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Real time stream processing turns cloud computing into real time computing

What should have become the greatest strengths and weaknesses while purchasing a new mobile? It has been the part and parcel of consumer buying decisions and always been so as one has to invest sum of money in order to buy out mobiles which should have been excellent need and should fulfill every aspect and Continue Reading »

How do we create a learning organisation?

When the organization creates and possess the single mechanism towards attaining the continuous perfect of attending business goals and try to strive out different variable mechanisms to find out the most easiest ways for productivity and augmenting the profitability of organization, then only we can call that the say organization is moving towards the stage Continue Reading »

Time management techniques for business managers

The word time has different connotations in relations with people who are involving it. Suppose one passenger is waiting for the train and constantly looking at the round clock which should be hanging at the different corners of railway station inside platform in order to understand what should be the time and how much time Continue Reading »

Picture Your Transaction Analysis on Top. Read This and Make, it so

In this era of multinational ventures where coordination between different branches of enterprises all across the globe has becomes the norm and for this perfection of networking as well as centralised concept of central database systems which should empower every elements of organisations to move towards perfections of excellence. It is the norma and should Continue Reading »

How To Handle Every Work Related Stress Hazards Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

When we look at the society in closely with a deeper look than we could understand the ethics and permanent values attached with societies is related to the expression of people and how do these people coexist at different proportions? If there is union of languages then we could find the union of expression all Continue Reading »

Does Managing Human Values Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Human is the best creation of the Lord of Universe. As always we do find many such instances of complete achievement of humans and how they have turned the tide into their favour with brilliant and wonderful achievements. Human reasoning consists of ethics, morals and values. All these do separate ourselves from the animals. Most Continue Reading »

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