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Elaborate security for Puri car festival

In this festive occasion where everywhere we do find many people roaming here and there and they each to see Lord as well as they wish to have a merry go around into a nearby market where many shops have been opened from the nuke and corners of Odisha. During these ten long days of Continue Reading »

Revelation of Lord Jagannatha

In the eyes of devotees, the presence of the Lord in conscience has more significant values additions than seeing in the present. Lord stays always with him irrespective of each and every portions of thought processes as well as assimilated amalgamation of attached thoughts that continues to provide awesome and well managed ways to understand Continue Reading »

Secrecy in God-Devotee relationship

Every relationships has the efficacies for strongest desire for privacy and intimacy that enables every other persons to move towards the state of ultimate perfection which tend to move towards complete and marvelous revelation of stupendous adventurous intimacies that enables the secrecy elements that might not be open to the outer world. Among all such Continue Reading »

Twenty two steps towards abode of Lord Jagannath

Inside Jagannath Temple complex of Puri, odisha existential presence of twenty two steps colloquially known as ‘Baaishi Pahaach’ made of stone are renowned world wide among believers of Hinduism as the holy steps before reaching to sanctum sanctorium of Lord Jagannath inside of main temple. There has been four gates all around the main temple Continue Reading »

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