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Facials for you

To get the natural beauty it is always good for you and to attain the maintenance of natural beauty for long is the real examination one from the adolescence is being undergoing and it may be tough but with proper knowledge and also leverage of what to do and what not to do it is imperative and it is one of not related to theoretical aspects but it is more and more towards practical aspects as we know all the science that is related to human beings can also be categorized within it.

It is always fashionable for the ladies to look beautiful and they have themselves developed and being carried forward to generation to generation how to deal with it, with the advent of science there are many alternatives in the consumer market but still they search for natural ingredients to use and look beautiful.

It is the face which should look more elegant and for this there is always in so many ways availability of many methods of facials and those can be equally used for betterment and nourishment of skins as skin care is utmost a necessity. It is true that many girls do have natural beauty but many of them tend to lose it due to their own negligence and many a times due to their own ignorance.

Many a times it is their own making by bid to outdo each other. It is true that girl is attracted towards artificial make up as soon as she reached its adolescence and why this attractions towards artificial make still tom date it is the feeling and nothing more than that. It is the high usages of make up that in the long run delete the natural beauty and for this it is imperative to use some sort of limitations while doing this.

Our skins do have lots of pores and though many a times it is not that visible to the naked eye and also it is not so vast so that it will attract to one’s eye and with the high degree of make up and continuous and relentless usage of it , in the long run the pores has been constantly blocked through it and this slowly degenerates the skin as skin then cannot breathe through it and with it the inner glands and the portion of tissues that is guarding the skins also get los and weird down sooner than expected and then at that situation your skin will look not so healthy and it will condensed and this then will look like that of some of added burden of age .

Clogging prevents the carbon dioxide inside the body and also prevents the fresh oxygen entering into the body which is viral for our metabolic system of our skin and this results in skin losing its original glow and in this way the skin slowly becomes aging though it is not the age that is been considered.

Here the need for the facial once in ten days keeps your skin glowing and also the pores get their lift and breathe again. The procedure of facial is simple and for it the face is cleaned and then it massaged comprehensively and then streamed and then the face pack is applied into it. The principal part of this is facial part. Facial is to be applied to only the clean skin and for this prior to facial it is essential to have the cleansing session for this you can use cleansing cream or cleansing cream with milk to clean the face.

If you skin is not dry bit it is oils then it is better to have soap water and it is better to use it deep clean water so that there will not be any sort of any reaction to it . It is better to use it with luke-warm water so that your skin will not be so bad with it. In case of dry skin you can apply the cream and then wipe the cream with that of cotton swabs apply uses it with liquid. Now it is time for massaging.

It is always better pores around the skin will open and then breathe carefully to penetrate into the skin. Then, remove the surplus cream on the face should be wiped off with cotton wool swab. Next come streaming. With streaming the closed pores will open, thus the full benefit of the face pack comes into feature. First face more and smoother and breath with the required pores will be open with it.

Now the last but not the least , it is about face pack and it is of utmost significance to go with it caution as the ingredients used for it must be too good and reliable as it is all about our face and how to deal with it. It is the last step of facial process, here you have two options with one you can buy from market or can make facials from home. If you prepare it from home then it is called as home-made face pack and I will be talking about that in a separate article details ingredients and how to use it and how to manage it.

If you are using the market products , the read the entire instructions in the leaf and also go online and made research and read some related blog posts to get back the real and the fashion and fad which is currently undergoing. It is always better to get back the space below and around the eyes, it is better to place the cotton above the eyes for better eye protection.

That cotton can be enhanced by dipping the cotton inside rose petals water and then sleep under the fan and that will try to dry the eyes positions and also with the attachments of rose petals that will make your eye feel freshness, keep your face pack at your face varies from person to person and also it varies from region to region to due to climatic conditionality.

It also differs from person to person that is relating to the skin types that is normal, dry and oily and the atmospheric conditionality you have been dealing with it. On an average the duration can be from ten to twenty five minutes after four to five face packs and facials practice you can make your time and also know what duration these should , it may not be feel that in your skin when sting on your skin and your skin will feel the tight and also then look you before the mirror and try to see the state of the affairs of your facial , that may look like that of dry then it is the right time to wash it .

