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In India, there has been many more vacant posts of judges and judicial systems. That is why many decisions have been pending for so many years and people concerned with these decisions have been many times have to wait for their lifetime to receive these decisions. The judges who are dealing with these cases have Continue Reading »

Wild fire

Wildfire occurs during summer time. When the town is nearer to hills and such wildfires occurs in those places. The amount of heat that generates from the wild fire multiplies the heat of summer in quadruple ways. That makes the entire atmosphere unbearable to sustain and manage. Nayagarh is a place where there are lesser Continue Reading »


I have written a few posts on the state of summer in this part of this world. It has been reported that it is one of the hottest summer in the last 136 years. Life becomes miserable and in order to stay away from these summer heat people are now more using air conditioning system Continue Reading »

Book lover

Earnest Hemingway said once, there is nothing friendly like the books. Books are the best friend for humans. Humans being the rational animal need to study books which provides some way of thoughtfulness to derive and prosper many such generation of ideas. It is true. With constant reading of books, the desire for reading more Continue Reading »

Men’s grooming

In today’s world of perfection where every form of work order needs to be done with complete precision in mind and where there have been cut throat and high competitive competitions among different genres of executives to excel in the same field and where there is no chance for mistakes as well as there has Continue Reading »

Power dressing

Now life is beginning to form the central idea of being individualistic with huge income opportunities which guarantees additional level of comfort for shopping experiences provides awesome ways to manage and create absolutely wonderful and desirable fashions. Modernity does not mean leaving the past designs behind and staying ahead of modern day attires. It is Continue Reading »

Ageless love

Love is mysterious. It is eternal. It is unique. It cannot be described and cannot be understood. Only the persons involved it can understand it. It is personal. It is silent. It is unspeakable. It is the shared memories of the couple. This incident is about such arithmetic of love where every part of arithmetic Continue Reading »

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