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Keep your kids safe on the PC with Windows Family Safety

Windows 8 is a revelation of a prudent operating system which has the capability to take charge of access to a brilliant security system. In the complex world of the Internet where everyone has internet and computer connected to it and plenty of data which is very much of importance to the user. Now-a-days kids…

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Security checklists for Windows 8

What is Microsoft Windows 8? Operating system is required for operating a computer. To use a computer it is better to know how to use properly. For your security and to prevent damage you need to follow safety instructions optimally. Microsoft Windows 8 is an operating system for operating a computer. Windows 8 has a…

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Windows Media Player 12 Review

Having Windows 8, jumping from Windows XP desktop is an absorbing experience, with a complete overall of desktop environment and also there are plenty of newer operations and some similar applications such as upgraded Windows Media Player 12, a complete transition from its earlier version, as it is light, simple, yet dynamic. There is a…

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Join a personal area network with Windows 8

How to join a personal area network wireless:   Windows 8 is a fabulous operating system. It is one of revolutionary operating system from Microsoft. It is decreasing the start up time and booting. It starts in a zippy and the waiting time on it fewer and the sleep mode is nice and a good…

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How to use Game Mode in Windows 10

Performance of gaming with Windows 8 and beyond operating system is superlative. The charm menu and the use of graphic processes or in determining the game impacts on its parameters is outstanding. It provides some of the most awesome games and some games from Microsoft are free and most of these have real-time graphics with…

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Windows XP end of life and Windows 8.1 migration

Windows XP is the most popular operating system from Microsoft. For the first time, users find a beautiful set up of installation where one could generally use different functionalities with utter easiness and find each facet of usage allowances which are mostly easier to use. Only downside of Windows XP is that it is not…

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