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India’s Development

In this world of strange coincidences and thoughtful parallelisms, we do find sometimes some of the most genuine and understandable aspects of congenial momentum where every facet of life brings about more and more wonderful conundrums to find out the dashes of realism of life.

You don’t realize how little accuracy there is in network TV reporting until they cover a story in your hometown

In the last few weeks, the media is abuzz with so many news and especially in some news media continues their focus irrespective of viewers want to watch it or not. The modern electronic media has been the most difficult medium to describe as though it depends upon its popularities to earn revenues

PM Modi inaugurates Tuirial Hydropower Project in Mizoram

The Tuirial Hydropower project in north-eastern state of Mizoram will boost socio-economic development in the state as well as this can boost more towards proper and augmented development of north-eastern state of India. This hydro power project for sure will provide proper development of eco-friendly tourism for these states. This will also provide proper source Continue Reading »

Maruti-Suzuki S-Cross Review

Maruti-Suzuki S-Cross is the one of another addition to NEXA range of vehicles with its exclusive show rooms all across India. It is crossed over the brand from its own set up of Maruti brands portfolio so as to provide another sign of urban make over into its car manufacturers. NEXA brand of show room Continue Reading »

Goods and Services Tax in India

It was a humongous occasion. After almost seven decades of independence we have finally reached out from independence from economic affairs and this should integrate and unite each and every Indian citizen with equal might and wonderful chance to comprehend to power itself out of the deep poverty. On the 30th of June during midnight Continue Reading »

Elaborate security for Puri car festival

In this festive occasion where everywhere we do find many people roaming here and there and they each to see Lord as well as they wish to have a merry go around into a nearby market where many shops have been opened from the nuke and corners of Odisha. During these ten long days of Continue Reading »

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