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Spare the Kids Please

There was the deep relationship between child and the kids. It was also true that kids’ first love was parents and then the toys. They loved toys so much as they thought as if they were the true entities and they would be playing with it as if they were the real master of the toys and in seeing them play had been one of the most fascinating exercises. One could understand the psychology of the child after seeing what they were playing and their intentions and the way they wanted to have the different kind of toys at their perusal and that made parents happier.

It was true from time to time the preferences of toys were on change , during my time it was different and now it had changed almost differently as the psychology of child had been on change persistently. Now , with the advent of modern age and wide spread use of computers , the toys and its definitions were on the change as well and now more and more digitized toys were available and also more and more computer gadgets like toys were there. Now , there were modern brands that were entering into this field , in my recent visit to the metro ,

I had seen many multi national companies were now endorsing the toys and these were the smartest options that were available and also now the definitions of toys had to change with the advent of children who were more and more clever and they could sense the difference and if these were not being done in good manners by the companies then there could be very high chances that these could be discarded by the children. Now there were the trends among families to gift costly toys gifts to children in many occasions be it birthdays or any other happy occasions that to be remembered.

China market was also the leading market of toys as it had been making low cost, beautiful and attractive toys for children and these were also been accepted by the children . At some homes you could not believe with vast number of toys, you would feel as it you reached at a museum. The collection was so vast that you could not believe with such collection. Now, with the advent of nuclear family and that too when both parents had been at the job the child’s best friend was always been the toys and with vast toys around in its room he would not feel the time and he would be playing there all the time.

Now with toys they would understand about many facets of life starting from social sciences, services, welfare of the humanities and other related essential messages, and it was believed that with the toys at hands the kids would learn more from it that from the talking and it was proved to be scientifically correct.

Sometimes there were the exceptions to it and there were instances when some times the laxman rekha would be crossed and in that time these should be rectified. Here was one such illustration, at Spain famous toy company had opened to the market a new doll named as breast milk baby doll and this had led in the world widespread condemnation and also criticise.

There had been criticism as well as heavy sells of these toys and now after such storms in Europe, this toy entered into US market. The aim of this toy was to introduce the mother feelings among the girl kids since child as with this they would know the importance of breast feed and when they would become mother they would be more and more concerned with their children and they would be breast feed instead of tin milk feed, this was a true concept as it was evident from scientific understandings that , mother’s milk would be the best food for toddlers as it would save them from various diseases, but on the other hand , a small girl child should understand it and is it ethically nice to taught her this aspect from her playing days and was this not out of the boundary thoughts to perceive.

Many guardians as well as parents did not support this thought by toy manufacturer, somewhere it was mixed responses, the company was the big company and it had been in the toy market since 1977 and this proved that the toy company had social responsibility.

This company had been doing many researches in the toy filed to attract kids and it had been doing many researches there and in each year it did come our with new wonderful researched products with some theme and teachings for kids.

What was surprising was that its toy breast milk baby doll had won international acclaimed prize Doctor Troy last year. No doubt it was an innovative concept and what child learned from its child hood would imprint in its mind forever, but the ethics did tell some other stories.

The toy costs about 70 dollars and it was in controversy, now we would try to understand what the real story behind it was. With this doll, there were some freebies like that of a halter top, looked like that of a blouse and in the front side of this halter top there were two artificial nipples.

Small girl kids had to wear first the halter top and then when they put the mouth of doll into that halter top nipple, the doll would act its mouth as if it was drinking milk and it would also be making sound of drinking milk, it seemed as if a mother was breast feeding her baby. Before particular interval if that nipple withdrawal to the doll, they it would cry, and if that nipple again to the mouth of doll then it would stop crying.

As this doll was being done as if the small kids would learn from its infant days as to how to breast feed her children when she would be mother in future and the whole concept did seem to laughable as the kids were innocent. It was also true that if a mother did breast feeding then with it her own dangers of breast cancer and other disease related with bones would not be there, as it was good for mother.

The question was that this should be done with adults not with kids. Before this there was one more controversy related to Mees and baby where there was a doll inside the doll and that related to pregnancy and that was unwanted and now this controversy, it was the high time to target the innocent kids, instead they should be taught about benefits of conscience, good mannerisms and other intentions so that they would be knowing the tits and bits about manners and etiquette.

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It is never too late to salvage a dream

It is never too late to salvage a dream still the day you are sure about the content of the dream to be taken to the reality it is always the right time and the attitude to go ahead with yours dreams to make it the reality. The dreams can be salvaged and managed to achieve the greatness to find out the real achievements. Human nature to become more and more rational and social and make the whole world to tune to the natural aspect of everything that can be achieved ad understandable.

