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Species of migratory birds spotted in Chandaka

Chandaka Wild Life Sanctuary has the presence of natural ate bodies which probably suit the presence of large number of migratory birds to reach out to this place. In the recently concluded census, in this regard it is estimated that as many as 26 kinds of migratory birds reached here this year. In the processes […]

Life of humans are vital above anything else

The earth is the most important and significant planet within the cosmos. We know that almost 90 percentages of areas of the universe are preoccupied with unknown matters which are renowned as dark matter and the dark energies that are found within it expands those areas further. That is why there has been unbelievable expansions […]

Role of media and networking in our life

While dealing with various aspects of understandings of the way the logic matters and the most vitality of discussions comes to the forefront in the form of dynamic assertions of understandings the way we perceive the matter. Once a while I have been watching an interview with an eminent personality in the field of journalisms […]

When the walls go down and the windows went up

In this Deewali, the Sunday morning, the climate is cooler and nicer and it seems lazier for me and I decided to read the book, “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman which is about the brief history of the world after adapting to economic globalisation standards. We are now almost a matured democracy […]

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