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Financial risk management:2

While “supervisory review” relates to the effective ways of supervision of banks by the Regulator and “market discipline” deals with strengthening of disclosures by banks and safe and sound banking practices, the concept of “Economic Capital” seeks to further refine and sophisticate the system of assessing various risks faced by banks and maintaining adequate capital Continue Reading »

Financial risk management:1

Introduction: Going by experience and common sense, it seems that there cannot be any human activity that does not expose the people involved in that activity to some form of risk or the other. Whether it is the common activity of taking food and the possibility that bits of it may get lodged in the Continue Reading »

Questions to ask before making a career change

Are you seriously considering about a career change? To change a career, related to a critical decision making and for this you have to be strong enough to make this decision at leisure time considering all aspects of your decision parameters. In this time when you want to change your career then it is absolute Continue Reading »

Forethought on online education

In the last few years distance learning and online education had been very popular. It is because you did not have to go to regular classes for this and also through internet and offline books you could read simultaneously and then you can also appear in examination and for this it is very popular. As Continue Reading »

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