You can slowly move your then it is the correct and the absolute time. If it does stick with your finger then you have wait for some and it needs to be dry with your skin to have the complete effect on it. So, the significant factor is that the pack should get dried while at your face. Then, wash your face with luke-warm water and then dry your face with towel and then apply a thin layer of cold cream or a moisturizer.


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Leggings and feelings

The momentary feeling of injection from all other not so safety measure has been fantastic and the simultaneously undesired attentions is being the real. The most utterly disdain problematic factor is the wind as per we the girls concerned. We know how the wind is essential for life and also it is always has the significant parameters when dealing with life and it is the basis of life indeed. It has been proved by scientific views and also various understanding concepts and theories of physics and also never know why the need to investigate it into the concept and the phenomena of the essentiality of winds.

This is the most simplified theories that wind is essential as we can feel it inside our nose and sometime through our mouths , nothing some sort of satellite science indeed involve with it at all. As the girl the is many a times seems more and more dangerous to me when I was at school and having known some real knowledge about the real worlds. Wind is always momentary but one can not say at which sipped it is going to rip into the body and the mind and for this it has been always some sort of unknown fear to have it in the mind about the wind and it is for that sole reason, the momentary management and the speed at which it will strike with your body and the dress and many a times is making you the single most uncomfortable part of it and for it the most and the single fear of unknown is always have the some sort of inhibitions.

The managing part and also the disturbances part is always in the mind. Then came to know from some of the famous bands of leggings and tights like that of It and other brands where these famously inners and feeling to wear dress materials is on the rise. It is always for sure that all the inner facts is always clear to us as the God always prefer to have more knowledge to ladies that their counterparts and for this each and every part of knowledge is absolute essential and also it is available to use and for this the real manner of hiding all the facts is prime.

AIIMS, Bhubaneswar

The momentary growth and also al the facts and the most attracting beautiful is well known to ladies and for this they are more and more conscious and they are trying to getting back the ways to hide all these. The manner to hide is nothing sort of feeling of guilt as it can be widely perceived by the other sexes but it the sheer beauty that is to be hidden at all cost and it is for that the mind of the girl is automatically alert to the situations and the hidings of the surrounding and the look back mechanisms and manners.

As some say it is the mirage and that has to be kept as the mirage and for this the real manner and the understanding part of is should be well understood and getting into it. With advent of styles and other related fads the short term grown ups styles is always attainable and for this the manner in which all these has been the more and more certain to the greatest of attest is always to be attended with full time knowledge and manners.

What does the girl want to show the part of it so that it will not hurt her sentiments and for this the mirage images can be done with precisely wearing the super beautiful wear it so that it will not be bare at all. It goes with the skin and stays like the super skin above the skin and apart from all these comfortable factors which I will be describing it in the paragraphs coming into there are also very significant factors that can be healthful for you. With good companies and renowned brand are supporting the outcomes of leggings and tights from the brand such as It and others it is the sheer quality that is making the body more shapes with long and durable uses, it also good for skin and also it protects the skin from moisture, external sun light and also the coolness and dew and in this way your skin retains its permanent tones.

The other side of it as it covers the whole length of it, so it is now safe even from wind or any other related matters, and the price less is that if at all the sheer winds does flow but it is the leggings that is there, though it may feel to others that it may be some sort of revelations but it does not and it is the secret as these will be safer and also with wind one can now go at free will and utmost smoother connotations. With due course of time the famous companies like that of It is pioneering and innovating some new trend in the line of be good deal with body so that each and every dress can be put on comfortably without any such of wildest doubts and also with it the phenomena of good and comfortable gild and also the confidence while walking is something that is really unmatched.

It gives the utter confidence as the fear of something visible that is always at every times is crippling on our girl mind these fear is slowly and rapidly growing away. With these inner helpful garments and some other side of skin it is fast becoming more and more helpful for girls in times of normal and also in times of urgency as in each of the situations and environments it is for sure as it is giving the sure sort of closing of all openings so that wile out in the open or at home it is giving the real satisfaction of closeness .

