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Promoting and safeguarding odia language

In the past Odia literatures and daily, weekly and monthly magazines had contributed immensely to the development and safeguard of Odia language. With the development of journals there came the real development of Odia essay writings and literature. With it the real Odia tradition was recognised and fully renowned and discussed. With it came the development of Odia life style and now it is still continuing. It was necessary as fro 1836 , there was a conspiracy to wipe out Odia languages fully and it was pretty eminent when Krantichandra Bhattacharya announce in 1870 in one of his writings that Odia is not a language.

It enrages the Odia persons and then the fearless journalist the great Gouri Shankara Ray in Utkal dipika , fifth edition on 09/29.1879 , opposed vehemently to the words of Krantichandra Bhttacharya , if the orginial words of Odia language would be heard by Krantichandra Bhttacharya then he would not have spelled such things. He would have gone the wrong way deliberately or with some purpose, said by the great Gouri Shankara Ray in his article. Odia and the other languages are different and it is eminent form the writings as the Odia writing part is vast different from the Bengali part as the former is influenced by the hindi language writings script but the Odia language is completely separate and its dialect are also vastly unique.

This seems tha Krantichandra Bhttacharya has deliberately offended then the Odia language which was realy not necessary. If he would have live to day he would have realised that how big a mistake he had done by doing this. In 1868 BYaskabi Fakir Mohan Senapati on August fourth of this mentioned year published Sambad Bahika , which is more nationalistic and more oriented towards developing and keeping the Odia language to its fullest scale It had been praised for safeguarding the interests of Odia language and its roles should be remembered till the last of the Odia persons lived in this world.

Then from Deogarh with the patronage of Sir Sumakdev published Sambalpur Hitainsinni , a weekly journal first published on 1889 May 30 and it had done tremendous work to preserve and attain their Odia language to remain free from the clutching eyes of the neighbors then. He stresses on publishing the Odia study materials in schools and colleges. At those time when at the court hindi was the official language, then the Sambalpur Hitainsinni opposes and want it to be Odia. With this the separated land became united and slowly with due course to unite all the Odisha land had been gaining momentum and this has been populated and done in the 1936 first April which united all the Odisha land and the Odia language is now becoming the reality.

The British ruler Andrew Fraser realised this and commented in favour of Odia people. In fact it was only in Odia where the British have supported for the strong safe guard of Odia languages and it was vehemently opposed by then educated Bengali who want to hijack the rich cultural heritages of Odisha by deleting this languages all by itself with very parochial attitudes. The British announced the mother language of anyone should not be denounced such and it should not be removed from the native persons.

Those languages are foreign to the natives should not be laoded with them and these words supported the movement to save Odia language and in the long run it had very pulsating effects in removing the opposition form the neighbours. On 1872 Utkal Darpan published from Balasore, it had reflected many modern thinking and imparted a flurry of modern languages to this very vibrant language of India named as Odia. The modern pillars of Odial language writers such as Radhanath Ray, Fakir Mohan Senapati, Madhusudhan Rao published vibrant and beautiful writings .

It was patronage and supported by King Bainkutha anth. Radhanath and Fakirmohan digged the proud cultural and courageous heritages of Odisha and wrote wonderful articles on these. During those time the oppose to Odia language , some Benagli persons trying to discourage him through various carrot and stick methods but he continues to support this magazine relentelessly to pronounce the greatness of Oida languages. Utkal Sahitya published on 1897 editored by Biswhnath Kar. In 1915 Utkal manni Gopabandhu patronised Satybadi and it stresses on the strength of Odia languages. It suggests refined Odia language to use on day to day basis.

This magazine put the final nail on the coffin of the conspirators from neighbours who tried relentlessly shamelessly to destroy the great Odia language, but now it has been going strength to strength. Samaj published 1919 October fourth and it is live today and generously publishing and pronouncing the life of Odia languages. In 1876 Swadeshi published by William Mohanty to strenghtify Odia languages. For the first time in 1893 the then Mandraz University is now the Madras University introduced the first curriculum in Odia.

