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Windows 10 protection against ransomware attacks

Mohan Manohar July 6, 2017
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New ransomware exploits existing and some lesser known techniques to violate windows protection system and create the infection of windows which have not yet known to many resea... read more

Critical alert: Wannacry or WannaCrypt ransomware

Mohan Manohar May 15, 2017
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From the media reports and many blogs writing it has been reported that the critical ransomware namely wannacry or wannacrypt is fast spreading to millions of computers far and ... read more

What causes the Critical Process Died Error in Windows 10?

Mohan Manohar May 12, 2017
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With every version of Microsoft Windows, the one thing that is common with it, is the presence of blue screen of Death (BSoD), caused due to failure of fixing of critical proces... read more

How to use Game Mode in Windows 10

Mohan Manohar September 8, 2011
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Performance of gaming with Windows 8 and beyond operating system is superlative. The charm menu and the use of graphic processes or in determining the game impacts on its parame... read more