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How do I fix my micro SD card that became a read-only memory card?

This could have become the land of high mountain passes. The beautiful scenic representation of life where the scope of seeing everywhere provides the must have and the most wonderful presentation of the real earth and the real world where we could find the presence of life everywhere. The widened vast land with its stretchable Continue Reading »

Bollywood contest by Follo dot in. Prizes worth Rs 1 Lakh! in the offering

The name sakers, there is no importance for the sake of understanding what is inside the name suggests. Bollywood is a charming and glittering world from outside and many truths and false gossips are there within the cine circles. People used to listen to more and more informations about funny and quirky take on bollywood. Continue Reading »

Lifehacks: Kitchen

Mostly, humans are greatly recognized among different spheres of species because of their intelligent and the absolute intellectuals that differentiates them from that of the others. It is the sheer strength of making out better from the already well devised ideas that creates the genius of human beings. Every human beings lived to attain the Continue Reading »

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