In 1890 it was first proposed to make the Odia language as the official language. Other prominent Odia publication were Gyanarunna in 1849 , probodha cahndrika in 1896, Arunnodoya in 1868 , Utkal Madhupa in 1878 , Sikhay bandhu 1886 , Deepak in 1889 , Indradhanu in 1893 , Bijulli 1893 and many many high quality Odia journal weekly , monthly attracted and justifies the great ness of Odia language and their effort in attaining it to the top notch position as we are her today is most desirable and laudable.

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A Night that is filled with Dream

It seems to be a night that is filled with dreams yet plenty remains to be unfinished till to date. A complete confusion and chaos stage which she cannot think it beyond and there is no possibility of matching thoughts are there only the linkages from the past to present through the circumstances of dreamy nights is resolving there forever. The entire night syndrome seemed so real that she feels that it has happened in its absolute reality but when she woke up from bed realizing that nothing had happened.

How could such things going over and over with due course of time as each day the dreams seem to be truthful and touching yet she could not find any possibility to remove it from her distant memory. It seems that the melodious moments inside the mind are still undergoing into the dance mood of series of dreams that has been there for her throughout the night and it does seem to be going on there into her body and mind. She is thoughtful and still in confusion how come all the actual life situation is still not clear as she feels in her heart and has been going on for several days but still plenty of possibilities are there for all to see and manage.

A state of unknown uncertainty as she cannot tale anybody what is happening to her each night as there is no trace of what is happening in the next morning but she knew that her prestige is time and again eroded through dreams and it is reality but how can she understand others that the dreams that has been making the feeling of reality is not such nearer to what is happening to her in the long run. Which needs to be understood and this mystery is so in dipper is that she has to understand and manager all by herself as no one is going to understand this virtual enforcement to her dreams which can be confusing at times. She took her breakfast of brown bed. Butter and slices of cheese and it are her most favored delicacies. At noon she reached her room after finishing all of her school tasks and prior to that she had finished her food and she is very happy with it and the food is very nice and she ate plenty of foods.

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About Invisible People

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It seems that clouds are hovering around sky in sky are travelling with an unbelievable speed as the vehicle moves around the posh area or such as vehicles moving out of the stadium after a match. The black clouds sends her message that she would be staying at home, as he classmate’s birthday party was there, but she is not going there as she knows after heavy pouring of rain water, the area in around locality will be with drain water is flood situation and even driving car inside those water is a hilly task.

The water would be piercing into the car engines and that will make it most difficult task to perform if at any given point of time the car stops in between the water logging and she had to stay inside as it will be almost difficult to come out from there and if rain continues like that then there would be every possibility of the car floating away from there. She imagined what could happen if she ventures out in the open in this heavy rain times, so she telephoned her friend and say that she could not reach at the function and remain at home due to of heavy rains in that vicinity.

In the mean time, rains with lightning and thunder shower started and the entire area is filling up with rain torrid sound from everywhere. She has now decided to change her clothes as it is a vague to wait for a completely stoppages of rain and then for area to evacuated from water flooding and reach her friend’s party. Her friend’s home is almost five kilometers. One other aspect also stopping her going to party her friend’s home is nearer downtown where there many small homes and bad people mostly criminals and petty ones are residing there, in that locality they have a big bungalow and perhaps they got it at cheaper prices so they have built in a royal manner.

For this she does not want to reach there in the night for this reason, only she conveyed her that she should make this party happen in the noon on a holiday, when there will be no school time for them? She has finally decided not to go there and for this she had to change clothes and wear the home clothes. She carefully keeps the gift meant for her friend in the wardrobe so that on the coming weekends she would be reaching to her house in the noon and will presenting the gift. She presentation the. It is a nice set of costly inners for her friend and she had collected it from the online shop and it within ten days.