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Oh, what a difference!

When I collected a few pebbles from the Puri Beach, I found the vast and cascading waves reminding me of my childhood days when I used to visit the same place with the same experience, but without so much crowd. The sea-bed has not changed, nor the charm it offered earlier, but what have changed are the situation and surroundings and, of course, my way of looking at it. Five decades ago, my father guided me to the whistling waves; now the role has reversed. The same sea and the same roar, but a different experience.

Oh, what a difference!

Now, I come here for fresh air away from the smoky city, resigning for a few minutes to the soothing, summer-repelling atmosphere. This is quite different from my childhood experience when I used to come here for the waves advancing and receding and crabs disappearing on the sand, digging holes for their refuge to escape the wrath of the truant children. Now, I watch people swimming in the deep sea and fishermen catching fish in the country-boats; but the time has gone when I was sand-balling my friends and running away in fear of being sand-balled.

Now, I only watch and visualize in a thoroughly pensive posture. Even though present is not the repeat of the past and childhood cannot return, I shall always visit my favorite Puri beach for the solace it gives me in my days of disturbed peace and diffused tranquility.

The invisible people

Ishwarbhai is a snake charmer: He used to cut snakes from jungles, bushes and other areas where snakes can be easily found. Then, he used to tame these snakes and then goes to town to town and show the snake charm and the game to people. People are very fond of snake charming games and they were giving some money after the game. That money was his livelihood for his family.

Ishwarbhai is a snake charmer and he was forced to adopt begging due to the advent of the Wildlife Protection Act. Wild Life Protection Act snapped the snake from him. Snakes were his medium of lively hood. As a result of this, he was forced to beg. He had no education. He was devoid of any specialized skills. He was forced to do begging. Otherwise he would have to die without food.

Now, there are two and half lakhs of snake charmer dwelling in Gujrat and they are resorting to begging in order to fulfil the want of their belly. They are the invisible people, who are unwanted from every class of society and they are resorting to some other acts in order to earn a livelihood. Some are going way to do acrobat with fire in the mouth and some are begging. What is sad that they are leaving behind their age old profession, which is passed through them from generations.

They are caught between law of the land. According to the Wild Life Protection Act prohibition of hunting. – No person shall hunt any wild animal specified in Schedule, I, II, III and IV except as provided under section 11 and section 12. The hunting of wild animals is permitted in certain cases. In reality, the entire process is such an elaboration that an illiterate person like Ishwarbhai is not going to pursue that route.

The killing of a wild animal is allowed in certain cases like that of education, scientific innovation and scientific research purposes. My father is a banker and during my childhood days, I was experiencing some of snake charmer games as well as monkey games. They were reaching to schools and would be taking permission from the principal and then they would be showing snake charmer games to pupils.

School principal would be giving some money to a snake charmer. Snake charmer’s passion for showing snakes was phenomenal and wonderful. He was using his intelligence to show the snakes to little kids as if he was showing some magic. The box from which the snakes were there giving some awful nightmares for us as small kids.

Now, that snake charmer game is not there. Current generations are understanding what is it in this, the sheer joy in seeing the snakes in the open and with it he was giving many advices of how to keep a safe distance from snakes and how to stay out of it. In this manner, the small kids in the past were learning the dangers of touching snakes. Now, the profession of snake charmer is almost over. If you are seeing this, then they are doing this illegally.

The invisible people:

There are some people who can be included with invisible people are that of a tribe of “Sarania”. Their profession is to sharpen knives and tools. There are many Hindi songs from these professions. There are some songs when lady actor is roaming around the village with this knife sharpening machines here and there, and singing a song to attract people to sharpen knives. The nomadic tribe “Natda” is walking on the rope suspending on the air and show their technique to people. Bollywood films also featured these classes of people. They are showing their talent and people all around will give money in appreciation of their efforts. The nomadic tribe “Bhavaiya” performs folk-plays. Folk plays are mirrors of society. They are preserving culture. They are sometimes performing the role of Kali.