If you wish to be scientist but cannot make most out of it and what is stopping you now from this. For the ultimate anecdote which can always be managed and make to reach to the good other persons and can be still searched with various analytical mind and other related constitutional parameters . After all that we went to search for various attachments and the joys pieces which can be so touching and ultimate in desire so that we can in turn to make ours life more and more sturdy and good to the best of all good things to come and enchant the real parameters of successes embedded within it.

With additional incomes on the go and the success touching yours shoulder still some times the depress is encircling you like nothing else some times you feel it is like that of Abhimanyu encirclement , no where to go, but so that nothing be you this process the real solace is reaching at you and in this long drawn process you will be reaching to the real touching moment and with this the ghost of yours long drawn stress slowly and smoothly resides. Women have multi tasking capabilities and with men and the distribution of stresses to various related entities to manage and reduce the stress has been phenomenal. Some time the deep stresses make them the real difficult and in this situation is really tough to achieve and manage and how to reach this situation and how to manage it , needs the really toughest and smartest way to manage and coming to the and the study related with is to be taken care of and with optimum utility these really needs to be tested on then testing of online parenthesis.

Some times to clear these classes of deep blue stressed needs careful handling of all these permanent comfort zones and at first detect and determine all of yours comfort reach out whether there is any border areas how to manage of disturbing stresses and how care understanding of all these possibilities as compared to each other at various permanent and other understandable utilities. Most of them have had the protected life and it is being utilized and attained through thethe real world syndrome where the extreme capacitated to the attendance of all the possibilities to remake the stress really needs a head start and how to manage and utilize these resources in the optimum utilize through and the understanding of everyone. As the years moves on women feel as deprived and alone as they have all through the life have moved on and try to get to the status source . what is true purpose of her life and how she will be dealing with and how till to date she has been getting on to it and how these can be managed and well organized so much so that the real value of her life needs to be significantly clear and lucid so much so that all mile stones will be seen and experienced by many so muchpoint of core to her successful mind and reasoning future.

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Indoor Air Pollution Problem in Your Home

Plenty of talk about exterior air pollution. These talks move from person to person to nation to nation and then to different organisations and climatic impact and weather change and so on. How to save ours lives and future generations from the impending impacts of ice becoming waters in Antarctica and so on. It is important to keep air pollution levels of atmosphere absolutely right as well as to keep air pollution level of area inside interior of house also good.

This article is about indoor air pollution problem and how to keep it safe so that moving inside home and taking rest always provides finest performance of good living. The most pollution at home comes from kitchen. Make kitchen at the place where there will be a good amount of air ventilator so that at any point of time the heat air must not surpass the amount of cool air that is already inside at home.

At home it is important to have well included ventilator to and from inside and especially built home at first floor and let the ground floor be it the movement of communication to and from your home. Do remember to position garage of your home at the front or side of ground floor. Stay at the first floor at home and do remember to provide well included ventilators from different directions so that good amount of air should be here and there, and the hot air move out from your house easily.

If at any point you find creation of ventilator is difficult then install exhaust fan and especially ne at the front side of the kitchen and another at the front side or sideways of latrine so as to provide well documented ventilation while you inside kitchen or in the bathroom. Inside kitchen do install a perfect kitchen air ventilation system by installing, kitchen air ventilation system and do use good gas stove so that cooking becomes safe and cooler who will be in the kitchen to cook food.

There are various air purifier system available in the market and while purchasing such do think about brand of company and then install those inside bedroom and living rooms so as to get the purifier air always when you seat and relax. Always circulate different canals within home underground and from time to time do clean those so that bad odour of air should not be coming out from these canals which connected to main canals.

Do remember to connect these canals to the main canals of municipality so that water goes out from canals directly to the Municipality water inlet system easily and thus it keeps your home cleaner. Do always clean ceiling fans and table fans so that the dust that keeps attending due to continuous assembly of air, all at one place at the wings of the fan and that makes the entire room polluted with dust. So keep cleaning wings of fans as well as remove all shades of spider that might have been accumulated at the corners of walls so as to have a perfect dust free environment.

When the house becomes dust free you will find that the air that is circulating from here and there becomes cleaner and clean air is good for all of us and it impacts gooddness in mind and all over ours thought processes. These are some of the suggestions to have a clean and fresh environment inside the house and in addition to this as the reader people also know about more and more details about it and they continue to clean and trying hard to keep the environment cleaner.

