother and spectacular.

This feature is in addition to the automatic brightness, and I could remember while reviewing of Samsung Galaxy Duos, I find that there is an also similar ambient sensor to switch and move the lighting pattern though the True tone feature is more advanced and it mixes the software optimization with ambient light sensors. It is still a new idea and it remains to be seen in the future how these are working out to provide more sophistication and the intent way of providing the artificial intelligence attached with it should be looked into greater detail.

iPhone X. has the best ever display with the highest point in the retina display and it is almost double to the standards of display what Samsung Galaxy S8 offers for it. The OLEd display does provide the most prolific front of screen resolution and it seems Apple should have shifted to this front in earlier times but it is never ever too late on this. It is far clearer in display that LED display and this makes the most noticeable pattern of iPhone X.

OLED display the blue shift is there and some people are complaining about it but it is pretty normal property. It is the color shift attached with angle locations that makes it the presence of a blue shift but is normal. Facial recognition is not a new phenomenon, as it was first introduced by Microsoft and then it failed to make it perfect due to some bug and it also available with most of other phones but Apple aims to make it perfect and make it run the pone and each and every part of phone smoother.

Face id recognition system is itself a complex technology and in order to make it perfect the launch of this version of Apple phone does take some time in order to remove any bottlenecks in technology. Face id depends upon three technologies known as dot projector, flood illuminator and one inbuilt Infra Red camera. In order to run each of these three technologies in perfection, perfection of management of all of these three technologies remains the most prolific actor in providing this to users.

Face if Apple seems to be bullet proof and most of the time it worked correctly without any doubt. With due course of time to use it works in perfection and the security improves quite a lot with it. Animoji is the feature which can only be use with iPhone X as it first scan your face with TrueDepth camera and then the camera is turned on and in this way, it saves pretty battery use and that makes the most suitable to use with long battery.

It remains to be seen how the battery life of iPhone X is working as it has 2691 mAh and little ahead from its predecessors but lot more new technology and edge-to-edge display is there and I hardly seen it could provide greater impact on these devices. With proper application and software optimization even some perceived heavy duty features such as Face ID does not provide too much stress on batteries. In this phone, the battery is in L shape instead of rectangular size and this makes looking at the phone more convenience to users.

It has two new features which are already there with most of high-end android devices and that are fast charging and wireless charging. The most promising aspect of Apple phone is that how old it might have been at no point of time you would ever feel that these phones are slower than the rest.

Apple has tried its best to make this phone the completely next generation model from among the rest and in this phenomenon it has done several improvements and that makes the phone running smoother and faster with the latest technology advancements. Build quality, OLED display is wonderful and it looks majestic people. Its hardware chip and Face Id work wonderfully without any fault and this makes this phone super reliable and super good in keeping privacy of individuals.

The final thought is, is it worth the money and consequently we cannot reach to the definite limit as it has great fan followings and definitely most of them always wait for newer and smarter features and this phone offers all such. Upgrading to this model is a major step forward and if, you are using the older Apple phones then you can have so many vast such features and modern security emblems which ultimately make you smile.

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Apple no longer safe from Trojans

It comes with different ways is no smart cut through method of intrusion and this makes the entire catching of this Trojan difficult to attain. It can hide inside Adobe flash video or other similar web browsers , F-Secure have created their removal tool to remove these Trojan , Apple is little bit of late in introducing this but it is now available for user to implement it in their system and clean the concerned malware through it. Intel studybook: Intel studybook is one more one of the important entrant in education category.

Other prominent players in this category are Micromax Funbook and HCL ME tab. It aims to capture the elementary education segment of the market. It is a seven inch slate powered by Intel Atom processor Z650. It is a part of Intel learning series which comprises of ultra books and notebooks. Intel studybook can run on Windows 7 and Google’s Android Honey comb range platform.

This Intel studybook is third in terms of Intel’s line of low powered computing devices . Intel studybook comes with optional 0.3 mega pixel front facing camera and 2 megapixel back facing cameras. Other relevant feature includes accelerometer , light sensor , 3G , Bluetooth and some models support Wi-Fi and mini high definition media interface and there is sim card slot for 3G compatibility.. According to Intel this study book is tested in idea conditions by dropping from a distance of two feet , and then to water and dust and it shows that is is water and dust resistant .

The weight is one to two pounds which is why it is suitable for children as it is lightweight , resistance to water and dust and it can stay strong at very critical and strong conditions. Intel studybook contents a variety of educational content . It has in-built e-reader , Lab cam which can construct a presentations. It is good at with quick swap tom different applications and the audio quality is fine but it seem a bit tinny.

Over all it is a good gadget to supplement your study needs. Samsung next generations Galaxy smart phone : Samsung is going to the future by presenting its next generation Galaxy smart phone which will have a superb quad core processor named as Exists 4 Quad which will have 32mm processor. It will be probably known as Samsung Galaxy S III. This new quad core processors will be used with far ranging applications like that of smart phones , tablets . This chip will be clocked at 1.4 GHz. This seems that this processor is better than that of Apple iPad and iPhone 4S processor and this shows some excitement about this new product.

It is crucial as this will give the smart phones and the tablets the personal computing experience at their finger tips. This means that the processor will be strong , excellent with multi core processor abilities. It would provide uncompromising performance with ground breaking multitasking features. This new processor will provide 1366*768 WXGA display and thirty frame per second full high definition with proper video hardware codec engine. It will also provide 1080p video recording with high resolution. The camera functionality will be of high quality with an embedded image signal processor interface to give high and resounding picture quality. The high definition media interface 1.4 will give sharp and crisp multimedia experience for content transition.

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