She reached her by the door she folded dress materials by one and kept it inside the proper location so that the next time she would be finding all of these correct. Only one light at the central hall of ground floor keeps on during the night time predominantly for the reason of fear as she is home alone otherwise when other members of the house stays the light are being put off there. She started eating foods, as all these goods are her favorite and her mother has specially cooked all these foods for her. She was watching television at the same time, as while eating she did not like to have a laptop switched on as it can be hazardous if some food particles or left over falls on it and in the process damaging the set up. She is extremely careful of her belongings and other forms of personal technology gadgets. She relieved that these are all the imageries that are cropping into her mind, then she realized that it must be tiredness that has been cropping into her inside of her brain and for this many more such illusions would be reaching to her from time to time so it is better for her to be careful and magnanimous in going to bed immediately and then watch television and then surf websites before going to sleep. She reached her bed, in the closed the door of bath and then reach to bed and sleepy there so decided that it is not the right time to do home work with laptop, it is better to go for sleep while watching television. In the mean time from the side of her bed, she switched to the harsh light and only the light sensor light of LCD televisions is falling there.

Her bed is slightly varied from the distance of television viewing. she is now 16, and has been always has the good sense of carrying her dress while sleeping also. She realized her should is bare and the dress and the inner are dropping to her hand this gives her surprise and she sensed some is there may invisible entity as the bath room to switching of light then to her dropping of dress some mysterious happenings are going on continuously.

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An unbelievable and shocking experience

She woke up suddenly with some surprised presence of some invisible. It is the feeling no one can sustain and able to describe in full detail as it deals with personal experience and in that specified time one should not realize why such thing happens and during that moment the entire world seemed to be staying where it is as so surprising many as such. She feels something touched her shoulder as she was in the state of deep sleep. This could be the result of profound sleep. Maybe it is right but absolutely this is not the perfect solution for her to realize. When she woke up she realized that her upper part of dress has been half removed, as it is not possible in any such case as since childhood she has been sleeping with due care so she does not sleep like this, as this gave her the perfect surprise and plenty of food for thoughts. In fact she switched on the light and on the front side there is a vast mirror and from there at the bed she can look and gaze herself from there, easily and what she realized is more terrifying and surprised at the state of things she is currently in there.

It was eight in the evening as it seemed to her that she had been sleeping in the meaningful sense of dreams for more than one hour. She woke up feeling of something and what is that feeling she is yet to determine it and try to find it. Mortality is reasonable animal and for these humans always try to find out the basic reasoning behind all these actions and try to satisfy the justifications of all these happenings around here and there. In this case, all these actions are not suitable for her impeccable sense of reasoning and for this she tries to find out the real meaning of life here. She is pretty sure that something touch her and that breaks her deep sleep there and for this she is now beginning to find the real meaning of it, as girl she is pretty sure that something has touched her as the skin and the senses of girl are always sensitive and also it seems that they have more than one sense and for this there is no two thoughts that no one touched her, it is a perfect set that something had touched her and this is the right time to find out what is behind it.

She is also pretty sure with absolute certainty that in the bath room someone is in her behind though she could not spot that but she finds out from the sense of touch she had received from that strange and mysterious circumstances that has been there and also she felt something deeper sense of other side of the world and it is high time for her to find out the root cause of these as it is her home and she had to stay here with equal ease and she does not ran away from the problem in the wildest of imaginations and it is high time to work in the perfect manner and also drive out the cause of fear from her so that she would be feeling the sense of relief inside of it. She watched herself to the front mirror and she tries to stare herself from there to know what had exactly happened to her and in the mean time she was shocked to see that her inner at the upper part of the body is missing and this was the real shocker for her. As for the night, when she goes into the bed at that time as per health advices she removed her upper and lower inner but not during the sleeping in the evening. As that time was the time when the sun was just sinking from the horizon, she was tired due to long six hours and then she slept there and hoping to getting up from the bed during eight or nine in the evening and from there, she was surprised that how she could not wake up as it is for sure that something invisible has removed her upper inner and she could not know while sleeping and how come it has just been happened there a surprising aspect and for the first time she was surprised at the state of events here and for this she is wondering what else has happened to her and she is now becoming more and more serious to this aspect of life and slowly moving into a deep sense of thinking and for this the real challenge for the time being is to find out where is her inner and how it has been done?

