Category: Windows XP

Low Respurce Media Player

I tried several of the choices media players from some of the best tech sites ,found the KMPlayer way too complicated for my thirst at least. I was really disappointed with the VLC player , as it tag too slow and also it seems it is slightly intrusive as I have used the term it…

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Portable Software Lists

these are really free programmes tha t can run really from yours usb drive as stand alsone utilities , it gurantees a really sa tis fa ction for the end users , a little bit of mind making of sea rcing and really amanging the utilites so that really good choices shoild be made ofr…

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Warning , these are mere advices , and before installing this on your windows xp os , please backup all yours drive with acronis true image or through following process described by gizmo: and also do it on your own risk as these are third party softwares and do it on your own risk and…

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