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Endeavors ever live. Memories never fade away.

Centuries of history have all mixed into a gigantic composite culture revolved around Jagannath-the Lord of the Universe. The preliminary references to Lord Jagannath are found in ancient literary works. According to Puranas Jagannath was preliminary worshipped by Shavars tribals of Southern Odisha. With due course of time the cult of Lord Jagannath assimilated and Continue Reading »

The blood river

Mayurbhanja is the biggest district of Orissa. It is renowned as tribal and underdeveloped district of this eastern state of India. 80 percentages of inhabitants are here from tribal origins. Generally, tribal are cool, simple and religious people. Sometimes, due to blind beliefs and extreme rage they cross all the limits. Commonly the Lodha clan Continue Reading »

Real-time security for ladies

Of late, I have been perturbed by the recent trends of crimes against women and this does remind to me that, in a society where there is no respect for women, then their might be something wrong in that society. Many a times, it is a fearful factor to read newspaper as most of pages Continue Reading »

Examination reforms in Odisha

Matriculation examination begins: Matriculation examination begins from this Monday. The significance of this examination in related to student’s career is immense and for this, this examination gains more attention from students. Six lacs students appearing for this year examination, out of them some are from regular streams and some are from ex-regular streams. This proves Continue Reading »

Give proper respect to elders

Human beings are rational animals and they are the most clever and intelligent animal. If you look at their physical strength, it is far less than that of wildest animals but due to intelligent and wit, humans have able to control all aspects of mightiest animals. They discovered science, they discovered various paths to reach Continue Reading »

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