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Forced Occupation at Grand Road, Puri

Posing a straight challenge to law enforcing authority and municipality members, some influential people, forcefully opened “shoe-stand” in front of the famous Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri. The shoe stand is straight in front of “Patitapabana” in front of auspicious Lord of Universe “Lord Jagannath”. In earlier times, some parts of famous “Emara Matha” was broken into to make way widen the road in front of temple, and in this way the primary aim was to clear the “forced occupation” in front of Lord Jagannath Temple as well as to restore sanctity of this famous Heritage.

Desire is the obstacle to liberation:

Some influential people energized from the support of political power have created a shop through invading ten feet of the grand road just in front of “Patitapabana” of Lord Jagannath Temple. Powerful, political people are creating all these harakiri straight under the nose of the law enforcing authorities and municipality people. Now, good citizens of this ancient town are questioning the ability of both these institutions who have sole responsibility to promote peaceful environments in and around all these areas.

At the grand road of Puri, in front of the famous Lord Jagannath Temple, are being difficult to manage due to the advent of large scale of population from around the world and now with these forced occupation, slowly grand road is converting into a narrow lane. Government agencies are surprisingly silent on these matters. Due to large khaja-pati” in front of Emara Math, the entire area became a narrow zone, and in 2012, administration breaks 15 feet areas of this famous heritage in order to widen the road, but after that the same khaja shop keepers are back in those places and it is being said in people’s circle as all these shops are being protected by influential political people.

Emara Math is a 700 year old heritage and the administration did not think twice before breaking some parts of it but now in those parts people from political parties are making a show stand and that is narrowing the line of the grand road. Earlier, it was decided that the areas which have been broken is to be assimilated with roads but after almost one year there is no single decision which leads it to this manner. The administration failed to take back those forced occupation and the incident is now almost two years old.

So, now the question arises, if the government could not enforce the law of the land there, then why a glorious history of 700 years of a myth is to be broken in parts? There are many unanswered questions which are yet to be solved and how to find all these answers and why the administration is not dispersing forced occupation in and around areas of splendid road just in front of the famous Lord Jagannath temple is still not answered. Those khaja shops have opened their temporary shops in those areas and that part of temple land is being taken over them and the road in those parts is being similarly covered and in day time the traffic becomes extremely difficult to control in and around in those areas. Those khaja shopkeepers have blessings of political people and they are openly selling these by openly violating laws of lands.

Now the shoe-stand in those locations have advanced five feet creating many blockages in and around areas nearer to this illustrious Lord Jagannath Temple. Now, from Sunday, a new show stand nearer to famous Emara math which is now advancing 10 feet towards the road and it is making many difficulties to people. People are questioning shoe-stand in front of Lord Jagannath Temple and raising the issue of ethics from them. Countless people believe a shoe stand just in front of Lord Jaganath Temple is unethical and unjust and this should be removed straight away without any delay. In order to earn money, influential people advanced this show stand nearer to the road and virtually near to Jagannath temple but law enforcing authority and municipality is not listening to what people are worried about.

Devotees from all around the world questioning on what morality and on what basis law enforcing authority and municipality have become silent spectators to all these misguided acts? Law enforcing authorities are saying what should we do, it is primarily the job of municipality but they are remaining silent as it is evident as most of their members are patronizing these shops, and why they should be stopping as it is their primary personal revenue generation elements.

Law enforcing authorities are stopped by big political powers and for this they could not stop these shops from mushrooming in these holy areas. They are saying the administration has to help them in order to act and it is true as administration is stopping them and in a way of handicapping them from performing these tasks. Higher law enforcing authorities are saying they are aware of these matters and they are considering action against those forced occupants.

Auspicious Sunday and traffic problems:

At this auspicious Sunday, in the month of Pusha or January in English, many influential people reached Jagannath temple and their vehicles have covered most portions of the grand road and closing half of width of the road and creating undesired traffic problems in and around these areas. Traffic police became a mute spectator and could not stop anarchy of lands in and around in these areas. People have been worried about all these rush hours and have difficult to find the way out from these rush places. In a private convention hall near to badashankha, there was a get together and many influential people all around attended the meeting.

Political class also joined these meetings. All those influential people have parked their vehicles in the middle of the road thus obstructing basic communication medium available to people. Almost half portion of the road had been covered by their vehicle. No one from the municipality as well as law enforcing authorities who have been travelling in these roads lodged complain or take any action on these people. On this Sunday many people reached to Puri to have pious glance of Lord Jagannath and this adds a problem as most roads have been taken over by vehicles of these influential people as well as shops for these forced occupants. Traffic police are facing huge difficulties in controlling devotees, but they are not taking action against those influential people who have parked their vehicle in the middle of roads.

One person collided with auto taxi due to intemperate rush and unable to find a free space for these mob. Cars are parked where people tend to walk and for this he just has to change the side of walking and running auto from other side collided with him. Law enforcing authorities are trying to convey all these messages to influential people, but they have not listened to their request. Inside the convention hall many considerate people are there and for this they are unable to convey these messages to them. Due to huge number of vehicles stranded there it is virtually impossible to control vehicles out there as one writer is not sufficient to control already huge number of cars.

