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Twenty two steps towards abode of Lord Jagannath

Inside Jagannath Temple complex of Puri, odisha existential presence of twenty two steps colloquially known as ‘Baaishi Pahaach’ made of stone are renowned world wide among believers of Hinduism as the holy steps before reaching to sanctum sanctorium of Lord Jagannath inside of main temple. There has been four gates all around the main temple […]

Rath Yatra 2016

One could find that at some point of places during these festive occasions some people are giving free water pouches to people and distributing them and people tend to take these due to advent of strongest and mightiest form of humidity during these occasions but still one need to remember that during all these years […]

Sands of love

It is cloudy out at Puri. It is a festive occasion. Lord reached out to Gundicha temple. Now, focus shifts from the main temple to this temple. Grand road is straight road from the main temple to the Gundicha temple. Its paths were so full of sands. Now, it is so concrete. In the past, […]

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