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Ethics in Management – Vedantic perspectives

I sometimes quote instances from the field of sports. In a cricket World Cup, praise was heaped on the Aussie player, Adam Gilchrist for “walking”. Some people say that it is the Umpire’s job to declare a batsman out or not out; it is within the fielding side’s rights to appeal and if the Umpire errs

Mahashivaratri Message

Today is Maha-Shivaratri. In this auspicious occasion, incoming of pious thoughts of crops into mental state creating a set of blitz psychoanalysis of state of the consciousness. With withering away of winter, spring season in full swing, here comes the stringent reminder of this reverent occasion where devotees holier than thou reaches on the threshold…

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How narendra nath datta converted to swami-vivekananda

Ramakrishna Paramahansha the saint was wondering nearby sea beach. He observed the cool breeze oozing out from the sea shore and that touched him before reaching out to hinterland. Sky was slightly dimmer with light with a purple patch meandering in the entire sky which symbolizes the end of today and now the night time

Freedom fighter

Person’s identity can only be determined through his acts of omissions and commissions. There has always been two sides of same coin and person has to choose between two and most of times one is clouded with ethical propositions and the other is mixed with different unethical ways which is most of times easier to…

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The most proficient part of idealisms and prosperity of thoughts comes from Sanskrit verses of Gita. It has been revered by many for years and it lasts for many centuries. In this write up we will try to find out one of many visionary thought that is reflected upon saying of the Lord Almighty. I…

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The most intelligent animal on earth is human beings. They can speak and can express fully in order to justify their actions of omissions and commissions. Every human has faith and he expresses it through various deeds and tries to justify these acts through reasonable actions oriented demonstrations. There are two kinds of languages, one…

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Self respect

In this mortal world, there are many kinds of personalities beginning from rich persons to poor and poppers. Many are philosophical in thought processes and some are real in their thought processes. Some wait for sunshine to grow up whereas some do not wait from dawn to dusk to continue their ambitions. In this story,…

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Lord, I wish to be yours servitor

The long drawn aspect of life cannot be changed to the last of all such imagination which wholeheartedly wards of wealth of ideas that has been holistic housed in heading towards the time consuming factor. His moments and time have been completely restricted. Due to long drawn illness crippling over making him volatile and he…

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