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When was the last time I was thought about a peaceful life?

It was a Sunday morning in the month of May. I was feeling bored. No office and I was over five hundred miles away from family. In Child Hood, Sundays were exciting for me. It is a perfect get-together for family. I was waiting for Sunday throughout the week. It is a story of an unattended mind that is dealing with the sciences. It is all about social life in the contemporary life dealing with stones and trees. Now, it is a liability for me to be attended with Sundays.

A New Lease of Life

Real life consists of shared values and not works. I was in the midst of choosing my life among not equals. When was the first time I was thinking about what was important to me? No time to distribute and spread ideas for me. The life is slowly sinking into anonymity and the perception is dissolving into anonymous thoughts.The door closed beside me as I am taking into the depression of past thoughts. The rage that is attached with the subconscious mind is leisurely cropping me to downwards day by day.

The attached door is slowly turning on of the state of ajar and it is slowly inclined from the shake of weakness. The defect within the mind is shaking her showing the lacking of strength. She was incapacitated in the state of depressing. She is feeling the despair as she has abandoned hope of comfort. The vital ingredients to live a life have been missing from her.

So what if life of her is flawed?

She should have rectified her life a way back and should have continued to pursue the path of known roads so that the beauty of life cannot be shaken for her. It is not about anonymous life. Can she be the real a state of life in which everything she does come into some sort of investigating phenomena that can affect her life in the long term? She had not been crying for sometime. She was in the state of rage after the death of her friend. Everywhere she looks, only come the picture of him and the state of the accident.

How can she erase such incidents from her memory lane?Exactly one year backward, she had been with his friend, smiling like anything, happy like black clouds and feeling the most deserving persons in the world. The Passion begins from the get-together and then the discussion and the way it starts they never knew how it has germinated into one of the closest bonds of a lifetime. The smile and the attachment with him could never ever be forgotten; the marbles of feelings are there and keep shining after every cleaning of it through the shades of tears.

She cried heavily, but this time it was devoid of sound. Roaring never forever be left to others, as it was from her innermost corner of heart, where the feeling of him still there, refreshing her mind and making her to think about him time and again.Slowly, mutely she rose from dining table. It was about an hour when she tried to eat. Everywhere she was hearing the drone of his voice. The unchanging intonation kept cropping her mind.

Lifetime debris of her was keep mining out from her in terms of shades of tears and mindless sensitive depressive ideas. For her that debris was a genius and she was following her in mind and heart. Moving beyond the sky, which cannot be limited within its perfect parameters as it goes on to make the thought only for him and the way the mind goes on with it cannot be traced or facilitated. The wind cannot be immortalized with its proper urgency that is making the wave of thoughts to go on with each facet of limits and derivatives.

She stood up from there and seems to be picking up her mind to go towards the living room to get back to the real life , which seemed to be losing from time and it seems that her timeline of events just been changing from the facets of proper sequence of real persons living.She went into kitchen to prepare some Italian coffee , while she was walking like a log wood , seemingly life is there ,still the paramount of thoughts has been reducing herself to something of a deep frozen state , to which se was trying hard to recover from that situation itself. Keats said a thing of beauty is a joy forever and for her the life with him, the interval of life that is attached with him, is the most lovable attraction she had ever had and the perception is still there with her, even if he was no more.

The passions are always there and it is still burning with her heart and she is still living with it as if it is giving her the heartfelt emotional fuel to run the life wheel. In the mean time while preparing for Italian coffees, the tears rolled from her beautiful eyes, making it moist and her heart seemingly with her announcing that she was heart broken and in the midst of a deep recession. Black clouds hovering over the sky , running here and there and it gives the redesigned sign of incoming precipitation and it does seem to justify that the nature is also cooperating with her feelings and whiles seeing her sadness it is about to cry and the atmosphere has become dark with black clouds about to pour down.

She prepared the coffee and then switches off the gas and returned to the room with coffee and some snacks. Remembering the deep rooted friendships that have been there between her and him and the moments, especially the instances that have been there, superficially converted into one of the most stagnated realities for her. Quietly, she slips into coffee, tears rolling out as with each sip, she is thinking about him, suddenly within no time, pain erupts from her, this is nothing new, but this time it is spreading into the entire body.She thinks can sustain this pain, as the pain of separation is more than, what she thinks about such bodily pains. These are not the virtual thoughts.

As these deals with genuine pain and slow coffee cup drops from her hand and fell into the carpet. She laughs. She can see him. He is nearer to her than ever before. He is standing with holding hands towards her. She gets the force. She was feeling like before. She stands up and reaches near to him. The lost smile comes to her. Feeling of separation is slowly fading into anonymity.Possessiveness begins and a renewed lease of life combines with a couple of single mind quest for happiness to eternity.

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