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Opera Touch, Instant search to make your mobile and PC browsing with one flow

On April 25, 2018, as previously announced Opera 2 or reborn opera comes out with both of brand new versions of Android and desktop web browser. Its Android version is known as Opera Touch and it is fully designed to accustom to faster web searching. It is also best to be used with one hand Continue Reading »

Should I Build an App or a Website?

In the era of mobile computing emergence of apps are there. Since the beginning of the internet, we do see a predominance of website and series of development orientation comes up with each and every builds of a website. Semantically speaking of app or website there are no confusions and about it. are parallel and Continue Reading »

What can I do to protect my PC from the Meltdown and Spectre flaws?

The massive design flaw detected in computer processor and the manufacturers are working over night to fix it up. Still, there is no clear cut patches in this. There are two security holes detected in computer processors and only one hole is patched. The problem is that intel chips used in Windows and Mac computers Continue Reading »

Opera Neon: a web browser built for speed, simplicity and security

In the race of web browsers since the age of Windows XP, we had seen the emergence of many such web browsers which continuously posed many challenges to default web browser of Windows operating system. For longer time Microsoft did not improve the default web browser and it continues to be underdeveloped in accordance with Continue Reading »

Reasons why you should use the Opera browser

While considering the fruitfulness of using a web browser that can provide complete and comprehensive web browsing is the most vital part of continuously using a web browser so that it should satisfy all of your essential need to perform actions and other internet activities. In today’s world of internet activities, when we do find Continue Reading »

What is the Opera Web browser?

Opera is one of most secure web browser which has speed, reliability, battery saving features, Opera Turbo for faster page loading times, SurfEasy VPN for anonymous website rendering services, excellent visual bookmarking services, brilliant native ad blocking feature and brilliant themes to make you feel one of most versatile web browser at yours computer to Continue Reading »

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