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Light in darkness

Change is the only constant. It varies from time to time with the advent of extreme pace of technology which helps to advance change in technology which satisfies human responsiveness to produce one of the most vibrant and possibly the most affordable professional presence of technology in all spheres and walks of life. In many […]

Cognitive psychology

We are living in the world competitive excellence where every other purchase and developments focus is more on refinement of existing products and moving towards newer and advanced set up products where we tend to find out refinement of choices. It all closes into finding out the most viable alternative for the betterment of life […]

Tryst with destiny

Before the dawn of the new year, I received completely surprised call from Indiblogger on behalf of TataZica for a test drive of newly expected to be launched in Goa. It was all the way air tickets proposed to me though due to unexpected engagements I had to, have to cancel the entire proposal but […]

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