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Clear And Unbiased Facts About Hardware security of Windows operating system (Without All the Hype)

With the advent multi-tasking within mobile devices powered by mostly of android, there has always been continuous prediction of end of the world for laptop powered devices. Is it true, so far we have not experienced the end of the world for laptop-powered devices? Even it is supposed that Microsoft also thought in similar ways Continue Reading »

Tips and tricks for faster and safe computing

Computer is there everywhere. The internet is not a safe place. It is full of hackers. With due course of time, there are different types of internet worms and viruses which are lurking everywhere and always trying every time to enter into infected computers. Knowledge about internet and safe security practices is important. Every computer Continue Reading »

How to rectify internet banking disconnection from e-commerce websites

In today’s arena, due to the most favorable regime, there are cores of heavy possibilities of electronic commerce sites mushrooming and creating their own spaces within consumer’s mind. E-commerce ventures such as Amazon, Flipkart are performing nicely in the era of cut throat competitions. They are providing many items in huge discounts and slowly they Continue Reading »

How to resolve Windows 8 activation problems in Samsung OEM PC

Unlike Windows XP days, when most laptops do come with a large number of Windows installation discs which are essential for users to reinstall or reformat windows computers when there is a necessity to do it. Windows XP was a beautiful operating system which has many security vulnerabilities. Many a time. These security vulnerabilities are Continue Reading »

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