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How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Interior of your car is made of plastic, rubber and most of its dashboards are made of vinyl like substances where it is always prone to direct sunlight, wear and tears and winds and dust. It needs constant supervision and proper management of cleaning material is the need of the hour to make it feel healthy and look beautiful.

If all inside interiors of car is not taken care of properly then in the long run due to wear and tear and constant rough use of car interior there will be cracks everywhere and in the long run the absolute costs coming out due to all of these will be on higher side.

Due to rise of ultra violet rays and exposure of interiors towards these ultra violet rays ultimately it needs to use protectants that will save surface from imminent wear and tears. Most of interior seats are constructed with Vinyl materials. It wants constant cleaning and it is important to use less water while cleaning. You can use premium liquid detergent with less water so that water should not soaked inside of it otherwise in the long run that can harm vinyl seats.

After cleaning and soaking of water then let it dry for sometime and then apply protectants from companies and let it dry it. If you are using protectants for the first time then use it repeatedly so that ultimately the roughness to the surface of the seat will be removed slowly with due course of tie of this application.

Protectant products does not come with a single variant. It comes with different variant and for the first time it is important to find out perfect variant of protectant for your vinyl seats and then apply it repeatedly so that the absorb of roughness and coming out of shine from these vinyl seats will come out slowly.

While using protectants it is important to spray it directly. Some users use it while spraying it on cotton and then rub it on the surface but it is a good idea to spray it directly on vinyl surface so that the absorption of some of protectants by cotton will not be happening due to direct spray of protectants into vinyl surface.

In the case of yours flooring of your car if it is made of either with rubber or vinyl then completely remove it and then wash it with soap or with good detergents, dry it with sunshine or with dried then place it inside car to have stronger and mightie look and cleanness feeling inside of car.

While cleaning of door jamb panels check it that side of it to be cleaned with old toothbrush and remove all dust that can be stored there and remove it completely. Then wash them with soaps or brushes with detergents and then dry it and then apply or spray protectants there so that it will remain cleaner for longer times and when you again clean that surface due to presence of protectants cleaning will be easier and faster in the next time.

If any part of door jamb becomes tight then it is a good idea to use and apply protectants based soap cloaked with water and then try to remove the jamness of the door from it so that ultimately it provides some sort of absolute easiness in dealing with cleanliness matters.Then apply lubrication materials there and if fits properly hen in another time the door will not be clogged and jammed there. It is a good idea to learn from user material so that you can find the information of additional care about that clogged surface then use it with due and proper care.

Dashboards of cars generally constructed with plastic or vinyl surfaces. When you protectants and apply over it then generally these are not going to have negative effect on it as generally, these protects surface and shine of it and it stays with the surface to provide much needed ultraviolet rays protection to the dashboard so that everything runs in accordance with it and does not provide any negative effect upon it.

Protectants generally work as shine, fading, discolorant agent and provide a strong protection to it to make your car look alike the same as the new car of longer time. These are generally grease-free and do not left any shiny and sticky materials on the surface of interiors.

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Get Your Hair Ramp Ready

For some life, is a bed of roses all the way and for some it is the thorns that hurt most. It is a Sunday morning, as usual, she rises from bed late, and she sleeps for one more hour. She knows that, throughout the week she has been studying day in and day out, with plenty of concentration and for this she always takes a rest on Sundays. She waits for this day for the entire week and always takes rest for some more hours so that she can complement the lost hours sleep, throughout the night. She is reading in standard eight and a bright student. She looks at the sky from beneath the window; it is a perfect day with brighter sunlight laminating all around like a bed of roses and she mostly has the passion for sunlight as the heat of the day is good for the skin. So, she decides to go to balcony after finishing her essential chores activities, and to enjoy the bright sun ray, there at the top, and she also wants to have the sunbath as in this hill town, there is hardly any instances of sun appearing on Sundays and this is a perfect setting for her.

She takes the bad tea and stays there for a few minutes and then within ten minutes, she arranges the night bed in order, and subsequently closes the screen of windows and went to the kitchen and stand there near the sink to clean the teeth. There is a time, when she has toothache, and for this, she is using medicated toothpaste and after few minutes, she reaches near to windows pane and glad to see the new tree which she had planted few days ago, has new leaves, it is so lively and fresh leaves and for this she wants to touch these light green new leaves, but then realizes that, it can cause hazard to their health, so she withdraws her hand immediately without touching the leaves. Those beautiful leaves are so enchanting and so agile, that it gives the intension of life and new born free and the proud feeling of trees can be visible, the way it is vibrating with winds, the open hearted wind feeling has been there. She can see the feeling of trees and as if she is thanking her for care, and water she has been giving without any delay and regularly planting and taking extra care to the trees.

