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The Circle (2017) Movie Review

We live in this world where many external and internal elements tend to influence and with due course of time we live got illuminated and experienced some sea-changes due to the advent of newer and smarter technologies. Human beings are a social animal and they love to stay in society as homogenous units and that Continue Reading »

The Martian (2015) Movie Review

During the course of the hectic schedule for some time comes the parting ways from regular monotonous activities to have one of the greater passing of leisure time that makes enjoying of life more beautiful and that restarts everything from the point of actions towards learning about life what it could have been made of. Continue Reading »

Passengers (2016) Movie Review and Film Summary

Passengers movie is produced by Columbia a Sony company. This movie is all about space journey and futuristic impact on it. Name of the space ship was Starship Avalon. They aim to reach to other planets which are way ahead and a long space journey and 5000 passengers aim to settle in the homestead of Continue Reading »

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