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My Freezing Experience

Whether you believe it or not, the refrigerator in use at our home developed a hole from inside made by a mouse(animal of course not from my systems !) to make an abode for its kith and kin. The mouse cut into it from backside of the refrigerator for a summer cooling experience with its wife and children, feasting on the stored stuffs and sleeping with air-conditioning experience.

The inside was too spacious for its family members to dance and dine with musical screaming.No, I was never worried at the plight of my refrigerator. It provided me an opportunity to go for a fresh one. So long as Mr.Kelvinator was present, I had the worrisome exposure to the old and the bold and no matter how it functioned, I had the universal acclaimed theology of old products are more customer friendly was always in view in my mind along with a lively picture of how it grew into old age from childhood and orphanage.


At last, we at home decided to retire our old freeze as it had already seen two decades of rise and fall of its functions and malfunctions. we had to give it a safe refuge in a clean corner of our store room where it is enjoying its much-needed rest.All on a sudden, Mr. Samsung entered into our drawing room to take the place of Mr. Kelvinator and all of us forgot the old and bygone days of our lovely and lusty relationship with Mr. Kelvinator and greeted Mr. Samsung with rare gaiety.

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