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The real meaning of democracy

In vibrant democracies, the political parties play an important role in determining the health of democracy. They act as treasury bench at some other time they act as principal opposition party by determining the flaws of treasury bench. In England two major political parties known as Torry and Whig and later it becomes two principal Continue Reading »

The golden handshake

In 1789, newspaper was known as fourth estate of democracy and this was first stated at United Kingdom and from that time it was regarded and considered world wide. From that time daily new circulation started and at those times the sell of newspaper was so minimal that at 1711, the sell figure of new Continue Reading »

Twin city tender fixing mafia

After arrest of members of Gugu gang near Bhubaneswar, it has been disclosed that they had been actively involved with tender fixing mafia operations inside twin city. It seemed that these gangs had been actively involved with fixing of tender operations. What is surprising is that one convict who is inside Jharpada jail is also Continue Reading »

Two incidents of labor deaths

First incident: One labor died on the premises of Tata Steel and as a result of this there has been tense all around that area. On Friday, due to hit by a trawler, one labor died on the premises of Kalinganagar industrial estate TATA Steel , he was from Sukinda. Aftermath this incident there has Continue Reading »

Gradual beginning of kick boxing in Odisha

In Odisha, there has been very precious try to improve kick boxing game, and the process still continues, plenty of work to be done with this sport. Kick boxing first started at Italy in the year 1985, but still to date, it is not very popular in India. In 1993, due to great effort from Continue Reading »

A sad incident

The minor, who was stripped of her possession, attempted to end her life, now succumbed to illness after battle among life and death. She is died on Tuesday at three 50 p.m. after battling with life inside hospital for ten days. She was orphan, and survived by her grand mother.  The entire district now dumb Continue Reading »

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