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Keep the Puri sea-beach clean

Puri Town is the easternmost town of India. On its one side situated Bay of Bengal and the other side is famous Lord Jagannath Temple on the blue mountain. On another side Athar Nalla the ancient sewerage system dated back to before Christ. Puri is famous for temples and sea beach. Through out years presence of large segment of floting population arrives in this town.

This article is about how the sea-shore side of puri town is slowly shrinking because of illegal occupation and most of these by some influential pressure groups. One of the most beautifully sea beach because of the presence of high and moving tides shrinking and going backwards when someone stays at the foot of this sand.

Now, the amount of sands is shrinkig due to construction of large scale hotels occuping and destroying parts and parcels of these sands. Even the marine drive road is so short that one four wheeled vehicle hardly able to cross it at its normal speed.

Coupled with is the presence of three wheeler autos which occupies 25 percentages of oad and this makes difficult to walk for pedestrians. The footpath alongsie of marine drive is occupied with temporary sellers which occupies and throws garbage on it to make difficult to walk within those territories.

Even if at some place there is space, the visitors used to stay in group and never let people to walk within those spaces. There are presence of law-enforcing agencies but still there is no awe of any of these sellers as well as that of people and small business vendorswho raom around there.

On another front most of these hotels tend to occupy most of these sand area and they encroach it mot of it to make life difficult for pedestrians as well as vehicles to move freely. While jogging I could see some senior citizens are very fright of such situatiosn and they used to call me or any other person to help them to cross the road from one side to the other.

There is no traffic police to control these vehicles roamng and that makes vehicles to move at great neck speed and most of times it could become hazardous situations for many. From distance to distance at the middle of road there are agents of these hotels with motor bike used to stand and ask the people who come from outsie of Puri town and they used to stay at the middle of the road and that makes moving of vehciles more difficult.

Most of times they used to go with the vehicles and that makes road moving so much zammed with spaces. The situation nearer to sea shore is most wanted. In most of the spaces there are ropes and nets of fishermen and their boats standing just insie sands vertically to stop the poeple to have a free walk within the perimeters of sea shore. As government ordered earlier to fisherment that these people must throw their net at the places where there is no visitors but there are not listening probably emboldened by ome influential persons.

Most oftimes native who used to come and enjoy sea beacj tend to find thies obstructions and most of ties they have to cross these boats by going nearer to sea water and most of time get wet by it. There are shops also at the sea sands and that is intentionally destroying the beauty of sea beach. They throw pollythenes and other materials on it to make these places the worst place to have releif.

Most visitors reach here in search of peace and for devotional purposes. What would they be thinking about when they see the amount of pollution roaming here and there all over? When someone moves at the side just after the place of Golden Palace hotel then one can see how the sewerage waters from most of so called big hotel are reaching out to the waters of sea.

Most people all over the world reach at this place as they think the sea water of Puri sea beach is holy and pious but because of some presser groups of influential persons which helps them to grow these short of misadventures are happening at the sides of Puri sea-beach.

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Rourkela Musings

I was completely surprised when I decided to meet fellow class students after 25 years. Plenty of waters have flown into the rivers and there must have been plenty of change during these courses. Plenty of changes have occurred but one thing that has never changed during these courses is the presence of the same sort of childhood memories that have been accumulated with all of us and still continues to be there.

During these times, most of our school friends have united for a complete get together at Rourkela and then probably at Tensa for some time so that we could see each other and greet each other after such a prolonged time. Lots of things must have changed during these 25 years of time but only one thing that has never ever been changed should have been the same sort of childhood memories of all of us that continues to be evolved and continue to stay forever.

Tensa get together, where the school is situated have not been clearer, but get together at Rourkela is now confirmed. It was for me the very last time confirmation and for this, I could not book the train for this and for this I continue to go with the bus from my native place of Puri and there is a direct bus service from Puri to Rourkella. In the last few years, there has been a sea change in the approaches of how the roaming of the bus should have been on these routes.

Now, there have been sleepers inside the bus and most of these buses are fully air-conditioned and that makes the journey extremely comfortable. For such a journey of over eight hours with air-conditioned and sleeper that should help us to be staying with super comfort for entire courses of the journey for sure.

