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Single best invention of life

The road towards the nearby townships seems to be at the stretch of never ending route. The entire route is filled with solitary driver as no other vehicle not passing or behind it. It was afternoon of spring. Surprisingly entire sky is filled with plenty of clouds moving here and there in random manners. Most […]

Dragon tale

Oh what a great road. Beautiful trees all around and zooming areas in and around here have been fantastic. Such the presence of a wide number of trees and bushes in and around these areas that has been making entire areas one of the most beautiful to watch. Moving into these areas with sound speed […]

Midsummer noon

It is a great summer. Of course and it is reported to be the hottest day of many years. Still this place is devoid of sin and lack of summer. This is surprising. How this could be. How come the neighboring place is full of hot streams of winds and people unable to venture out […]

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