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Why clean computing matters?

Computer cleaning is a major job. Every year on 13th February celebrated as the computer cleaning day. This is not to mention the cleaning of keyboards and removing the dusts from the touch screen, and removing dusts from other panels of the laptop but it is about comprehensive thoughtful process of using the computer as Continue Reading »

Tips for protecting data privacy of Android users

Data privacy is otherwise called as information privacy. In the world of a computerization and globalization most aspects of knowledge and sharing goes through the days of information technology which deals with each and every aspects of data sharing and protection. Information technology determines and finds out which are the data that need to be Continue Reading »

Real time stream processing turns cloud computing into real time computing

What should have become the greatest strengths and weaknesses while purchasing a new mobile? It has been the part and parcel of consumer buying decisions and always been so as one has to invest sum of money in order to buy out mobiles which should have been excellent need and should fulfill every aspect and Continue Reading »

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