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Men are born to succeed not fail

He is 37 years and his age is catching up as a sportsman many would say. Give him the honor as they did to Ganguly, Khumble and David’s ODI retirement. He worked hard and bound to fight back soon. He will silence his critics and makes all the stones thrower at him and converted them…

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Black gram

Black gram is one of the favorite crop to be grown in India. It has been grown throughout India. It grows even in adverse environments and in return it creates more fertility to the land where it has been implemented. It fixes appropriate atmospheric nitrogen that embedded inside to help to grow nice and absolutely…

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International climate change study at Chilka Lake

Few days back a group of eminent scientists from all over the world were invited to perform deep scientific study on the Chilka lake of Odisha, the eastern state of India. Their primary aim is to perform deeper understanding on climatic change research about Chilka Lake and what are the pros and cons of effects…

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The unnoticed

The unnoticed is a peculiar name to start with but it is true , it some what not comprehending tom find it out. Puri is a religious place worth for and renewed for through out the world. Shimmering and dynamic continuous tourists and also a better place to live in for and worth for. There…

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Play straight

In Australia, Indian cricket team, especially the batters should play straight; they should not play or aim at playing to the squares or the sideways as this can be dangerous. Shewhag started the proceedings with a good boundary at the rock and hard wicket with extreme grass at the Sydney ground. In this Sydney wicket…

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The new year at Puri

The fantastic new year in the prospect with beautiful climate ushering with coolness decreasing slightly and slow drizzle in between. The people all around India flocking into Puri to see the glimpse of ours Lord of the Universe. The Jagannath and his elder brother and little sister. The number of people seems unbelievable high. There

DTH services in India-a review

DTH is direct to home broadcasting through satellite into viewers home without any third party. With on board set up boxes with high definition facility with more and more high definition channels reaching on board with longer hours of recording facilities for customers. True high definition content is which shot on HD camera and transmitted…

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