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Critical alert: Wannacry or WannaCrypt ransomware

From the media reports and many blogs writing it has been reported that the critical ransomware namely wannacry or wannacrypt is fast spreading to millions of computers far and wide. It installs into a windows computer and then it automatically encrypts files of that operating system and then disallow the original user to open it Continue Reading »

Sumatra PDF Review

Sumatra PDF is free to use. It is a free PDF reader for Windows, for eBook, XPS, CBZ and CBR file. These are used for reading of files in mobiles, Windows and other platforms. It is powerful and launch within seconds and it can have portable functionality too. If you are a developer then its Continue Reading »

Best Free PDF Writer and Reader

PDF format is popularly known as print document format. This creates a virtual printer within operating system to print the document. For offline scanning of document, the PDF format is popular. The importance attached with these program is that you need to have PDF software installed to run these files. If someone sends you PDF file and your computer do not have such Continue Reading »

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