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Silver Sky Imports-no more stress

Introduction: Himalayan expense is full of myths and mystery. It is known as roof top of the world. It has the highest mountain range namely Everest. It is the youngest mountain range of the world. Himalaya is home to many unique instrument of meditation, relaxation. In Hindu traditions, many sages have completed their whole life,…

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Endeavors ever live. Memories never fade away.

Centuries of history have all mixed into a gigantic composite culture revolved around Jagannath-the Lord of the Universe. The preliminary references to Lord Jagannath are found in ancient literary works. According to Puranas Jagannath was preliminary worshipped by Shavars tribals of Southern Odisha. With due course of time the cult of Lord Jagannath assimilated and…

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Nijog meetings

It was an evening that to be remembered for many days. After my sister’s marriage, I went to her in-laws home and stayed for a few hours. It was one of the most exciting and anticipating stay of my life there. It was planned suddenly as I reached home for some urgent work. It was the annual meeting and…

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Silver Sky Imports

The history is the witness, the Hindus the oldest serving and practising religion of the world gives importance to the word of �AUM� the first sound to be existed in the world and making it the mother of all scientific inventions. Hindus gives importance to sound as they believe it would wipe out all the…

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The gems of Indian folktales in the Vedic literature

It shows the experience and it upholds the ancient social and cultural history. In the ancient literature most of the writings are mainly the poetry version and with due course of time the prose and the essay part of the literature develops to its fullest extent. Ancient literature are poetry driven and wit due course

Lokmanya bal gangadhar tilak

Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak belongs to the state of Maharashtra. He was born on twenty third of July eighteen hundred fifty six. He belongs to the Brahmin family, his father Gangadhar Pant was a learned scholar. Balgagnadhars childhood had been devoted to sankrit verses.  He was the only son of his father , his father…

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The stream of vision

The mind is getting into higher altitude and the path and the portion is making it inroads and the exact thought nerve is taking some actions into it and making it feel like at home and the sensational part of action is slowly emerging out of no where and making the moves getting into rush…

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