In the meantime she switches off the television set, it is running non stop throughout the night, she always forgets to switch it off. In the morning, she always thinks that, she should have switched off before sleeping, but always fails to do so. It is bad for energy conservation, and bad for electricity and bad for the life of television picture tubes, so everything is bad about this, like everyday she promises herself not to do it again and she then, enters into bathroom to have bath. Within a few minutes, she comes out of the bathroom and then, gets back the night dresses with inners, to wash it off. They have domestic help to do all these activities, but still the night dress and the inners she always like to wash all by herself, as it is the practice she had been doing since she has touch the maturation and her mother has told her to wash the night dresses before taking bath all by herself and then she also has the habit of washing her inners all by herself and this has become somewhat a daily habit, and for this she clean and then, keeps all these in a bucket. Now, it is time to comb hair and make some geological makeup before going to balcony to have a sunbath.

She wears a two piece dresses, as nowadays this dress while staying in the home has been a great comfortable for her and in order to roam free inside home and has the relaxing of being sent here and there without any worries. Then, she combs her hair, as she has the special attraction of combing hair and has a fair deal of knowledge, and continuously adding knowledge from various sources, like that of hearsays, monthly magazines and also from Internet sources. She is an avid reader and also surf internet to know various facts about beauty products and how to do homemade beauty back ups and other essentials facials. She used to have talk with her friends about all these make ups and how to make it and what are the truthfulness about it and also they discuss in detail about all these, she writes blog about it on her own experience of how to make these ho homemade facials and how these can be best be used for perfection. In the me meantime phone rings and she hold it to see it is from a mobile company call, so it is a wastage of time, but if she does not receive it, then from time to time the call will reach and disturb her and for this she receive it and then silence it so that, all through it, so that these company call will not be there time and again. Then, she looks that her mobile battery is at the downside, so she searches for mobile charger and it takes four to five minutes for her, but cannot find that. Then she looks at the pinhole and to her utter surprise she finds it and happy about it and then she dances for some time, and then charges the mobile. As of now, most of the work finishes, only hairstyle job remains for the time being.

She likes the Bob style as it matches her face well and similarly with this haircut her chin surfaces prominently and takes the centrestage of her face. Due to her round face, this class of hairstyle a catches es her and also due to young age, this looks a perfect match to her face and this also looks slimmer and also all of the face value becomes core of the beauty that has been embedded within it. With Bob style hair combing, with immense concentration of hairs in and around the ears site makes the face wide and round. After combing it, she goes on to add some cheerful refectory color to her hair so that, it can flash it beyond further hairs to make it look like a perfect set of attractive hairs. The big polar position of light and dark hairs makes it looks perfect and natural and for this she applies, she draws vertical stripes of light silver hair color and it is important to make this shades vertical otherwise, if it is drawn in a horizontal manner, t than yours face will l fatter tier .Due to her virtuous condition of hair, she draws the shades in a vertical manner, otherwise her friend has the curly hair for this she draws the shades in a zigzag manner. She uses a mild shampoo all fatter added products and the link of the brand she uses should be seen at the bottom of the otherwise for your reference and it is for you to use it or use your rational capacity to use some other products. One can likewise remember that, high quality of cosmetics does not mean that should be expensive, keep changing your brands and the preferences till you find the best set of brands that are suitable for your skin and appearances. She constantly tries to keep little volume of hair at the top of her head, as her face is round otherwise it can have a blunt look and with less hair at the top it can look weird sometimes. It is better to use hair straightened to straighten the hairs at the top of hair and for this electronic hair straightened is sufficient.

After doing this, with the help of combs the lower side and the left and right hand side of hairs should be curved enough to feel the flow of air. With a layer air proof out, it shows the hair has the oneness and the proper flow that are attached to it. Try to avoid coming at the center part so much and try to come from the left and right part to have a respectable look of your hair style. This softens your fat face and checks the cheek bones more prominent that you ever think of it. After each month try parting, your hair to the exact opposite side so that all parts of your hairs remain stronger and no hair dropping from the front side of your forehead. Immediately the hair style and combing part are over and after taking some breakfast she is going upstairs to have sunbath sunbathe in this Sunday morning to have a clearer and glowing r skin as well as hairs.