The nomadic tribe “Turi Bharot” used to play dhol. People were paying to them. The nomadic tribe “Bahurupi” is making a self disguising pose to people at the traffic and they are asking for money by showing their self disguised Poses. They used to take the guise of a king or some other character from epic and show cases them to people to earn their livelihood. The nomadic tribe “Gadalia” is making iron tools. They are doing these acts from ages and transferring from one generation to the other. Now, most of them are leaving behind these age old work. The nomadic tribe “Kangasia” make comb made of, wood. They have no villages and native lands. “Lawaria” nomadic tribe sells cooking stoves made of Iron. All these materials are born out. Everyone is experiencing their presence.

The British Government Settlement:

In 1872, British Government notified 200 odd these communities’ criminals. This was done in de-notified tribe settlement during British rule. It was mandatory for them to attend to police station on an interval basis. They were considered as born criminals according to British government settlements. In 1952, they were declared as free citizens. It was sad that they have to wait for five years after independence to receive this status. Nevertheless, they were getting their due though after some dalliance. Though they were cleared of criminal tag, but still normal citizen considers them as outrageous and they are fearing and apprehending of their present when these nomadic tribes reaches of their locality. In India, more than ten core of people is nomadic and they are living their life in isolation. They are ghostly people as they are not stopping at a single place.

Then who would be interested in the action of these communities?

We are in the middle of extreme modernization age. When the entertainment is available at the click of a button and when we are experiencing a high speed internet and broad band services, people are no more interested in their traditional entertainment. They can watch these in video sharing sites and can keep it in their smart phone to watch it time and again. By pressing the sole key of remote control one can enjoy plenty of channels. With the advent of Internet, one can find innumerable ways of entertainment. There are various ways to download movies and other forms of entertainment and thus one is not interested in enjoying traditionally form of manual entertainment mode.

It is true that with the help of the Wildlife Protection Act, the snakes are now released as ever but what about snake charmers, who are employing snakes in the public games to earn their livelihood. They are now jobless. Nomadic who are digging sands near rivers and seas, are not able to do this owing to wide scale commercialization of sands business. They are now jobless and fear to enter into this profession from the threats of sands contractors. Owing to their nomadic habits their children are not able to read at school. They are carrying their entire luggage while wandering from place to place.

Wandering and its difficulties:

Most of the times, they are not under the census. Whenever, it is calculated, they are wandering at some other places. Whenever they stay at some village and the census people are reaching there, the actual villages are not willing to accept as their part of the village. So, in brief individual government record in which they are present is the police register. In Gujarat, the number of nomadic communities lives here is 50 lakh and from which 50 percentages of people are living as nomadic. Nearly 50 percentages of nomadic communities whose population is not less than 50 lakhs in Gujarat are still living a nomadic life. They have no role in contemporary social statures of society. The worst situation is in the place Vadia of Gujarat, where nomadic tribe “Sarania” is involved in prostitution due to absent from their daily earning potential. “Sarania” tribe is involving prostitution for fourth generation. Generally, girls do not marry here. Father and brother act as broker. All these are sad tales. All the girls of this village are engaged in prostitution and they are not marrying but they have children.

Without address:

Many people think that it is easy to receive a voter id, ration card by putting an application and following the directions. It is going to take one or two months, but ultimately we are receiving this. It is because we are settled in the locality and for this no proper verification is a necessity. We have to address and the basis of our identification. These nomadic tribes are devoid of any addresses. How are they going to receive all these cards? We have voter ID card. These people want to join Indian democratic processes, but are in difficulties to receive the cards. Here is one such example.

From this, the importance of voter id card for these nomadic tribe is better known. Latifbhai Dafer was once a notorious crime but later settle a peaceful life. He was living 20 kilometers outside Ahmadabad. He was doing security guard work in the field. Once, his son was taken by police. He was notorious crime once and was searching by police of three states. Now, he is living happily by doing the work of the security person on fields. In his lawless time, he was safeguarding his children from all these unlawful activities. When police took away his son, he was worried. Police caught his son in the case of highway robbery. The name of his son is Gulab Latif, and police are searching for Gulab Musa. Probably, it was a case of mistaken identity.


