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Why make Mobile App?

In this article I shall write about how to create and develop a successful app. A successful app means that app which proves good for monetisation. Which incurs heavy profits for developer. In the coming up series of article hopefully I shall write about the skills and techniques associated with for productio and development of a detailed app with its database management so that not only you gain assess to monetisation of your app but also you can build upon alternative career with it.

When you run and develop app in play store and finds it well equipped for monetisation then you can go for professional app development. It can make your career to reach towards ultra level heights so that you can rebuild it. There is no age limit and no educational barriers for this in order to understand and learn how apps works and how to create a good app from this.

How to Create a Successful App?

Mobile app can be that of android or for iOS and the process of development constitutes of idea, prototype, design, develop and launch of app in play store. These are the steps for development of app. When you have an idea of building some thing or that of building an app then firt thing comes to the mind is that whether you wants to make it up for wallpapers or for database or for gaming. It contains design and programming.

Mobile app development is not all about coding but the lements that is associated with it is the desing of the mobile apps as the concept or design is prime importance on design and it is the focus towards it and it is important to understand this in order to develop mobile app development. Draw how should app looks like and you can take inspiration from other apps or you can solely create the design of your app and think what should have been the prime focus and importance attached with it so that you do not have to be confused while entering into coding stages.

Then ask yourself how much code language do you know if you know it then it is good and if you have no knowledge still you can create mobile app as you do not have to worry about it at all.As per esitamtes and the amount of langauge use we have seen the presence of Python in data language setting is on the higher side as it is the ost easier form of code language and java is difficult but still it is popular and it is one of oldest language form to stay so we should also build some app with it.

What ever be you should be using java from time to time in the cases of mobile app development. Coding of mobile app development is one side but it is not all of the mobile app, as design and development and distribution are the vital part of mobile app development and coding is the back end process which you will do to connect all o these. Most of people think mobile app development is all about coding and coding but it is not that true.

App Development Options:

After development of apps the next is to publish apps those on play stores. There are two types of app one is that of native apps and their other is that of hybrid apps. Native apps can only run with specific platforms such as Apple-iOS or Android. Hybrid apps works in both. Native apps provide platforms for hybrid apps to work. In order to publish your app in Google Play Store or Apple iOS you have four options and four steps to go on.

First is the developer license, publishing procedure, guidelines for description and device availability. Here we will learn more towards Android developer options though in the process you can learn to develop hybrid app so that it can work on both playstore that of android and Apple-iOS. Developer license is 99$ a year and it is renewable in each year. You can upload as many apps as you could with this sum of money. It is important for you to understand that when you become an experience developer then you can release the app in Apple iOS system so that it will not hurt you financially.

For Google Play Store it is one time fee of 25$ and you do not have to pay fee again and you can upload as many apps as you can with this sum and it is one time membership fee for you and for this it is important for first time developer should concentrate on developing apps for android platform so that you will not be facing any sudden financial loss with it. Then comes the process of publishing process and this is known as uploading of app to play store or Apple store. Apple provides the review process for each and every apps and it is from three days to two to three weeks but in most cases within one week you will find the response of it.

The review process or the publishing process in Apple play store is very stringent and it can deny permission for publishing based on the siilarity of app, not so unique app and so on so it is important for develoepr to understand that when you develop an app the first point is to publish within android play store as there is no review process with it so you can publish app fter obtaining developer license. In the play store there is no review process as after uplaoding app your app is published within 24 hours and then it is open for monetisation as with due course of time you caan go for word of mouth or for advertisement to obtain the specific app populairty and with due course of timeit comes to the stage of moentisation.

Both Apple and Android play store have very rigid and strong guidelines for publishing of app into their store. Android has the detailed instructions in PDF formats. For android no backbone of dashboard of coding required as it is flexible but for iOS the backbone of coding required as it is not open source. Android goes on with material designing for its guidelines for designing and for iOS the designs aesthetics and function. Apple does not provide detailed designing guidelines so it means it provides wider specifications but do concentrate that its review process is very stringent and for this it is important to go with the specific designing principle Apple has.

