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Are you a team player?

Leadership is a Compaq and unique tool to help your organization to find out sharpen employees those who can perform and excel in each and each walks of an organization. A perfect leader extracts absolute skills from employees and this is an ongoing and ever-changing process. It is like a practical

Some Niche Marketing Ideas for Specialized Businesses

While walking at the sea bed from space to space I do find plenty of such marketing gimmicks and most of these are that of mostly related with niche marketing. By walking across these arenas I do find plenty of such new and innovative marketing gimmicks which might not have been known to many especially for management students but still these are some of the most useful and beneficial for them as they continue to do it day in and day out.

Case study: Risks of Customer Relationship Management

Learning and understanding about how marketing goes up do not need studying in-depth about marketing in management days. It solely depends upon personal experience of the customer to have strong and solid ideas of how the tenacity of marketing management goes up. While studying we just experience the day to day case studies of some Continue Reading »

How to increase your customer acquisition ability?

In this era of faster computing and humongous source of data creation from time to time we see how people with technology know how slowly, moving to the stage of utter disdain and disrespectful. We know, there is super fast internet is available at affordable rates as well as there is every services which can Continue Reading »

Goods and Services Tax in India

It was a humongous occasion. After almost seven decades of independence we have finally reached out from independence from economic affairs and this should integrate and unite each and every Indian citizen with equal might and wonderful chance to comprehend to power itself out of the deep poverty. On the 30th of June during midnight Continue Reading »

Why clean computing matters?

Computer cleaning is a major job. Every year on 13th February celebrated as the computer cleaning day. This is not to mention the cleaning of keyboards and removing the dusts from the touch screen, and removing dusts from other panels of the laptop but it is about comprehensive thoughtful process of using the computer as Continue Reading »

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