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Bridging digital divide through information highway

When we talk about relevance pertaining to technology resources we do find a lot of similarities and perception about existential fences that continue to provide and break the development of technology to its fullest potential. When we talk about the term technology, there is no such stagnant point attached to it. With due course of Continue Reading »

Digital Imaging

Imaging is the most vital aspect of human vision where it comes with vivid description of particular duplication of personality where with due course of events one finds there are plenty of complete accomplishments where with each worthiness compounded with tons of varied presentations of different versions to recreate the most fundamental aspects related with Continue Reading »


In this way, your concentration is not being altered and then you automatically attend phone calls. This helps you immensely as with due course of time essential and proper use of technological gadgets should let you believe and behave in this way that ultimately you should find the best of performance as well as working Continue Reading »

Information security

So far there is no shortcut from hacking. There is no single book which deals with it as well as there is no single book which implements such as it is from experience and hackers while staying at far away place and with a stronger internet connection goes on the process of hacking for years Continue Reading »

How to spend time with internet?

Internet is a vast medium and it is like that of a real-estate which is in the virtual mode. It is ever expanding and its structures and other related matters has been on the rise and it is always going upwards without any sort of delaying in whatsoever manner. Internet is many a time is Continue Reading »

Turn a USB thumb drive into a Windows 7 installation disk

If you need to install Windows 7 on a computer that has no DVD drive and you don’t have a network connection to install from a shared DVD drive on another computer, you can install the OS from a USB thumb drive. Make sure it has plenty of free space for the installation files (I Continue Reading »

Free Online Service Offers Alternative to Powerpoint

During my Management days the importance attached with Microsoft Power point is enormous and slowly, there are alternatives evolve and so as various on-line alternatives which continue to provide more and more features to users without spending a pie on buying such expensive software. This article is all about finding such alternatives to PowerPoint that are free to use as well Continue Reading »

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