With the help of the chief electoral officer and to identify given by VSSM, for the first time more than 20,000 people in these communities, got their election cards. Gu latif received his card and from the card it was concluded that he was Gulab Latif, not Gulab Musa. He was lucky to be freed, but still to date, there is countless such Gulabs from these nomadic tribe is reeling under the bar owing to mistaken identity and no election cards.

Most of them are not aware of which crimes they are behind the bars. VSSM runs 26 alternate schools and is working in nine districts of Gujarat, benefitting 22,000 families. 1040 students are enrolled with VSSM schools. VSSM is able to give proper addresses to more 30,000 nomadic communities. It is providing accesses to voter id card, housing, residential cards, ration cards, bank accounts. They are benefitting from numerous governments to run welfare schemes.

Dream that will become reality one day:

In Vadia village where most of the girls of nomadic communities are involving prostitution, one tradition is there, when a girl engaged or married, she is not going to enter into this profession. In the year 2012, eight girls married and 12 girls engage in vadia village. This is the first time. Marriage of such gigantic manner occurred at this village. There are no policies for such people in this village. It is high time both the state and the central government are going to pay attention to these communities.

We have an aim that the communities have shared, economic development and they live a dignified life. These communities are devoid of everyday foods. Sometime, there are three days when they are not getting foods. Land allotment is a massive achievement for this community. Mittal Patel, journalist turned social workers, is doing great works for the development of these communities. For six continuous years, she was working enormously for these communities. Mittal and her teams spend months to change this and today 20,000 people are enrolled and received their voter id cards.

Different nomadic communities are getting voter id cards. According to government resolution, they are getting permanent lands at innumerable places. This is giving them the authentic identity. Dream that will become reality one day. This is Mittal Patel’s vision. The writer is saluting to this wonderful child of Mother India. She is devoting her time for the uplifting of nomadic tribes and is making them visible.

Fashion Statement

Fashion should be such that, people should be naturally attracted to it and then adopt it. In the current trends of fashions the most prominent attachment is stylish purse. In earlier days, girls used to hang handbags in their shoulders, currently they are opting for stylish purses. Now, the first choice of them is stylish purses. The prominent part of this trend is that, these purses match the same with Asian as well as western apparels and for this; there is no worry for the owner to carry this purse in whatsoever dresses they have been with. With various traditional arts and decorations has been attached with these purses to make to more attractive and spectacular.

There are purses where one can find the ethnic touch in its work with region traditions and other related hand works. There is more demand for blue, purple, maroon and black purses. It is according to your comfort of budget and for this, many interested buyers had been plucking to the shopping malls to find their way to have their choicest purses. It is of absolute necessary, while purchasing one should take note of the strings of purses, which are usually, have been torn on the other hand some purses have damaged portions inside it, and while you look outside it will look fine, but inside, that would not be good and for this it is better to have the comprehensive look and search for excellence while purchasing purses.

It is also absolutely necessary, not to look at the owner of the shop as they try to not to show the damaged part of the purse, you have to check it all by yourself to have the perfect look of the purse and check it inside thoroughly so that you would not be missing any part that is not checked thoroughly. One thing you should see and examine the chain of the purse and whether it is there or not, you have to find it out and also if it is there, see and examine the state of the chain there. You should use on special occasions , the costlier purses which has been decorated with stones, crystals as with regular use , all these decorated items could be damaged and that could make the show of the purse not so attractive .

It is always important to have a good night sleep. Due to heavy works , ladies , went to bed late and get up early and due to this the minimum time they spent is sleeping is lesser than it is expected. If the women are in service, then, her workload increases. With due course of time, of the continual late sleep and early rise, these women after a gap of some months, they felt the insomnia, the chronic sleeplessness. Apparently if someone sleeps for lesser time, in the long run, it shows adverse effect on the heart and its related arteries. It is very well known fact that , heart is attached with mind and when someone sleeps for lesser time , thus the mind acts weirdly and thus the heart also acts like that and slowly it becomes not so good and for this it is very important to have a good night sleep for better heart keeping.

