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Ancient Therapies

Ayurveda is an important discipline of Indian medicine. It has a 5000-year-old history. It is fully recognized by the World Health Organization. Ayur is in Sanskrit means life, it is known as “science of life”. It is a mixture of physical, social, moral, mental welfare.


Ayurveda proceeds with the individualistic approach. Ayurvedic theory diagnoses patient constitution and learns how a disease might manifest itself depending on the body structure.

It not only recommends medicine but also recommends each person’s lifestyle, dietary habits, exercise, drug therapy, the condition of digestion, panchakarma and Yoga practices to restore balance in the body and mind. It derives and connects body and soul. Ayurveda connects science to ancient medicines.


Unani system of medicine has its roots in Greek philosophy. Our body is composed of four basic elements: earth, air, water and fire. All four elements have different subsections and heat. All four elements are merging and output is four different temperatures: hot wet, hot dry, cold wet and cold dry.

The treatment here comprises three components: preventive, promotive, curative. For the balanced health, the six essentials written above are the need of the hour: Atmospheric air, drinks and food, sleep and weaknesses, excretion and retention, physical activity and rest, mental activity and rest. The diagnosis processed with the help of pulse examination of urine and stool.


It is a drugless therapy. It is popular all over the world. With the advancement of the modern technology, our lives are now too fast paced: Computer, internet, cell phone, television. Heavy work, tight schedule, demanding work conditions is slowly making us more and more stressful.

Yoga helps to retrieve the mind and rejuvenate our bodies. With Yoga we stay at the present, living with the present and in this way we release stress. Yoga helps us to relax and learn various types of pranayama.

Yoga helps you to become more aware of your body posture, alignment and breath. Yoga invigorates the internal organs, reduces fat and stimulates the nervous system.

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just happiness

Happiness is the most prized possession of life. People think about what is good or what is bad that is coming to life. To find good to life, we sometimes felt in adverse circumstances where everything seems to go out of hand in terms of good and bad times of life but still finding the most correct path of life ultimately move towards absolute unjust situations where every happenings seems to move awkward and unjust.

The belief when go out of hand, then handling of situations becomes difficult. In such circumstances we need to believe towards us and move forward and find the path as no one is perfect in such the circumstance. Only the Lord of Universe is perfect so we need to defy anything for it and move forward with it. Look upwards and look towards the sun to understand what is good in life and what is bad in life.

Look at the sun which rise and sets itself and with a due course of time, we see what is good and what is bad for life. What we see as the most beautiful entity and for some persons it might have been bad for life. One should not move towards, he state of complete brain wash as we need to control our brain to work out in complete control to make it most useful.

In such circumstances we need to see-what ours brain needs to understand. First take some nice sleep some deep and concentrated sleep and move towards some sorts of ideas in which place one need to find solace and complete control over tiredness so that brain comes to the state of absolute resonance to provide and manage the way it took its normal situation.

Move all these questions from your mind. Think about positives and look at the night sky and move the clouds from one step to another situation to feel that you feel life is moving and realise the sense from a subconscious mind to make you feel that your are not a traveller not the sunken place but at the point where your control of the body of mind and the correspondence movement of life from one entity to the other.

It is yours life and it is yours body and for this control of yours life also with yours hands and think positively and move in such direction to observe absolute state of complete calmness of life.

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