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The Chromebook from Google

The long overdue Google Operating System the Chromebook is now a reality. Earlier the prototype Chrome Operating System net book cr-49 rolled for beta testing. Google finally announced Chromebook on June 15 th at first for purchase at US, UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Italy and Spain and later on more countries to follow. Devices by […]

How Heuristic Algorithms Work for Search Engines

The modern outlook of heuristic algorithms is the evolutionary algorithm, which depends upon mainly on the artificial intelligence, which automatically analyses the evolutionary process of data, optimized.In computer science heuristic algorithms is a problem solving methodology ,which uses half hearted information to reach at a potential not accurate solution. In optimized search engines like that […]

Understanding Google Chrome web store

Google Chrome web store provides platform, features to sell application online. It is a good concept and recently been popular and gaining popularity. Followings are some of the features which is useful in using the Google Chrome web store. Chrome Web Store Badge Last updated information and the version information application Full description of yours […]

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