There is a research going on at England and according to its findings , those persons who had been experiencing lesser sleep , have the plenty of chances for heart stroke , than the person who have a good night sleep for the longer time. Our body needs proper and adequate resting time, and if someone sleeps for lesser time, our body parts and especially the brain part which is complex, can have some adverse effects in its reactionary elements. So, the resultant is that, the blood flow to the heart is not going to be normal in these circumstances. Heart sends all the bloods to various limbs , after it gets the blood , if it does not work properly , then for sure , the blood sending to the other organs would not be normal in whatsoever case , and for this the heart stroke or heart related ailments begins.

According to researchers, these conditions could be very much case for heart and other related ailments. There are acne problems for teenagers, it is prevalent, and most of people have experience this during these particular age. There is some happy news for them, as it has been found after so much experiment and observations that, if any teenager, stays in happier environment in most of the times in and around his/her environment, then there would not be acne problems for them. This is brightest news as with the happier environment, teenage could have a good face sans acne. According to researcher, if they stay from depression and always attends a happier life, then these problems would not be there to them. According American researchers, the principle reason for acne on teenager is depression.

Besides this one should change the basic lifestyle with a normal lifestyle as too much food supplement that is related with junk foods is not good for health. In the present times, most people have been using the furniture related with woods, and this needs proper and timely attention, otherwise with due course time, it should be catching weeds and for this one should always be concerned with the weed performance with your wood furniture and from time to time, you have to spray regularly to keep it safe and simple for yours daily life. You should always be careful not to spray any alcohol or liquid substance on the wood furniture. With these liquids the outer paint varnish would be reduced and that can in the long run affect the main woods and for this to save your wood furniture for lifetime use, it is better not to throw, liquids on it.

If furniture have been varnished, then you should be careful of the fact that, there should not be any dusts on it, otherwise, with dust accumulating in it, the entire color of furniture fades and it would be presenting with some other design and for this it is better to have, a nice and clean furniture and it is always careful to be clean wood furniture with cotton, that should be dry. Sometimes, it is better to clean the furniture with following ingredient , make some lukewarm water , and then add few drops of shampoos into it and then with a clean cotton you can clean the required wooden furniture to have a great look at it. If your dress is dirtier with soil, sweating, blood, , then it is better to use hydrogen peroxide while washing these clothes.

If your bathroom tiles had been dirtier or there are strains in it , then it is better to use hydrogen peroxide on it so that , you could get the clean bathroom within minutes of its use. This article is a sort of miscellaneous article, I have tried my best to keep all the information that has been discussed here to be short and simple and all these tips and tricks should be of greater use of readers, here there are several topics that has been discussed in this write up and the author tries best to point on single point of getting significant help for readers.

Lack of Passion is Fatal

It is obviously some what an indicating headlines but this write up is about one of my experience as school girl and that is one sort of imminent understanding of the fact that something is life and that is also deeply attributed to the something very important that is the origin of species and that is going on forever. The possible understanding of the passion can be given and clarified in various formats and also it does hold some sort of wonderful underestimation of some of the romantic ideas that has been inhibited with and all these can have some sort of notional antiquity that is attached with it.

Some say metaphorically and with lots of simile that the eventual indication of the actions can be derived from the amalgam’s understandings of the passion that is deeply related with it. The lack of passion is just like of not thinking of as who you are and in which manner you could be with you and also the derived possible understanding of the situations that is making it more and more blurred in the visibility of it. In these circumstances can any one just prevail to be in active in the passion sense as it is obvious that the passion is inside and it can prop up at some intervals no matter what has it been to do with it.

Many a times in order to stop that as many sense it as the it can ruin the health and a good health is always having the positive and also the negative side of it. The compelling emotional feeling that is stopping all the air in between and making the sense to work more towards the sensory direction and to stop all it the first and prime motive I to stop thinking about it. This is not the easiest part of it as the girl as it seems that all the entropy inside the mind is against it and even if someone think of it to remain cool and calm so much so that the mind will be at peace and also it can go with goo way but it does not happen overnight as it continues to grind and make the similar meteoritic conditonalitiews even if one does not rely on it or manage it to the premium.

