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Mekap Nijog Meeting

This incident happened six years back. We belong to pallia and bhandar mekap cult of Holy shrine of Lord Jagannath temple at Puri, Odisha, India. In order to perform worship one tradition is sadhi bandhan which is eligibility to perform worship at Lord Jagannath Temple. Daddy applied for this to Sri Jagannath Temple Administrations a way back in 2004 for him and for me. Sady after so many years surprisingly to an utter dismay temple office has not cleared this.

The application for sadhi bandha of Daddy and me as we inherited this holy pallia mekap eva and bhandar mekap seva but still temple administration not giving permission and provide the same palli to other people illegally and breaking rules and regulation to the suprise of many as well as myself.

The rules and regulations that follows in order to approve this has been taken into due considerations and the pattjoshi suprisingly not giving approval despite sending him letter. When we contact directly to Pattjoshi he abused us and said that we had not repsected him properly but without no reason this has been going on and the file of ours sadhi banda application sometimes stays in the temple office and sometimes not.

Complete mismanagement of procedure inside Sri Jagannath Temple administration office and hen we go to meet the clerk inside office they do not even at the chair of the office and that means we can not find them at the appropriate time and that makes even contacting which procedure to take and in what way file move becomes extremely difficult.

In a way, Sri Jagannath Temple administration, as well as part and parcel of many segments of this not allowing me and my daddy to perform hereditary rights, is a surprising for all of us. Despite appeals to district collector as well as other responsible people the real work of allowing us this is not completed so far. First of all, I cannot find the real reason why the Sri Jagannath temple Administration Office and their staffs are there for what reason?

One can even check there whenever you reach at the office except for the guards at the entrance where you write that you attend the vent no one is there at all at any position and at any seat out there. This is most suprisingly considering that the staffs are paid for this and some even have good salary they are not at seat to serve people and solve their worries.

So even after so many years the file move from one department to the other but without ay fruitfulness as the waiting is there but surprisingly till so far other are performing their sadhi bandhan and continues to do si and this make me surprise even more to the way the working of Sri jagannath Temple Administration at Puri, Odisha, India.

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India Goes for Voting 2019

India goes for voting in 2019. This time in Odisha the assembly election is simultaneous with parliament election. In Puri Odisha the election held on 23rd April 2019. by far one of the peaceful election ever. On the dawn of voting day, I got up at 5 am and then went for morning walk.

I walked through VIP road and then Bose square and then beside Governor’s house I reached at Nalco Park. There I covered almost four rounds and then tool rest near to shed of statue of Budha.

I took rest for about 20 minutes and it is now almost half past seven and then again I returned to my home through the same route earlier I walked across. I reached at Balagandi Girls’s high school. I already knew about booth number, voting location and voter number through wonderful app of election commissio of India.

Voter Helpline App:

One app of election commission of India helps voters to find out voting location, booth-number and voter number and it allows users to download as jpeg file and then directly go through the voting area and the electoral officer do not have to do any search for your name.

It reduces waiting time of voter and for other persons are in ques waiting to vote. This app search for electoral roll and makes voting easier. It also allows first-time voters to register themselves through it. Apart from it there are audio instructions downloadable in most of regional languages about how to use new Vpat machines and other election related frequently asked questions.

I showed my voter id and then signed on the registrat and then one red coupon given to me and then first they show the booth where parliament voting. The concerned officer turned on the switch and then I vote and after few seconds in the screen the person to whom I vote with party sysmbol is there for few seconds.

Vote Ink

It is a double check to ensure the reliability of the voting machine. After signing to vote on my left index finger the voting mark did by the person was on duty and then I returned happily. For the first time I feel belong to my country to vote for security and prosperity of my nation and hopefully in the days to come it will be the number one nation in the world in each and every sphere of nation building.

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