What is seamless customer experience?

Why exercise for every human being is so important. In any situation of age and time doing regular exercise means scheduling a good and normal routine for a healthy lifestyle.

When we consider living a healthy lifestyle in similar situations we do tend to see the pros and cons of it. The pros might have been some inspiration for you whereas the cons are there are always people who do not like it to happen.

Seamless experience in Society:

  • We, humans, tend to live in society.
  • It might have been due to the very strength of humans where they find most of the other cruel animals are mightier than them.
  • Humans tend to live in groups and that makes other wild animals tend to go away from their locations.
  • While living inside society, there are many such rules and regulations to follow. Otherwise, you would not be been able to stay in society. For this in order to dictate own rules are not the order of the day.
  • For example, doing exercise brings about some sort of criticism from society.
  • There are separate rules for men and women.
  • Most of the times these rules are very strict for women of society. Even exercise for women tends to be more important than men.
  • Men tend to move outward and tend to do exercise on gardens or anywhere they seem to believe.
  • On the other words, women doing exercise at the same place becomes the buzz in society. The amount of seamless prejudice comes about.
  • In such scenarios, women tend not to do exercise in outside and doing exercise inside becomes one of the most demanding tasks due to the work of homemaker which means working for twenty-four hours of the day.
  • Slowly he seamless observation of making and living a healthy life does not come forward and it makes total different situations for men and women.
  • The human body is the same and it needs to do exercise in order to make it healthier and happier.
  • The healthy lifestyle does not mean to eat healthier food but it means to have healthy emotions, regular exercisings and checking of healths regularly even if no disease is detected.

Seamless experience in web-technology:

  • Similarly, when we consider having a seamless structure in terms of web technology then we can consider taking the first-hand experience of Jio network which makes internet most affordable and easier to use.
  • When we tend to move with technology that not only makes connecting to one and other networks easier but also able to read these in contemporary ways and empower us when we call it a seamless technology.
  • When we put forward wireless technology inside the home and then stream songs and videos without wasting internet and transfer these without using the internet then slowly entire home comes under seamless networking.

Seamless experience in Cloud-Computing:

  • Similarly, with the presence of on access cloud computing in Jio networks such as Jio Cloud, Jio Music and others makes it the most prominent and faster seamless networking tools.
  • In every sphere of life where ever we are we tend to find everything in terms of seamless solutions to find out most prominent achievements of life ever.
  • The thinking parameters in each aspect of life tend to make us prominent as the thought processes of each and every individual is different.
  • Still they ought to reach right kind of way to understand what should have been the seamless path for one at one point of time could not have been seamless tracks for others.
  • So there is no single point of action and interaction for all of these and one needs to stay afloat in its thought processes to manage everything in complete normalcy.
  • This is called seamless as it becomes seam or same for each individual and may not be the same for others.
  • How Google Chrome feature to be included inside Opera web browser for computers:
  • When we consider installing chrome extensions in Opera web browser, from Google Chrome store then one need to install, ‘install chrome extension’ from opera extensions and then move to Google Chrome store to install any chrome extensions on Opera web browser. This is another example of seamless integration.
  • Alternatively when we do think of installing Opera ad blocker in Chrome, there is no seamless mechanisms and technology or add on is there.

Getting seamless experience in cricket viewing experiences:

  • Recently India Cricket team tour of England is there and most of these matches are shown in ESPN network.
  • My cable television network not showing entirely ESPN networks.
  • So, there is chance of missing the matches. But luckily there is a seamless solutions for this as I found Jio network is providing, enough internet for the day so as to see these matches on Jio TV.
  • In this way, I find the solution for seamless viewing experience of India cricket team tour of England. Now, I do have seamless experience of seeing cricket matches.
  • We as humans always towards reaching out the most prominent and most seamless experiences in order to find more and more seamless lifestyle where we find more and more prominent part of life where we do find the most available part of life where we do see to find equilibrium of life always.

Seamless experience in creating a good and secure website:

  • Similarly as webmaster, we always tend to find more and more seamless ways to understand how website should load in quick time and how there should not be any difficulties of loading times of website.
  • This should ensure to make website loading time provide user a seamless experience. In order to make it one need to find more and more faster and server ways to make website loads faster.
  • There are ways to speeds up WordPress website. Learn from here.
  • You can learn from here how to install WordPress seamless integration.


  • All of these do provide more and more ways to understand how all of these provide most proficient ways to manage website.
  • All of these do provide seamless experience of providing most comfortable work experience ever.

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