Radhika Regency, Rourkela
Radhika Regency, Rourkela

I reached at Sarathi bus which runs from Bhubaneswar to Rourkela and leaves Puri at five pm and my sleeper number is five and then I reached there, and it is extremely comfortable. That is wider sleeping space with an air-conditioned ventilator at the top of it and it has been two in size to render it most comfortable at that point. There has been a nice presence of stairs cases out there where easily and most comfortable I could rise to the sleeper and there have been no difficulties in reaching there.

The journey was super relaxing, with first class air condition working and the resting time was cool and wonderful. With the provision of closing the windows pane with windows mat, it became extremely convenient for me to sleep for some time as I know in the next day meeting with so many friends after such a difference of time but still, the joy of meeting them reminds me for their absolute presence.

With complete air-conditioned facilities and the speed of the bus are good and especially nice after crossing the Cuttack bus station and that reminds me of better facilities or same to same facilities just like that of a first-class railway journey. In between nearer to Cuttack railway station, the conductor asked for the ticket and he checked it and then I closed the windows mat and then began to eat the foods which I took from home and then took some water and then bring out the earphone and then put it the other side into music player and then I try hard to get into sleeping.

In the meantime when the bus reaches nearer to Cuttack bus station, my phone rang and it was from Ranjeet Pattnaik and he was telling me about from which location I should be getting down so that it should be super convenient for all of us to reach nearer to Hotel Basera where our rooms are booked.

I reached nearer to Sector 2 and from there, I hired one shared auto that took me nearer to hotel Basera for ten rupees and then I slowly walked to the other side of the road and move towards the sideward road to reach towards it and then at the front of it I saw the Hotel Regency International and then at the left side I moved to this hotel Basera.

Just at the front of Hotel Basera, I saw, two or three persons have been standing there and from the distance, I could recognize them as Rana, Bibhuti, Manoj Rath and Rajesh Mahapatra and that reminds me of my childhood days.

From their appearances and the facial structure it is imminent and construed that they were the same person and the states of happiness and the confidences from which the sharpness of the same set up and wonderful presence comes upon so many times reminds me of the same sort of childhood days that has been there as if still to date.

It was one of delightful get-together. We all reached to the room number 304 of this hotel and inside of it Uttam already there reached from Bhubaneswar and we all have a tremendous time at that juncture with complete smiling all a crosses and everyone was looking at each other quite closely and trying hard to remember the childhood days. It was a small but nice room with good air conditioning all around and presents with such and such wonderful presentations of conveniences and gestures that make the entire surroundings one of brilliant place to live in.

The climate of Rourkela is comparatively respectable if we see the amount of perspiration and humidities inside Puri climate. Puri my native place is surrounded from most sides by sea provides ample shreds of evidence of the presence of the amount of humidity that makes the 34 temperature feels like near to 50.

For me the temperature of Rourkela is good and nice and it does feel some sort of coolness for me and we reached to the room and then I went for refresh and after some time the other entire presented childhood friends suggested for moving to a nearby site for taking up tea out there.

It was one of the places nearer to the square where many steel plant workers tend to unite there and have the tea and snacks and we get there and then after some time we reached the hotel and stayed there for some time. Uttam, Manoj all have been there and we talked and talked as there have been 25 years of gap in between our school life and the present life and there have been many things to talk with all of us and the series of conversations moved thereon.

We all talked about our respective professions and continue to talk about this for some time and then the presence of the flurry of my classmates comes to meet with all of us with complete eagerness and enthusiasms. In the meantime flurry of childhood friends reached and prominent among them are the Gada, Manoj Sathpathy, Siba, Debashish, Ranjeet Pattnaik and many others and the get together should be at Subham International and it was a walkable distance from there on.

We all moved with respective bikes and then reached there which is hardly a 100 to 200 meter walk able distance. We reached at the first floor and the room was a wide area with a larger gathering could be there comfortably. There were three waiters waiting to serve food and break fast. Slowly all total 25 to 30 classmates are reached. Most of them were eager to meet me and Uttam reaching out to classmates after 25 and 15 years and this should have been one of most anticipated getting together ever.

There have been smiles all around everywhere and plenty of great attention towards all of us and everyone, is talking about how Atanu and Abhi missed the bus and some have been very interested in talking about childhood days and the most wonderful moments thereafter. Every one were happy and reeling into momentous presence in which we are in and we are just contemplating about our childhood memories and how we have been very happier with each and every days and continue to find more and more strategically wonderful time and we are very much thankful for the present time and ours luck to be united all over again.

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