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The invisible people

Ishwarbhai is a snake charmer: He used to cut snakes from jungles, bushes and other areas where snakes can be easily found. Then, he used to tame these snakes and then goes to town to town and show the snake charm and the game to people. People are very fond of snake charming games and […]

Fashion Statement

Fashion should be such that, people should be naturally attracted to it and then adopt it. In the current trends of fashions the most prominent attachment is stylish purse. In earlier days, girls used to hang handbags in their shoulders, currently they are opting for stylish purses. Now, the first choice of them is stylish […]

Lack of Passion is Fatal

It is obviously some what an indicating headlines but this write up is about one of my experience as school girl and that is one sort of imminent understanding of the fact that something is life and that is also deeply attributed to the something very important that is the origin of species and that […]