In the case of design availability which is the device in which your app is going to run then Apple has two types of device Apple iPhone and iPad but in the case with android it has so far more than 24000 different devices and still counting and increasing. This means you have to code app considering the compatibility with so many devices but alternatively with Apple it is not so as you oly have to work with two devices for device availability of your android device. Making app for two devices and making app for almost 24000 devices in terms of screen sizes, resolutions is far more difficult and that show the presence of development of responsive designing for android which makes apps to work in faster and more convenient way.

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Android Tips Tricks and Secrets

Android as mobile operating system is now in almost most of mobiles from different original equipment manufacturers irrespective of companies related and of course sans Apple phones. There was a time when Symbian mobile operating system was prominent when there was no signs of existence of android mobile operating system. As we know Symbian mobile operating system failed to produce good response with touch screen and that spells doom of it at last after introduction and appearance of android mobile operating system from Google.

Android is ever growing and constantly updating operating system and it produces major improvements and revampments of android and slowly more and more new and innovative features are there and that attached people with this mobile operating system. It provides excellent opportunities for hardware manufacturers as well as software or application developers to provide one of better and well managed ecosystem and that makes running of this operating system at its best.

Android is open source and so as it provides excellent opportunities for users to make it more customised in accordance with their choices and the way they treat this operating system. Some goes for jailbreak of operating system and some goes for legal ways to understand the way this operating system runs through it and that makes more customised and in addition to it different original equipment manufacturers do provide more and more intuitive and more customised way to provide marvellous performance while digging deeper into more prominent part of understanding of how well an operating system can be customised considering the importance of yours needs and demands.

There is easter egg for each of android updates. It can provide a certain way to understand how good merry making and fun making of an operating system and that can be one of time teaser for you while you are on the move. There are developer options in it and while activating this you have more and more different and dynamic  options for you and that can enable vast options for you as well as if you are developer then it will help you immensely on this while developing any app in accordance with app environment from time to time when Google update its options in the long run.

It is a good idea to update each and every apps that are installed on your device from Google so that all the latest features from Google will be installed on your device and when some updates such as and when Google update its Google Play Store or any of other related apps and its behaviour with your device then it automatically updates itself through it. Google in its latest versions of operating system keeps updating its options where user can easily disable any app then all of these can be easily done with, and disable of system apps of Google but if you enable this then you can easily receive latest operating system updates with it from Google.

You can find so many of blogs suggesting to disable most of Google apps as most of it provides some of the no importance but with these apps google sends updates and implement it with ease if you enable these apps in real-time. What it makes is that due to large number of android original equipment manufacturers the inner configurations are different from one another and that makes Google to send Microsoft Windows like operating system updates to android devices.

That is why Google installed many such apps in its operating system being considered as system apps and then it updates and introduced latest bit of its updates into it and if you disable these apps then for sure installation of these updates into mobile devices became difficult to work and most of times these updates failed to install itself on it.

That is why I recommend users to enable this feature always as it will provide one of better management of your device straight from Google and that will make your device run smoother and better. It is also good for security updates of your device as it will provide one of better understanding of how good your device and it will directly connect with Google so that each and every security holes can be updates and patched from Google while you are online.

As most of bloggers do provide how to disable apps especially from Google but I recommend not to disable such apps as this will empower your device for better performance and all of these are directly from Google and this meas that in terms of security and other parameters you do not have to worry about it as Google controls and manages all of these through Google Play Services.

As Android is from Google and Google is giant of internet and its own operating system in terms of security do provide extreme form of updates and movement for better management of android devices. When we use android device the prime motivation of using this device is to secure ours privacy, personal informations and all of these informations relates such as ours financial services such as that of banking, credit cards, debit cards and all the other relevant informations deals with it.

When we enable all of system services from Google so as with it all of these secure and professional informations are well secured with it and that makes yours device more and more secure to pursue with. With it comes more and more secure and more personalised offering from Google and that makes a better working place for all of us to work with it. It is not about taking security with great might but it is all about making it the more secure for yours most of works so that ultimately it performs the best suitable performances that makes the operating system secure and well coordinated.

Android as operating system as a whole where we do find plenty of most sincerest forms of work arounds, and that ultimately makes the operating system to customise as per ours own need and necessity and that ultimately make this operating system to run with equal might and in goo and excellent conditions. In this way performance wise the operating system makes the most of optimised performance parameter to perform and manage all of these important tasks to the best of yours knowledge and efficiencies.