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The speech problem

The speech war continues with each and every bit of sound bytes that is reasoning from each of the appropriate absolute antonym or is it the really what we are saying to or is the air in between that is transcending the passage of speech to nothing but every bits and pieces of ultra generosity. The problem that can be compared with the parabolic hysteria of understanding can have very much unattended significance of later mechanisms and absolute paranoid of understanding that is making the entire process a difficult to manage and advance.

The word is just blustering into motion and making the brain just not the understandable attendance and this is really making the life more and more not so good and perfect and that is why it is really must to listen but is it the way to manage the talk and attend it ? The sound many a times seems to be that of not so tolerable attendance but can it be for sure the magic or any sort of physical attributes attended to it or is it the phenomena of intolerance that is going on and what can be the reason for it and how to solve this attendance and the impending problem to begin with it.

The way the smarter it gets it is making the matter more badly and the reason behind it cannot be perceived it should be in accordance with some sort what can be of very intriguing and surprising phenomena which no other can know or understand it. Can it be the source or something that cannot be held responsible for it or is it the manageable attendance to begin the performance of absolute paradigm of shift and the making of all in one perfect and honest interest that is making the entire absolute mechanics to it most widely attend able understanding of the speech and the mechanics of kinetics which is always the first and the foremost pyramid to make the words flow in the manner that should be following to its maximum and the attendance can be witch hunt but for sure the rage and the manner of provision should be restricted.

The Lizard on the wall
The Lizard on the wall

How to control the word difference and the perceived difference which is different for both the listener and the speaker and many a times as we have seen there are many researches are there where we can get to know the real difference of talk is the space between listener and the speaker but in real term it is the as the researchers have been speaking and there are many sort of investigation and many others researches and many still going on in the large scale , as they have been talking about many sorts of the common environmental variables and the other environmental obstruction as well as artificial obstructions such as sound of siren or mill and how these can have the rippling effect the acoustic of science and how these are influencing these are the matters of great significance and we have been reading about these from the time immemorial. All these can have the simultaneous effect to obstruct the sound as all these have the environmental sounds and that is flowing through it and for this the real phenomena and the understanding of it is what matters the most.

The environmental variable to the sound is also the real sounds and the sound is fighting with the sounds and it is making some sort of devastating rippling dissonance and the main sound or the collection of sound the speech what the speaker intended for the listener also been conveyed in the similar and unobtrusive manner . That is why the main reason of the speech is never ever be understood by the listener and many a times that is the real worry and for this is the human languages has some sort of not so understanding phenomena and it is making the mater more worse than ever.

Is it our language is not so strong to defend and remove the attack of the environmental variable and for this it s also making the situations not so terrific to begin with. Is our, means the languages of all over the world are not strong enough to sustain the sounds of the variables at the environmental settings and for this many discords and even not settlement of disputes is being going on for some time even between countries and that is making the whole matter more worse than even we think of it.

Should we relook at our languages so that we can tend to send and receive the languages in the better and simpler manner and for this the better understanding of it is the matter which can be really we should be thinking of and should be dwelling with it. The what so ever cause and the action is being considered is to be totally obscure and the manner of happening and the performance of the speech making must be adhered to and the way it is been going on is the matter of urgent importance and parametric significance.

As we have seen and also read in the phonetics class the most acting languages which we can believe is French as wile talking they are mostly animated with the hands been working like many of us tend to believe it and for this is it right that it is the most understood language that we can believe and make it to or is it the most dynamic language. During my school days one of my room mate is from French and tends to say English god but the only difference is that she was very animated and while at times we tend to meet each other during the week days and I always observe the hand movement and for this it is becoming easier for me to understand what she is intending to convey men and for this the matter becoming more and more interesting and is it the correct way of saying languages as with it we convey the acting and the languages and for this we tend to understand movies as these are the same sort of practices.

Is it the way to go beyond or should we rethink on the approach to what we are talking about the languages and for this one more detailed article on this is possible where I should be talking about more so ever on the approach which are not being I think as per my knowledge never ever be talked about anywhere in the world about the disturbances of one of other factor while talking with each other and that cannot be ignored as the only hint for this is human is the rational animal and for this everything disturbances form any side could migrate and transcend the languages further.

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