Then she looked herself and realized that her blouse is intact but the inner is not there, so if some invisible hand has taken away her upper inner then that hand should have removed the blouse first as it was fitly in her body and for this that hand should have removed all the buttons all by itself and then that hand should have removed the blouse completely, then that hand should have removed the tight inner, by moving her to back side a completely flip off and then removed the lock and then removed it completely form her shoulder and then that hand should have wearing her blouse again, and then flipped her again to the front position the posture she used to sleep for normal sleeping. All these things have happened and it is surprising that she could not detect or understand anything in between a surprising aspect and she is sure something different have happened from the invisible hand and that process if at all done by any individual then she should have woke up while during the unbuttoning of her blouse so it is something that she had to find out which is invisible and which does not have any such base to contend with. She is surprised at the state of things as she could not find out the root cause of what is happening here as with due course of time she could not comprehend what has happened to her during her sleep time and she was also worried about as during the process of this strange work what has been done to her body as she is not able to remember anything from here in any stretch of imagination at the wildest possible angle in the gravest sense. She is equally terrifying and surprised to see all these happenings and could not comprehend the series of events that has been unfolded one after another and could not realize from where to begin the process of unreasonable happenings that has been proving a sense of practical gesture to her.

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A Couple of Bones And A Skull

My elder brother was a funny character and was very jovial in nature who entertained one and all with his pranks and jumping-jack manners, though he cracked cruel jokes at times. He had a strong body and sound mind with a fabulous stock of wits which created a brilliant sunny weather in an otherwise dull, dry and drab atmosphere. A few summers short of four decades back, he was in class- viii along with me because of his late-beginning due to his luxurious upbringing in our maternal uncle’s house since his childhood.

His early days were funful, but without going into minute details, I shall hark back to just a single incident. Our school was situated in a very secluded place out of human habitation extending over a radius of half a kilometre in all sides. It was surrounded by forest at three corners and a graveyard at the other side.Except occasional corpse-carriers, no one else was to be traced on the road in the evening times and after the school time was over.

The school, of course, had a watchman staying inside the school campus with his family of his wife and two babies. One of our teachers with an elephant leg and bulging belly and posing himself as a poet of rare capabilities with copies of poems ranging from the medieval age to the modern age reciting as his own was, also, staying inside one of the school rooms close to the shed of the watchman. My elder brother being my own classmate was my friend and both of us were preparing our studies together.

It was but a coincidence that we competed with each other for the top spot in the class not only in studies but in school games and athletics, though always I outshone him in the both. Only in one area I was found deficient to him was in wrestling where he was outstanding and he subsequently became state champion for fourteen consecutive years.

On a fine chilly morning, we decided to prepere our studies in a serene and sublime atmosphere of the school moving away from the dim and bustle of the home-front and we had the nod of our parents and the Head Master for the purpose. Incidentally, the Head Master was our relative and a close friend of our father and the suggestion came from his side initially. We reached the school with our beddings and books in a winter eve.

The teacher who was staying there was happy to find two little companions whom he thought of employing as little servants. Sensing his mood, my elder brother had a plan and he executed it the very next night. My elder brother had the inquisitiveness of visualising ghosts always and used to visit abandoned places in the night time.

But this time, he decided to go to the graveyard and meditate there till dawn. He went alone with a book in the moonlit night only to come back with a human scull and a couple of human bones. He placed the scull and the bone in the room of the teacher with both bones crossed and the scull in the middle in the next night before his bed time. Then we came to our room, bolted from inside and slept.

At about 11 pm, we heard the knock of the teacher and frightening roar, but we were firm and never opened the door. In the morning, the teacher was not to be traced and the door was locked up. The room was opened by the watchman the next morning and what appeared to frighten everyone were a skull and two bones.

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Time management tips for students

It is sometimes difficult to manage time. Time is dynamic and is always on the run. Many successful people in the world have been utilizing time in an adequate manner and this enables them to have a prosperous career which inspires many of us to follow. It is essential to carefully craft the relationships between subjective and professional life so as to make the entire life a smoother success. Person with all these attributes never faces any sort of shortage of time at all.


This article is based on all these finer aspects of life from which one can gain adequate attributes to learn about life and how to attend success from there within.

Many a times we feel, at the beginning of the day we calculate to form a complete strategy and try hard to follow them but while reaching at the time of noon everything got upside down and each aspect of life becomes lethargic and it has undergone a smarter change for worse. It is now time to complete and follow all these aspects in a united manner in order to find the real value of life and proper time management is attached with all these aspects of life.

