How to Optimize Battery in Android 10 Device?

Android is now everywhere. Most of original equipment manufacturers, use Android. Symbian and Microsoft Mobile is slowly dying down. Apple’s mobile operating system (OS) is there and giving a strong competition to Android mobile operating system, due to its premium brand value. Apple is close-source mobile operating system. Android is open-source mobile operating system. It is slowly moving to the stage of a hybrid OS. Due to advent of mass-scale android malwares it can be a possibility that android can go for hardware-enabled secure operating system.

Update of android device becomes difficult due to open-source operating system. Every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customise Android ROM according to their designers. This means that every android has different android hardware base and this means that centralised android update is not possible from the central Google servers. Microsoft in its Windows operating system provides uniform hardware efficiencies and that makes centralised management of updates through its update channel is possible.

Adaptive Battery:

For android this convenience is not a possibility as from Google central server the management of cumulative and security updates is not a possibilities as due to presence of different types of hardware a single process hardware can break down the device. From Android 10 onwards Google begins its strategy to initiate a uniform hardware for android manufacturers. In android 9 Google initiates adaptive battery. The provision of adaptive battery stops not so frequently used app and saves battery for real-time use.
In this way battery is available for to do apps and the entire mobile functionalities becomes super fast and superior. Phone becomes super-optimised to use. It stays alive for longer duration during by preserving the functionalities of mobile battery for superior use. In addition to this feature you can choose individual apps to behave in what way such as battery optimisation, use of apps in free way or kill that app after certain period of time to make the process of battery optimisation to work nicely.

Adaptive Light:

The process of inbuilt light system inside of android app does provide one of better optimised process initiation and it manages the lighting system to work nicely and efficiently. It saves battery process to make it work absolutely. You can use adaptive light to reduce the light initiation and illumination levels to work in accordance with battery management.

Use offline or local songs in media player:

Do not stream songs but use offline songs to reduce the use of excessive battery. When you stream songs , the music streaming app and its use of 4G internet can drain battery much faster. If you have purchased a streaming app solution such as YouTube, Spotify or others then it is best to download songs for offline use. Download these songs when your phone was connected with internet and charger so that no battery will be in use at that point of time. Then, you can run those offline songs which will run without internet connectivity. In this way, your phone without internet can run those songs and less battery will be in use at that point of time.

Manage Your YouTube Music subscription:

YouTube music subscription comes at the price of 129 per month and it automatically download your favourite songs and most played songs when you are connected with internet. For this when you connect with internet do connect the charge so that it will automatically download yours most played songs and make your device run seamlessly. In this way, yours favourite songs will be downloaded to your system drive. It is a good idea go to settings of YouTube music and save offline songs to the SD card drive to have more storage option for you.

If you want to use internet while on battery then go to YouTube music and then disable this provision for automatically download these songs so that your amount of internet will be preserved as well as battery will not be drained so fast and in this way, yours device will stay fresh and nice and work for longer duration of time. Not only this applies to YouTube Music but for all apps especially the third party apps which can connect to internet without your knowledge and can drain battery and spend internet without your notice. There are some renowed apps which consumes plenty of battery while you are offline or online.

Uninstall battery drain famous apps:

It is important to uninstall battery-drained famous apps such as Whatsapp, which uses high amount of battery. It stores all multimedia contents in system-drive only. This means periodically if you are not deleting the multimedia contents inside Whatsapp folder then your system drive will be filled after some days and you will not be able to use most important apps. Multimedia contents consists of images, videos, text and mp3 files. I uninstalled Whatsapp on my phone, and battery efficiencies improve multiple of times.

Alternative to Whatsapo which saves battery:

Most of internet companies providing almost same to unlimited SMS, so I prefer to use rich text messaging service such as Google Message as an alternative to Whatsapp. Now with the presence of Volte connectivity even in built message app can work like rich messaging client and this makes the provision to go for such apps instead of big battery killer apps such as Whatsapp and others. It is faster than Whatsapp and it is integrated into system and it performs faster and does not eat too much of battery.

Use alternatives to Facebook:

Facebook for android is a big battery eater. Even in offline it drains battery too fast and it is important to use Facebook in Windows computer web browser. If you want to use it on android then you can use android’s chrome and save it as the lite page to open links of facebook instantly and without using main facebook app.With Windows you can use it with Edge browser or with Opera, Chrome or Firefox. In this way, you use Facebook as well as runs it without wasting your batteries.

IG Park Bhubaneswar
IG Park Bhubaneswar

It is important for every android users to understand what is best for android and move it with as it is an open-source operating system and there is all the provisions for it and in this way one can learn to secure their respective devices. So that you can find more storage options and battery saving time for you in the long run and in this way efficiencies of battery stays for longer durations of times.

System wide Dark Mode:

With android 9 the introduction of system wide dark mode is there. Enable it and use similar responsive dark mode so that your system preserve battery for further important use. Dark mode does provide in apps provision and it makes all of system apps to open in dark mode and in this way it reduces battery further. Most of device’s screen technology, such as screen with Oled technology can work battery efficient process in Oled process and the bright spot technologies work with battery optimised manner in dark theme and dark backgrounds.

In low light environment it shows the apps and the most of functionalities of android to work better. It reduces the time of battery use further and in this way it can manage the functionalities of android device to use and perform better enhanced measurement to provide better battery management. For the use of third party apps you can force dark mode in order to use it low light environment and it provides one of better management of device management in terms of battery optimisation. The benefit of dark mode is that it uses less battery and it provides lesser strain to eyes. So it has some of very important health improvements with the enable of dark theme.

Use Device Only location settings:

It important to enable location settings in android apps. It can help you to find your lost device. Its map application works with it. Some other apps such as ‘Where is my train’ and others will work with in conjugation of location settings. There three types of location access and first one in high which uses all forms of location access and it is high battery consuming. The battery saver location settings uses internet settings, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to access exact location and it can consume more battery than in usual case. The best battery saver location settings is in fact the device only location settings.

In device only location setting it uses coordinates of GPS and it uses only this function and this means it uses lesser battery as first it finds the coordinates and then it runs with it and it is advisable to use this setting of location access to make your device run with battery optimised state.