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The Curse of the Stripy Sandwich

It was the stormy winter in the hinterlands of Irelands. Entire area becomes absolutely alone. Most people were in their homes. Cyclone prediction was there by the meat department. Robert Walker sat by the chair waiting to see the wonderful environmental presence out there and continue to see the ferocious force of winter times and […]

The Pseudoscience of Ghost Hunting

There has been too much talk about the presence of ghosts, as always some people have believed that they have definitely seen those and many do not believe it. Those people who had seen ghosts feel that whenever the other people would see ghosts then only they could understand the psychology associated with ghosts. So […]

Portrait of soul

When we do we think of existential presence of haunted places of haunted significance the single most aspect that comes into our mind is that of the fear psychosis associated with these places in enormous manners. We tend to talk about these as well as tend to think about it and discuss it in great […]

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