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The Computer Keeps Disconnecting From The Internet

This article dates back to the year 2010, when I had a desktop with Windows XP computer. I wrote articles for my blog which has the name ‘freewarespace‘ and hosted by google with Blogspot. During that time the most prized internet is dial up connectivity.

It comes from landline telephone and used to come with slow connectivity. For some time, this was the trend, and that makes the Internet slower. During that time, we were at Baripada district in the state of Odisha, India.

During that time, Balasore was the hub of the Internet connectivity hub and telecom communications. When the weather is good and beautifully the wired telephone from Balasore and Baripada stays in good and qualitative condition. The distance between these two bigger districts of norther Odisha is full of jungles in between.

The land in those areas is full of large-scale jungles and some jungles are ancient. The weather in these areas are cooler and most of the times some mild cyclones or rains comes at front. The wired landlines that comes from district of Balasore towards Baripada comes through Nilgiri hills and Kaptipada jungles.

These places are cooler and full of the large number of trees. Weather are cooler and most of the times unpredicted cyclones comes one after another and that makes the wiring disturbances and that breaks continuous connectivity telecommunications connectivity difficult.

Besides it the sudden power failure and the number of days such as two to three days to come back to power again. Waiting for electricity and then telecommunications for three to four days besides it makes the blog work difficult. During that time, there were no more private networks that could offer decent internet connectivity. Even in such circumstances, the proper management blog and posting at regular intervals becomes difficult.

During those times one standalone computer security which used to act on the process basis provides valuable room to stop internet connecting applications from connecting internet. This is a good idea in the time of slow internet, as only the single software connects internet and this provides valuable speedup of the program and that makes running of software easier.

Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) software are security software which works inside common and manual processing power and secures computer by stopping or filtering processes and that stops software apps from connecting to internet. In this way, even slow internet becomes faster,

Oriya to English Names of Fruits Pulses

Odia (Oriya) is a classical Indo-Aryan language. it spoke by 4.2% of people of Eastern India. It is mostly spoken in the Odisha State of India. Almost 75& people of the eastern state of Odisha speaks this language.

Odia to English names of Pulses Cereals Spices Grains:

  • Odia is the second official language of Jharkhand state of India.
  • In the Chhattisgarh state of India, more than 1 million people speak Odia language.
  • Odia language has its own indigenous history.
Cereals & PulsesRedgram dhalHarad Dali
Cereals & PulsesSplit Bengal Gram/ Chana Dal/ Bengalgram – wholeButa Dali
Cereals & Pulsesblack gram dal skinlessBiri Dali
Cereals & PulsesSplit Red LentilMasoor Dali
Cereals & PulsesMoong Dal/ Greengram – WholeMuga Dali/ ମୁଗ ଡାଲି
Cereals & PulsesPoppy SeedsPosta
Cereals & PulsesCoriander seedsDhania
Cereals & PulsesMustard seedsSorisa
Cereals & PulsesCumin seedsJeera
Cereals & PulsesGround NutsChinaa Baadam
Cereals & PulsesTurmeric PowderHaladi Gunda/ ହଳଦୀ
Cereals & PulsesSagoSagudana
Cereals & PulsesPearl MilletBajara
Cereals & PulsesCornMaka/ ମକା
Cereals & PulsesSaltLunna/ ଲୁଣ
Spices & Dry FruitsAsafoetidaHengu
Spices & Dry FruitsBay LeafTejapatra
Spices & Dry FruitsBlack PeperGolmaricha
Spices & Dry FruitsCardamomAleicha
Spices & Dry FruitsCinamomDalchini
Spices & Dry FruitsClovesLabanga/ ଲବଂଗ
Spices & Dry FruitsFennelPan Mahuri/Pan Madhuri
Spices & Dry FruitsGinger, fresh:Ada/ ଅଦା
Spices & Dry FruitsRed ChiliesShukhila Lanka
Spices & Dry FruitsTamarindTentuli/ ତେନ୍ତୁଳି
Spices & Dry FruitsCashewnutsKajubadam
Spices & Dry FruitsRaisinsKismis
Spices & Dry FruitsPistachioPista/ ପିସ୍ତାଫଳ
FloursGram flourBesana
FloursWheat flour, wholeAtta
FloursCorn FlourMakaa Chunaa / Makaa Gunda
FloursRice FlourChaulla Chuna
GrainsRice rawChaulla/ ଚାଉଳ
FloursSemolinaSuji/ ସୂଜୀ”
FoodVermicelliSimia/Simei/ ସିମେଇ
Food  JaggeryGuda
Food  CoconutNadia/ ନଡ଼ିଆ
Cereals & Pulses Finger MilletMandia
Grains  Rice, parboiledUsuna chaula
FoodRice flakesChuda
FoodRice, puffedMudhi
GrainsWheatGahama / ଗହମ
GrainsWheat flour, refinedMaida
Cereals & PulsesBengal gram – roastedBhajabuta
Cereals & PulsesHorsegramKolatha
Cereals & PulsesLentilMasura/ ମସୁର
Cereals & PulsesPeasMatara
Spices & Dry FruitsFenugreek seedsMethi
Spices & Dry FruitsNutmegJaiphal/ ଜାଇଫଳ

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