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How to make Chrome run better?

Google Chrome is a superior browser. Always sure to update it to its latest version to make it perform better. Sometimes with some updates your browser might look different. This means from time to time Google releases major revamps on graphical user interface of the browser to make it more accessible and user friendly. It…

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How to Set Up and Use Google Docs Offline

Word Processor is extremely essential for every professional starting from each and every field. Mostly we do work with laptops or desktops for writing drafts or any other allied works. Since the time we have been with the computer we are familiar with the presence of Microsoft Words. It comes with a price and it…

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How to disable images in chrome to save bandwidth?

How to disable images in chrome as we can do it in Firefox and internet explorer so that save bandwidth ? The answer is you can do this with the latest version of Chrome by going to the content filter , Go to Settings, select “Under the Hood”, click on “Content settings” and select “Images”.…

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Understanding Google Chrome web store

Google Chrome web store provides platform, features to sell application online. It is a good concept and recently been popular and gaining popularity. Followings are some of the features which is useful in using the Google Chrome web store. Chrome Web Store Badge Last updated information and the version information application Full description of yours…

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