Due to this all planned work reversed completely as pre-scheduled campaigns and most of these works remain abrupt. It is important to give proper attention to works and manage its schedules and in this way all these respectable works can be done at a time by following one work after another. Time is scheduled for plans and proposals should be retained in the correct manner so as to make it a proper functioning of different aspect of work and job scheduling.

Practice to sleep early in the night and make it a constant habit. Bring proper change to your food and sleep habits. It is weird time to go for a decent life style. Do regular exercise and jogging at morning is a spirited idea. All these will bestow you map for a respectable life style and convenient control of time all during distresses. It will make you thankful and your mind will cool off and it will empower you and you will not feel tired of it.

Professional tips:

A good professional never bothered about regular tasks. He continues to accomplish all these in a timely manner without bothering about time constraints. He believes in completing huge milestones and does not bother about tasks, and he thinks about accomplishing tasks and covers all these milestones in a smoother manner. With all these you will attentively look towards your own self, and do not bother about all those external manners, and this carefully crafted what to think and what not to think of any external environments.

Finish all prominent works in the right time and it is better to have a reliable scheduling of work and in this way important assignments can be completed on time without botheration. Perform weekly task analysis and try to find the negatives and positives aspect of life and balance everything in between to find out what is bothering you and how to solve if any such pending tasks are there, they find the way out from all these difficult times. In this approach, you are auditing yourself in all these tasks and try to find out what is missing from all of your works and functions.

Find the fault of your work and try to remove all these in the fresh week to have a greater control of your work and schedule. Every day is critical, and do not waste any day and try to get maximum leverage from each day so as to make the day perfect success for you for all time. It will present you with a reasonable success mantra and this will open the entire existing path to success with a high degree of might. Yours career is in the hands of yours and it is you who will manage and find out the polite ways to function and enact all of your future with a perfect balance of life with society.

While studying does not reach your parents for every need, it is high time to reach to different reference books and other available materials to have a strong and steadfast look on information for a good and correct teaching. It is high time does not ask your parents about your home task as it will take time, it is always nice to have a proper balance between life and time management so as to go for a complete list of reference materials in case of an emergency.

Go for references:

Parents spend heavily on buying books and reference materials and it is high time, to go for an accomplishment reading of all these books so as to have a proper guidance factor while writing for examinations. It is you who can save their money from all these hazards by properly reading all these books in a sincere manner and gaining more and more inputs of references for all these existing sources. Plan a proper time management when you are nearing to examination and for this you can consult with your teacher and devise a time so as to be suitable enough for you as well as to yours family and try hard to read most of those times in order to find more and more knowledge from books.

Refer test papers and try to find out model question papers of the last five years and receive knowledge from there and try to go for the trend of questions which are expected to be followed and try to find maximum leverages from all these questions papers. Try to face mock examination by using stop watch or mobile stop watch and try to find time management within examination spheres. Time to time question papers are changed and for this the organization give proper set of question paper and try to find out patterns of it and utilize time and find out which part can be done in advance and which part can be done in later as all these can be finalized prior to examination.

Just before examination:

Attend monthly mock test regularly and after perfecting it, is always nice to go for a month mock test so as to find the actual deficiencies and positives out of your work schedules. It is always enjoyable to perform final mock tests under proper guidance of teachers and in this approach all these performances go towards a positive outlook and proper management of ideas goes towards making all these a complete success. Find out your feeble points and try to rectify it through complete practice and revisions. Be mindful of your weaknesses and try to strengthen all these through proper management of time and resources.

Handwriting should be safe enough in order to have a courteous communication with teachers. The invigilators who will be examining the papers should be reading all these in a fitting manner and there should not be any such difficulties for him to read sentences while examining papers. Try to move out from television operas and try tough to concentrate on studies, and stay away from distracting friends in order to have a proper environment of education. Due at end of previous year and beginning of a new year, gives new ideas and input about determination that needs to do in facing the examination and all these are proper guiding factors in creating a successful career which can run through rest of your life.

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