Many a times, if one want to stop the passion and stay afloat with the reality and many a times it does emphasize that whether they are going onto some other path by reversing the trend, is it the correct and the formal way to attain this or we are not yet managing this properly. The lack more towards the active ideas and the perpetuating manner in which all these character has been residing into mind and the heart and then to the vein the more and more you stop something that seems to be evolving again towards the more and more situations.

Many a times the apparel does feel it some other way and to stop all these towards moving the passion but it does make it more and more difficult to make and feel at it. In one such circumstances in the manner and the knowledge class where the more towards the passion is being the sole motive of the study amongst us and our lady teacher is quite young and due to the all girls school it is of very easy and also simile to teach all of use so much so that these classes seems to be more towards better understanding and whatever the teachings is always has been more interesting.

As this is the most difficult subject to read and also teach though there are some comfort labels amongst us as due to this all girl college and also our teacher is also very cooperating. On that day , our class teacher started reading to us on the subject “Lack of passion is fatal” and asked all of use to let her understand what we do feel of it as we are twelve to thirteen years old. On the screen she sowed one picture that is also showing the intension of the headlines and also she asked all of us to comment and make some measurement of the opinions on this subject. The picture in display was very unusual and arousing attentions.

In the picture it is seen a girl from belly to feet and not her face is visible as that picture is from the belly to feet and that picture settings seem to be inside of a deep jungle. But to the utmost surprise for us the back ground is lighted as if some high focuses lights is being switched on and also inside those back ground the girl which obviously the half part of her is been see is seen in high contrast mode and the photo seems to be in high definition quality.

What is more surprising is that, that half seen girl, on one side of the leg there is all over the tattoo and the other side of the leg is not and it is clear and also that girl just wearing a white bikini and also on the belly side that is being visible the tattoos again and there are perhaps some messages inside the tattoos which we are trying to read it through. The tattoos are in green and in purple colors and the color matching are excellent to the finest of imagination as we girls also being attracted to the beauty oft those tattoos.

The picture is somewhat in mystery as the face and the chest side of the photo is not there and only belly to feet portion are visible and also with it some sort of understanding is coming out. Feet are covered with black shoes with the shoe laces are not ties with the shoe it is kept open and it is also on the side it is written that lack of passion is fatal. Now the more interesting version and that has been quite unusual for me to the eyes and the heart. At the biggest tree inside the jungle and in the biggest trunk that is nearer to the central region of that tree , which looks like that of a tree for more than two thousand years may be I am wrong due to my little age at that time but it does feel me that way.

That girl which only can be visible from the belly to feet side is being hanging at the highest point of that trunk of the deepest and oldest tree as it seems to me and she is been hanging but the fact of the matter is that she is been hanging upside down with her legs been tied down at the two sides of the trunks, it is seemingly unusual portrait, with both the feet is being tied with the highest part of the trunk of the tree .

There were large rounded circles with the feet and then the tree tied with that girl and below portion is being seen down wards , it is some sort of upside down situation but if you look at the picture you feel that girl is not feeling pain at all even if on some of this circumstances alone inside the jungle , and she is not fully dressed as it seems from the half of the portrait and only being with bikini ad that too white in color that can be visible and eye catching and also as the girl it is always in the danger as it is natural and she is hanging downwards , as her hands are not in the picture and also only the part from belly to feet is being visible but in that part it seems that she is not at all in any sort of pain.

Why this picture is showing this as it seems the face part is not being in the picture and this does sense to mean as it is that the passion part is always has the life and it is saying time and again that “Lack of passion is fatal”. It may be giving some other sense that if you try to make and stop the natural progression then there are very difficult part and the ways to stop the emotion and that way by going to upside down and also while attending to stop the passion by mending the ways and reaching inside the jungle that is something to think for and go with it as it is the natural phenomena that is to be taken with us not to be stopped by. It is to be with the boundary but not to be stopped all together.

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