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Puri prepares for Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra

In a world where everything is based on social analogy and complete combinations of rational entity coupled with the advent of a strictly religious point of view which imparts deep sense of understanding of real life from within different dynamic strata of society. Car Festival of Lord Jagannath is famous worldwide. It is matchless as Continue Reading »

Grievance regarding Shadi Bandhan of Madhab Mekap at Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri

The Honorable Chief Minister, Odisha Respected Sir, I am a servitor of Lord Jagannath by birth in the family of Bhandar Mekaps. I was in active service in SBI as executive until 30/09/2015 when I wrapped up my banking career to serve Lord Jagannath. I took a break and applied to the Jagannath Temple authorities Continue Reading »

Endeavors ever live. Memories never fade away.

Centuries of history have all mixed into a gigantic composite culture revolved around Jagannath-the Lord of the Universe. The preliminary references to Lord Jagannath are found in ancient literary works. According to Puranas Jagannath was preliminary worshipped by Shavars tribals of Southern Odisha. With due course of time the cult of Lord Jagannath assimilated and Continue Reading »

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