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Add more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

This article is all about adding more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, so as you can have more space to your android device, it is all about real cloud computing in its action. So far till to date, there are many discussions about cloud computing as most of it is categorized in the sense […]

My Android Jellybean Problems

Last updated on November 11th, 2019 at 12:13 pmWindows 8 enterprising and at par with most modern Microsoft has seen emergency starting from Symbian, iOS then emergence has been exceptional especially the way it captures the touch devices sensibility. In modern day, mobile computing Symbian drops race only because. could not handle multi tasking this […]

The Samsung Galaxy Note

Last updated on September 20th, 2019 at 12:17 pmThe Samsung Galaxy Note is a mixture of tablet and a phone, place a somewhere in between and a priority for both the segment. It is a Android phone with ARM Cortex, A) Dual Core 1.4 GHz processor. An absolute delight is the video viewing operation with […]