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Time management tips for students

It is sometimes difficult to manage time. Time is dynamic and is always on the run. Many successful people in the world have been utilizing time in an adequate manner and this enables them to have a prosperous career which inspires many of us to follow. It is essential to carefully craft the relationships between subjective and professional life so as to make the entire life a smoother success. Person with all these attributes never faces any sort of shortage of time at all.


This article is based on all these finer aspects of life from which one can gain adequate attributes to learn about life and how to attend success from there within.

Many a times we feel, at the beginning of the day we calculate to form a complete strategy and try hard to follow them but while reaching at the time of noon everything got upside down and each aspect of life becomes lethargic and it has undergone a smarter change for worse. It is now time to complete and follow all these aspects in a united manner in order to find the real value of life and proper time management is attached with all these aspects of life.

Due to this all planned work reversed completely as pre-scheduled campaigns and most of these works remain abrupt. It is important to give proper attention to works and manage its schedules and in this way all these respectable works can be done at a time by following one work after another. Time is scheduled for plans and proposals should be retained in the correct manner so as to make it a proper functioning of different aspect of work and job scheduling.

Practice to sleep early in the night and make it a constant habit. Bring proper change to your food and sleep habits. It is weird time to go for a decent life style. Do regular exercise and jogging at morning is a spirited idea. All these will bestow you map for a respectable life style and convenient control of time all during distresses. It will make you thankful and your mind will cool off and it will empower you and you will not feel tired of it.

Professional tips:

A good professional never bothered about regular tasks. He continues to accomplish all these in a timely manner without bothering about time constraints. He believes in completing huge milestones and does not bother about tasks, and he thinks about accomplishing tasks and covers all these milestones in a smoother manner. With all these you will attentively look towards your own self, and do not bother about all those external manners, and this carefully crafted what to think and what not to think of any external environments.

Finish all prominent works in the right time and it is better to have a reliable scheduling of work and in this way important assignments can be completed on time without botheration. Perform weekly task analysis and try to find the negatives and positives aspect of life and balance everything in between to find out what is bothering you and how to solve if any such pending tasks are there, they find the way out from all these difficult times. In this approach, you are auditing yourself in all these tasks and try to find out what is missing from all of your works and functions.

Find the fault of your work and try to remove all these in the fresh week to have a greater control of your work and schedule. Every day is critical, and do not waste any day and try to get maximum leverage from each day so as to make the day perfect success for you for all time. It will present you with a reasonable success mantra and this will open the entire existing path to success with a high degree of might. Yours career is in the hands of yours and it is you who will manage and find out the polite ways to function and enact all of your future with a perfect balance of life with society.

While studying does not reach your parents for every need, it is high time to reach to different reference books and other available materials to have a strong and steadfast look on information for a good and correct teaching. It is high time does not ask your parents about your home task as it will take time, it is always nice to have a proper balance between life and time management so as to go for a complete list of reference materials in case of an emergency.

Go for references:

Parents spend heavily on buying books and reference materials and it is high time, to go for an accomplishment reading of all these books so as to have a proper guidance factor while writing for examinations. It is you who can save their money from all these hazards by properly reading all these books in a sincere manner and gaining more and more inputs of references for all these existing sources. Plan a proper time management when you are nearing to examination and for this you can consult with your teacher and devise a time so as to be suitable enough for you as well as to yours family and try hard to read most of those times in order to find more and more knowledge from books.

Refer test papers and try to find out model question papers of the last five years and receive knowledge from there and try to go for the trend of questions which are expected to be followed and try to find maximum leverages from all these questions papers. Try to face mock examination by using stop watch or mobile stop watch and try to find time management within examination spheres. Time to time question papers are changed and for this the organization give proper set of question paper and try to find out patterns of it and utilize time and find out which part can be done in advance and which part can be done in later as all these can be finalized prior to examination.

Just before examination:

Attend monthly mock test regularly and after perfecting it, is always nice to go for a month mock test so as to find the actual deficiencies and positives out of your work schedules. It is always enjoyable to perform final mock tests under proper guidance of teachers and in this approach all these performances go towards a positive outlook and proper management of ideas goes towards making all these a complete success. Find out your feeble points and try to rectify it through complete practice and revisions. Be mindful of your weaknesses and try to strengthen all these through proper management of time and resources.

Handwriting should be safe enough in order to have a courteous communication with teachers. The invigilators who will be examining the papers should be reading all these in a fitting manner and there should not be any such difficulties for him to read sentences while examining papers. Try to move out from television operas and try tough to concentrate on studies, and stay away from distracting friends in order to have a proper environment of education. Due at end of previous year and beginning of a new year, gives new ideas and input about determination that needs to do in facing the examination and all these are proper guiding factors in creating a successful career which can run through rest of your life.

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