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The birth and development of the short story in Odia

The birth and development of the short story in Odia literature is a recent phenomenon. We could see and found some of the tremendous short stories ever in the evolution of Odia literature. Odia being one of the oldest language as well as its unique style of writing has plenty of folklores and prose works. Continue Reading »

The Influence of Sanskrit Literature in Odia Language

There has been a vast difference between Sanskrit and regional language such as Odia. Still there are many distinctive similarities between these two languages. With each and every development of Odia language we found vast influences of Sanskrit language on refinement of Odia language. The grammatical part of Odia languages has been tremendously influenced by Continue Reading »

Oriya (Odia) to English names for pulses, cereals, spices, grains

Serial No. Odia English Pulses 1 Harad Dali Red Gram/ Toor Dal 2 Biri    Dali Black Gram/ Urad Dal 3 Mug Dali Green Gram/ Mung Dal 4 Gota Sola Bengal Gram 5 Phalla Sola Fried Gram Dal 6 Ata Wheat Floor 7 Besan Gram Floor 8 Maka Ata Corn Floor 9 Maida All purpose flour Continue Reading »

Promoting and safeguarding odia language

In the past Odia literatures and daily, weekly and monthly magazines had contributed immensely to the development and safe guard of Odia language. With the development of journals there came the real development of Odia essay writings and literature. With it the real Odia tradition was recognised and fully renowned and discussed. With it came Continue Reading »

Happy Odia New Year

Maha Bishubha sankranty is also known as mesha sankranty, The summer season also commences from this period. In 2011, the date of Maha Vishuba Sankranti is April 14. In Hindu Panchang followed in United States and Europe, Oriya New Year date is marked on April 14 . People visit various temples and offer prayers and Continue Reading »


aanla koli gooseberry bela stone apple barakoli jatiya phala dry-plums dalimba pomegranate jamukoli jambu-fruit kamala orange kaitha wood-apple kakudi cucumber khajuri date palm lichu koli lychees maka corn / maize mausambi sweet-lime meghua custard apple nasapati pear panasa – jackfruit panisingada – water-chestnuts pijuli guava sapeta sappotta sapuri pineapple seo apple tarabhuja water-melon ORIYA TO Continue Reading »

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